Finn Wittrock OUT at All My Children!

All My Children’s Finn Wittrock will be leaving the show in a few weeks, according to ABC Soaps In Depth. Reportedly, the writers weren’t sure what to do with his character Damon.

A source shares that ever since the new headwriters took over the helm at AMC, they haven’t quite known what to do with Damon, as they brought in a character of their own creation, Trent Garrett’s Asher, and reportedly have big plans for Caleb’s son.

If you ask me, All My Children should have explored the chemistry between Damon and Jamie Luner’s Liza Colby. They’ve always given me a Casey (Billy Magnussen) and Emily (Kelley Menighan Hensley) vibe from As the World Turns. So much for that.

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    Daniel St. John

    Can’t say I’m surprised by this news. The writing has been on the wall for Damon ever since Asher showed up.
    The new writers had no idea what to do with the character and honestly it doesn’t look like they have any clue what to do with Tad either. It wouldn’t shock me to see Thaddeus hitting the road soon either.

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    This is what is wrong with AMC. TPTB write off Damon who is Tad’s son and is a legacy character. However they Keep asher who may be A Cortlandt By blood But he’s a Cortlandt Son by someone We Just Met Six Months Ago. Thanks For screwing With Your History AMC. No Wonder Your Ratings Suck

    Well I Can Predict Damon’s Exit

    He Finds Colby & Asher Having Sex and Leaves Town Heartbroken

    AMC Is Picking Asher who is all looks Over Damon Who Is a Good Actor & Good Looking

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    Finn Wittrock is a GREAT actor, so of course they get rid of him. (eye roll!)

    Yet Natalie Hall and Denise Vasi are STILL on the payroll!!

    And they wonder why nobody is watching AMC anymore???!!!!

    This show is doing everything bass ackwards!!!

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    I called it! The show dumps great actors for underwear and hair models. They wonder why no one watches? They usher(or should I say Asher) out characters and actors who are amazing, and bring in more of these horribly generic

    “Kreizman Kreations”

    Well, the writing may be on the wall. I think AMC will be the next soap canceled. Watching the show last week, I thought Chuck Pratt was writing again. That is not a good feeling!

    You can bring on as many shirtless Brunettes as you want(Asher). You can beat us over the head with the “Latin” hammer with Griffin and family, you can try and trick us into buying the whole fake “Chandler Vs. Cortlandt”… Jr. Is a little runt and a loser. He looks like a 5 year old in a business suit. And Caleb…WTF?! A MADE UP Cortlandt? BULL! Caleb is no Palmer, and the little gnat Jr. is NO Adam!

    No matter what you do Brian Frons, Julie Carruthers, DAVID KREIZMAN! All My Children is doomed. And now that you have brought on the Angel of Death boring ass Daniel (lazy face)Cosgrove, better tell the actors to start looking for work!

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    Damnit. I was hoping for a Colby/Damon/Liza storyline ala Liza/Tad/Marian back in the day. Guess ABC only wants male bimbos on screen aka The Fords and now Asher. ABC sucks!

    Good luck Finn and way to go AMC for taking away one of the four reasons to watch your weak show.

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    I loved Finn. He is sooooo Tad’s son. It is so sad…Lorraine Broderick does all this wonderful frame work for the new head writers to work with and Swajeski and co., peed on it. I like Caleb…he’s a fun creation, but this “distant relative” of Palmer’s is hard to take as it does nothing for the story. The show is nothing like it use to be…Pine Valley is so removed from Everyday, USA. I wonder if Carol Burnett still watches.

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    Man I really liked Finn Wittrock and Damon. Great Actor, and great character. I love what the show did with him earlier this year. I’m going to miss him….AMC could have done a lot with this character. I really enjoyed his friendship with Liza, and I always thought it would cause so much good drama if they ended up sleeping together! And the show never even brought his mom Hillary back to mix up things with him and Tad! What a waste…ugh AMC.

    Definitely NOT looking forward to Colby/Asher. I wish Finn the best of luck, he is great!!

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    I cant belive I’m even surprised about the latest idiotic move by TPTB on this show. The guy who plays Asher is such a bad actor–I either FF his scenes or just laugh at him. Sometimes, I just skip the epi all together when he is going to be featured. Finn W was a good young actor and fun to watch. As someone mentioned–a legacy character that would help bring story for Tad as well. But, I guess that is another reason they are getting rid of him. MEK is the heart of this show and a great actor–so they def don’t want any s/l with TAD.

    AMC–you are a sad show. Been watching for 30 yrs and the last 8 have been pretty brutal (Except when Lorraine B took over)

    People may have not enjoyed some of the writing at the now canceled ATWT. But, at least they hired good actors–so I would watch even through bad storylines. This show has a weak cast and bad writing. A double whammy.

    And now the Rylee redux–doesn’t anyone learn anything over there? Jeezz

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    UGGH I totally agree I was hoping he would end up in bed with Liza. They could have done a bad break up between Damon and Colby and then Colby runs in to liza. Being in a bad mood from the break up Colby lashes out at Liza and Liza goes to a bar to get hammered. She finds damon there and they both are lamenting Colbys bad temper…one thing leads to another BOOM

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    SOD Claims That An AMC Insider Is saying Finn Decided Not To Renew His Contract

    My Thoughts:

    I Dont Buy An Insiders Claim That This Was finn’s Decision. Finn Prolly Told SID Before He should Have That ABC Fired Him & This Is ABC In Spin Control

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    They need to DO SOMETHING with Tad. I have no idea why Michael E. Knight’s talents are not being utilized by this show. I tune in to AMC about once a week, and each time I do I get the feeling that this show is living on borrowed time.

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    Trent Garrett is a hometown boy so I’m happy for him, but I personally like Damon better. And even though I hate Liza, I definitely saw the potential for something between the two of them.

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    Oh, that is not a flattering pic there.

    Is AMC planning on recasting the role? I have a feeling Damon will be another in a long line of characters who have left and are rarely mentioned or thought about after they’re gone.

    So much wasted potential. TPTB could have brought Hlllary back and explored a relationship between her and Tad and the problems her son had. They could have revitalized the much damaged Martin family and rebuilt it, anything other than what they did. Ah, too bad.

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    I’m not too upset about this. Didn’t much care for the actor, thought the story was ridiculous and the only interest I did have (seeing whether Hillary might come back briefly) never went anywhere.

    I’m VERY glad though that they did not have a Liza/Tad/Marian redux with Liza/Damon/Colby. That would’ve destroyed Liza’s character permanently, given how badly she was hurt on the one side of the triangle. I could never see her purposely taking on the other side. The photo storyline they had earlier in the year was bad enough.

    Along those lines, will we ever see from or hear from Marian again after her murder attempt last year? I’d like to see the new/old Scott try to reach out (in a familial, not a romantic way) to his stepmother when he comes to town.

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    I was afraid this was going to happen. The sad part about is that Finn and Damon were growing so much on people. I was waiting for a Damon/Liza hook-up.

    Once again TPTB, screwed up again, getting rid of people who actually have talent, and yet Denise Vasi is still on there, go figure. I hope he ends up on Y&R, just to stick it to them. |( |( |(

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    I read this elsewhere and I couldn’t believe it! Why would they get rid of Daemon? He’s great with Colby and Liza not to mention he’s Tad’s *son!* Could it be that PTB are just jealous because they didn’t create him and want to replace him with their beloved creationf oAsher who’s only a hair different from Daemon anyway?
    I always thought AMC was trying to do a Cole/Starr/James like triangle with them, but couldn’t sell it because both boys are too similar. However, they’re not similar enough that Damon can just run off and Colby scoops Asher up and starts dating him. What is wrong with you, AMC?
    *sigh* And I was so hoping for Damon/Liza part two.

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