Check Out Lindsay Hartley in All My Children Webisoaps!

Former Passions and Days of our Lives star Lindsay Hartley makes her All My Children debut as Cara Finn on December 9. Since AMC introduced Jordi Vilasuso as Dr. Griffin Castillo, the man who stole Cara from Jake (Ricky Paull Goldin) in Africa, fans have wanted to know more about Cara. Like Vilasuso’s webisode, AMC has released Cara The Back Story Part 1. Watch it after the jump!

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    Truth Hurts

    I didn’t want to know anything about Cara and still don’t.

    What’s the point of the webisode? It was childish and I didn’t buy any of them as doctors. Another useless character to clutter up Pine Valley. Send her back to wherever she came from.

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    Daniel St. John

    I like Lindsay Hartley well enough but this webisode was gawd awful.

    And all of this talk about how saintly Cara is cracks me up because I bet by next summer she will be a scheming shrew trying to break up either Jake/Amanda or Kendall/Griffin.

    I am also not looking forward to having RPG scuzzing up my TV screen more now that Jake has a storyline plus manufacturing a quadrangle with two brand new characters is never a good idea in my opinion.

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    Loved Theresa but I didn’t like Arianna and I don’t like AMC. I think the reason Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald was such an amazing character was because Lindsay Hartley + JER = Magic.

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    Lindsay Hartley is at her best when she’s a scheming underdog. She can’t be the winner, she can’t be the innocent, helpful debutante. She has to want something and be willing to do anything to get it. She’s not an evil girl. She’s just Machiavelli.

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    Agreed, RCLGuard. I think the Arianna character would have worked better if she and Brady hadn’t instantly gotten together. They had to earn it.

    This new character seems too tame for Lindsay’s talents.

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    Truth Hurts

    Griffin’s webisodes made sense and added to the intrigue of his character, but this one about Cara left me saying WTF?! After all of the hype about the mystery surrounding Cara and the reason she left Jake, there should have been more angst in her demeanor. Instead, she is peppy and carefree (in a war zone no less); bad acting choices. In the end I was confused and uninterested and it did nothing to fuel my curiosity about the character.

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    I love Lindsay Hartley, but the whole things just seemed contrived.

    CONTRIVED (sung to the tune of Janet Jackson’s ‘Control’)

    When I was 17, I watched what people told me

    Did what the networks said, and let the writers mold me

    But that was long ago

    This show’s CONTRIVED

    it’s never gonna’ stop

    This show’s CONTRIVED,

    they don’t know how to write

    This show’s CONTRIVED

    I don’t think I can watch


    now I’m gon’ throw up


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    I think this is the first time that I have ever seen someone post a SONG in response to a thread!! LOL!! I love it.

    And I agree….many of these webisoaps are just too cheesy for me to get onboard with!!! If you want me to watch, at least make it seem SOMEWHAT real!!

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    I don’t watch AMC, and no one short of Robin Cristopher could convince me to even think of watching it, but I think it is fitting that LH is there. She seems to be the rightful successor to Susan Lucci if ever there was one.

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