Watch Y&R Legal Eagle Eric Roberts Battle Wacky Tabbacky Tonight on Celeb Rehab

The Young and the Restless' Eric Roberts kicks off the season four debut of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. Roberts joined the cast to overcome his dependency on marijuana. Celebrity Rehab airs tonight at 10 PM EST on VH1.

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7 July 2009
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I am so disappointed that Eric Roberts is appearing on Celebrity Rehab. And for help to stop smoking weed? That's ridiculous.
He really needs to fire his agent.

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2 October 2009
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I feel if Eric Roberts had kept himself clean & sober all these years, he could've been top of the heap like Al Pacino & Kevin Kline! Star

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20 December 2009
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What is it about celebs that they need to be on tv so badly that they'd even stoop to doing these sorts of shows? And I swear if one more of them says, "Gee, if I can only help ONE PERSON by doing this..." The only thing they're trying to help is the bottom line of their bank account. At least be honest about that.

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4 May 2009
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I am glad this show is back on.
This is the only reality tv I watch besides Intervention and The First 48.

I don't watch any of the other stuff and none of the contest shows either....that means you Dancing With The Stars and American Idol.

Eric was adorable last night.