UPDATE: Daniel Cosgrove and Sarah Glendening’s First All My Children Airdates Set

ABC Soaps In Depth is reporting Daniel Cosgrove and Sarah Glendening first airdate on All My Children is slated for this month. Glendening takes over the role of Marissa on Dec. 21 and Cosgrove’s character Scott will return to fair Pine Valley on Dec. 27.

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    I am happy that Daniel Cosgrove is going to be Scott again. I don’t understand why they hired this Sarah actress to play Marissa though. She is too young IMO. I think they should have hired someone who looks more like Alexa Havins. Maybe Alicia Leigh Willis from General Hospital. She is closer to the right age and has blonde hair and blue eyes and is an awesome actress too.

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    I am not excited in the least about Daniel Cosgrove. As far as Marissa, I think Brittany Allen did a great job. I think they are recasting her because Kreizman wants to get more milqutoast ATWT and GL stars on AMC.

    And BITE YOUR TONGUE! Alicia Leigh Willis was a horrible actress. Much like the overrated cinemax late night quality “actress” Erin Hershey Pressley, people keep wanting to bring this wacktress back. For the love of all that is holy, noooooooooooooooo!

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