Christie Clark Returns To Days of Our Lives

According to Soap Opera Digest, Christie Clark will reprise her role on Days of Our Lives. Clark’s alter ego Carrie makes her way back to Salem Feb. 2011.

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    And possibly Patrick Muldoon as the REAL Austin!!! Christie, Patrick and Alison Sweeney had lunch today at the Days set and Alison even tweeted a picture of the three of them!! I sincerely hope we are getting some Austin and Carrie lovin’….Patrick Muldoon is SO MUCH BETTER than Austin Peck!! If you’ve only seen Austin Peck as Austin Reed, you’re in for a treat with Patrick Muldoon. Yipee!!!!!!

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    Stefano has Anna “neutralized” somewhere. P.S. Carrie’s “real” mom has always been Marlena. Carrie and Anna have never been close.

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    I suspect this is an opertlunity to get that peck guy who got better when he left..why not bring billy back to bring bo and hope together against hope and help get rid of carly

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    Patrick Muldoon has not aged well. If Austin comes back with Carrie, Austin Peck should be the guy. When Peck was on Days, he was nothing but a pretty face and a smoking hot body, but now he’s actually learned to act and is even hotter than when he was in his twenties.

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    I was wondering when she was coming back, hopefully this means Austin, (either PM or AP, I am not picky) comes back as well, I will be really happy.

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    I’ve watched Days since the 80s so after Andrea Barber left to join “Full House”, I’ve always loved Christie Clark as Carrie, and she’s the definitive adult Carrie (I don’t acknowledge the Tracey Middendorf years where they tried to write Carrie as a conniving bitch). But at the same time, I kind of feel Carrie and Jenn as adults are both similar characters. They are both blonds from established Salem families, are in the good girl category and frankly Melissa Reeves is too young to move into grandmother territory so they both play in the same age range. I love having Jenn back, although I want Jack back too. I just don’t get why the producers keep bringing half of established, fan-favorite couples back like this.

    Personally I love Carrie with Mike, never cared for Austin because he was just plain dumb as a rock. But with the recent story in SOD stating that Alison Sweeney is going through contract negotiations, could this be a way to transition the show over to Carrie should A) Alison Sweeney quits Days or B) Have Carrie around to help carry (no pun intended) the show should Alison Sweeney want a lighter work schedule? And when she came back for Alice Horton’s funeral, it seemed like they mended fences so are they going to be bitter rivals again? If so, it feels OLD! Characters need to develop, I don’t want the show to be 1 step forward, 2 steps back! Yes, it’s great to be rooted in history, but rehashing stories is lame. Both Sami and Carried have grown since then.

    Again, I love Carrie as a character, but honestly the show needs to firm up the Horton clan. I love the Bradys, but there are far too few Hortons in Salem. I want Mike back, a recast of Jeremy or Nick to re-establish the next generation of Hortons. Sarah needs to come back to help take care of Maggie and bring unknown children. Doesn’t Julie have any children/grandchildren? She’s on the canvas, better incorporate her! And Bill needs to come back. He said he was going to take care of Maggie at Alice’s funeral and I actually enjoyed him as Bill. Imagine Bill and Victor fighting for Maggie’s affections? Kate and Vivian would both be furious! Yes, they are an older age group, but characters the fans love! I read an article in TV Guide discussing the Horton Christmas this year and the photo they had barely had any Hortons, this family needs to be re-established as they are THE CORE family in Salem!

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    HELL NO, Tylerbo!!!! Carrie belongs with AUSTIN and only AUSTIN!!!! I’d rather have Carrie off-screen with Austin than on-screen with someone else. Carrie and Austin are a supercouple and belong together.

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    Patrick Muldoon HAS aged well and he’s the first and best choice to bring back as Austin. I don’t care how good Austin Peck got on ATWT—he’ll never be the original, REAL Austin. Why go for a recast when the original actor is available? Recasts should only be used under extreme circumstances.

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    “Why go for a recast when the original actor is available? Recasts should only be used under extreme circumstances.”

    I think Erica Hope is free — Y&R should get rid of Melody Thomas Scott since she’s not the REAL Nikki.

    Deborah Adair should return to DOOL as the REAL Kate.

    How about Viki on OLTL — the REAL actress might be free (Gillian Spencer).

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    :) Bob, I couldn’t agree more. So in that vein…

    Why not bring back….

    Brenda Dickson as Jill Abbott on Y&R?
    Nancy Pinkerton as Dorian Lord on OLTL?

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    OMG is Carrie really coming back??? For good??? And the original Austin also???? Hopefully Carrie can stick around longer and get a decent story this time! I will watch Days again if this is the case.

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    It seems like there are alot of new characters coming after the first of the year. Three that they have mentioned. Is there a plan to flesh out the show or are they getting rid of some of the characters? While I am happy to see returning characters, Carrie doesn’t exactly inspire storyline on her own. If Austin is not returning, I wonder what it is that she will be doing. Hopefully not embroiled in the who’s the daddy plot……Maybe she would be a good ear for Sami during her crisis but even still, that could be done with a new character. Maybe they are trying to hedge their bets like has been mentioned in case they lose Sami. But they better get a move on with a story for Carrie. Personally I would like for the show to move back into the Horton territory. I think there are alot of story potentials there.

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    “Carrie doesn’t exactly inspire storyline on her own.”

    Excuse me? There are plenty of Carrie-driven storylines that Days could write. For one thing, they should follow up on Carrie’s fertility issues. Can Austin get her pregnant? Has he gotten her pregnancy? Will they adopt? Will they get a foster child? Here’s a story I’d like to see…

    Carrie and Austin have decided to adopt a child. But Carrie has a secret: she’s pregnant with her and Austin’s very own biological child! As Carrie prepares to tell her husband, Austin learns the adoption has fallen through. He’s going to tell Carrie when she tells him she’s pregnant. Fearing the news will hurt her delicate pregnancy, Austin doesn’t tell her the truth and decides to purchase a child on the black market for her. Austin turns to Victor for help, and Victor agrees to help him if Austin signs over control of Austin Reed and Co. to him.

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    That is a Carrie and Austin story. Again, Carrie by herself doesn’t inspire story. The only ones she has had is Carrie v Sami over Austin and Mike v Austin over Carrie. With both Mike and Ausin out of the picture, exactly what are you going to build on with just Carrie? Carrie unlike her sister, does not come with story included. Sami is a story unto herself. One can ALWAYS make a story surrounding her. She takes after Marlena in that aspect. I could see her perhaps starting a romance with EJ. Dumbass as she is, she could probably ignore the fact that he is criminally insane and evil long enough to fall for him. Or maybe she could start up something with Phillip. Or maybe her infertility problem will be a little blue pill for that dreadful Dr Daniel. He loves em when they are sick. Whatever the deal is, I hope they use her to better effect than they did Kayla. I am not even sure why they brought Kayla back. She had no story and no effect on a story. It seemed like a waste of time, effort, and budget. I am hoping for better with Jen but it seems to be slow going. Carrie I have my doubts about…..

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    Why in the hell would Carrie have a story by herself? She and Austin are married—together they drive a story. Obviously you don’t remember the 90s when Carrie was front and centre for 7 years. I’m not sure why you’d want to see a solo Carrie story—she and Austin are a supercouple, the only supercouple of the 90s on Days, and TOGETHER, not apart, they drive story.

    Also, your logic is flawed. Why do you think Austin is out of the picture? If anything, the picture of Patrick Muldoon on set with Christie and Ali pretty much proves Austin is definitely very much part of the picture.

    Who the eff wants to see Carrie alone anyway? They did that in June. I want to see Carrie AND AUSTIN!!! It’s like this horrible Jennifer debacle. Why the eff bring her back without Jack? Jack is Jennifer’s only viable love interest, plus it’s a huge slap in the face to Jack and Jennifer fans by having them split up AGAIN when Matthew Ashford is completely available to come back as Jack. Doesn’t Days realize we want our supercouples TOGETHER????

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    I think this is fantastic news. I grew up with Christie Clark (we’re around the same age). So this excites me to no end. Of course I’d like to know if this is a contract role or just a temp visit because I know Christie doesn’t even live in L.A. any longer… and if Patrick is there, he must be returning as well.

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    Fuck Days—they are sooooo damn stupid!!! WHY bring Carrie back without Austin? We want to see Carrie with her husband, her lover, her SOULMATE Austin!!!! No wonder I don’t watch this piece of shit show anymore…they certainly love to fuck with their long-time fans!

    akbad806, Austin Peck isn’t Austin anymore. Patrick will always be the REAL Austin, the one who got us interested in Carrie and Austin as a supercouple in the first place.

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    Don’t you DARE tell me how to feel, Brando! I’m entitled to my feelings so sit down, shut UP and don’t tell me how to live my life. kthanxbye!

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    The abuse you heep on me and fellow commentors is disturbing. Do you need professional help? Your anger and rage are unneccessary, ain’t nobody handin out Emmys here you can calm your nerve.

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    Abuse, dear? I haven’t abused anyone—Brando attacked me, and then YOU attacked me on the Y&R discussion board. Your meltdown was probably one of the funniest things I’ve read on DC to date.

    Sorry but this Brando character doesn’t just get to come along and tell me how to feel. If he doesn’t like my posts, he can skip ‘em. But I will not be told to “calm down” by somebody who doesn’t even know me. He doesn’t get that right.

    Now stop following me from thread to thread, you little stalker.

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    Attack? all I said was “calm down.” You were unjustifiably going off on Days and I thought you should relax. LOL. Christie isn’t even back for good. But you seem crazy, so I won’t be responding to anything else you might say. you need help.

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    OMGOSH! i hope CC will be on for more than just an appearance!!! so love Carrie! & if she does return i hope days brings back Austin in the form of AP!! that might bring some ATWT fans into the DAYS fold who knows?

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    WTF? Carrie was extremely smart. Carrie has always been a sweet, innocent, trusting character and that’s why she’s tied with Marlena as my #1 favourite Days character of all time. It’s not her fault she had an evil whackjob for a sister.

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    Always liked the character of Carrie. I don’t always like the good girl characters but I did enjoy her. She was part of one of the greatest moments of Days history when she exposed Sami and punched her at the wedding. That was great. Will be nice to see her again even for just a brief visit.

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    And Allistair Crane I did watch Carrie back in the day and she NEVER drove story. Her role was to be Sami’s punching bag. She was simply the obsticle to Sami being with her love Ausin. That is what Carrie was and with out Austin (which noone mentioned Austin returning) Carrie brings nothing to the show on her own. Every time I say that you get mad and say “well Carrie and Austin blah blah blah” which only PROVES my point. Without Austin, Carrie’s character has nothing going on. If one brought back oh say Marlena alone, Marlena would get right into something and create a story for herself. There would be a stalker or a grandkid or kid or something to get her going. With Carrie alone well ya get NADA.

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    You’re truly out of touch, Mark. The story was about Carrie and Austin’s love. SAMI was the obstacle, the thing that got in the way of the true love supercouple Austin and Carrie from being together.

    NO ONE wants to see Carrie and Austin on Days separately. The whole point is that they are a SUPERCOUPLE and need to be on the show TOGETHER!!!!

    Did that get through your thick skull? Now FOAD!

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    Unfortunately the day of the supercouple on soap opera has left us. So even if Carrie and Austin were a supercouple….and i am not sure that they qualify as one…..current soaps don’t really give us supercouples any more. And if every supercouple were on Days and in stable relationships….well then we wouldn’t have a very interesting soap opera.

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    Except Days is the Supercouple Soap. There’s John/Marlena, Jack/Jennifer, Bo/Hope, Patch/Kayla, Shane/Kim, Carrie/Austin, and Belle/Shawn to name a few. The fact that they have written out the major supercouples or only written back in one half of the supercouple is why these silly soaps are losing ratings. Fans want to see the supercouples together, not torn apart. It’s very easy to tell good, dynamic, exciting stories with couples in a stable relationship. In the glory days of the supercouple, Bo and Hope were too busy saving the world to be concerned with third parties trying to break them up. THAT is how soap operas should write their supercouples. Until they do, I’m glad I no longer watch this awful show formerly known as Days of Our Lives.

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    Except that AlistairCrane ALWAYS gets it wrong. All of the stories about Sami/Austin/Carrie/Lucas were ALWAYS told from Sami’s POV. NOT Carries. Sami was NOT the antagonist, she was the protagonist. Carrie was the antagonist in the story because she was the obstacle in Sami’s way to Austin. Sami was always always always the main character in the story. It’s hard to imagine that people never noticed that. Just because Sami was the bitch and Carrie was the good guy, your pea brain couldn’t wrap your head around the fact that the story was told from Sami’s point of view. That is the reason why Sami and not Carrie is still the star of the show. She was the main character of the young people of that time period. When we lost interest in those characters they were gone. But Sami remains. Because she was and still is the story.
    As for supercouples, as much as they tried, Belle and Shawn never cut it as a supercouple. Everyone wanted them to be a supercouple so badly, both the audience (me included) and the show, that they kept trying but the only way to give them that status was to ship them off together. Because nothing else worked. None of the actors that played the characters had any chemistry with their costar. It might have been interesting to see Brandon Beemer
    with Kirstin Storms. Kirstin always treated Jason Cook like a boy and almost contemptuously. Like why do I have to work with such imaturity?
    But I bet she woulda sit up straight if Brandon had been her Shawn.

    I too miss the days of the couple to root for. I keep hoping that will happen for Rafe and Sami. EJ and Sami have too much bad blood. I am still also holding out for Chad and Will but I think that too many pretty girls cast recently have sealed their doom. They are gonna ignore the obvious and palapable chemistry those two have. I do like Stephano and Kate but I am not sure supercouple could apply here. With Victor and Maggie, I think Maggie has too much integrity to be with Victor. Even if she tried, I think he would manage to ruin it. Nicole and EJ have something that I like but again supercouples are supposed to be the good guys…

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    They were NEVER from Sami’s POV, moron. They were about Carrie and Austin struggling to be together. Someone needs to cut off your fingers and tongue, Mark, you friggin’ retard.

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