The Young and The Restless Spoilers: Genoa City vs. Sharon!

Nick/Diane: The pair chat at Jimmy’s about the issues Nick is facing regarding Sharon. Diane tells Nick to go to bat for his kids, even if it means taking Faith away from Sharon.  Later, Nick and Summer are at the bookstore when they bump into Diane and Kyle and decide to hang out. Nick later tells Phyllis he isn’t thrilled she has Daisy as a house guest and wonders why she’d put the schemer ahead of Summer. Phyllis tells Nick she is looking out for her grandchild and wants Nick to keep Summer until Daisy has the baby.

Victoria/Nick: The Newman siblings are at war when Nick decides to jump Billy.

Cane: The Aussie’s past starts to come out.

Kevin/Chloe: Michael’s little bro confesses his feelings to Chloe.

Ronan/Heather:  Ronan has been hiding a deadly liver problem from everyone. Heather overhears that he needs at new liver, while with him at the hospital. 

The Fenmore sisters have a close moment.

Jack/Sharon/Adam:  Sharon decides to go see Jack, after Adam shares with her his suspicions that her ex had something to do with Skye’s disappearance. When Jack realizes why she’s visiting him, he tosses her tail out of his house, saying he’s done with her. 

The rest of Genoa City vs. Sharon: Sucks to be Sharon. Noah blasts his mother over Adam, but it doesn’t stop there. Ashley tears Sharon a new one, saying Sharon is a terrible mother for standing by the man who snatched her baby. Nikki  also gives Sharon a piece of her mind  for shacking up with Faith’s kidnapper. Victor even calls up Sharon to light into her! Despite all of this, Sharon pulls a Tammy Wynette and stands by her man. Once Adam is released from jail the two check into the GCAC, but are booted out because of Adam. They head to a sleazy motel and hit the sheets. Later, Adam and Sharon wonder if Victor is the mastermind behind Skye fleeing the coop.

Daisy: She tries to hustle Phyllis, but doesn’t realize who she’s dealing with.

Phyllis/Sharon: The women get into a fight at Gloworm, that ends with them smearing each other in chocolate!

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    I am loving these spoilers with everyone ripping Sharon a new one! She deserves it! I have been waiting for a moment when Nikki gave it to her!

    Thanks for the spoilers Jillian!

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    The week sounds AWESOME!!!
    Sharon stands by her man. :love: GO SHADAM! GO SHADAM! GO SHADAM!

    I just don’t know what to think of Nick and Diane. And I absolutely don’t need Heather anywhere on my screen. Please Y&R, don’t waste Ronan on her. We all know that Chance was boring as hell … but that Heather really killed him in the end.

    I’m hoping that Colin turns out to be Cane’s father and that they pair Tristan Rogers with Jess Walton’s Jill. She can do so much better than these stupid “sister” scenes with Lauren every once in a while.

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    Yes … these spoilers do look like fun is in the air.

    I guess Sharon deserves all the vitriol but also doesn’t in a way. Anyway, we know that Adam will not harm Sharon or Faith so all is safe on that front. Jack is being a bit hypocritical with her though considering he has suspicions about Victor’s involvement with the disappearance (does no one wonder yet why Victor took a powder at the same time as the vanishing?).

    Nick and Diane? Don’t think I saw that one coming.

    Is Ronan going to be gifted with a currently living Genoa City liver?

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    I’m LOVING these spoilers. I can’t wait to see everyone light into Sharon, its about time they stop seeing her as Ms. Innocent, damsel-in-distress!
    And I’m loving to see Sharon and Phyllis fight!

    Please, please don’t go there with Diane and Nick..I mean really?

    And, I hate to see Nick and Victoria fighting. I really LOVE how close they are as bro/sis and don’t want them at each other’s throats.

    I’m hoping Ronan’s diagnosis doesn’t mean he’s the character and actor.

    I’m especially excited to see Jack rip into Sharon. I’m tired of her walking all over him and him still thinking she’s the best thing since sliced bread.

    I’m OVER OVER OVER Cane’s secrets, lies and past. Please send him back to Australia and Lily with him!

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    Yes it is soooo wrong but…. bring on Shadam against Genoa City! Sorry but that sex scene last week was hot. Daytime has not had a hotter sex scene in a long time. Nick and Diane, hmmmm? Well spares us another round of Shick or Phick so bring it on. Heather just sucks. Cut your losses Y&R. I really am not that into Ronan either so having them in the same scenes are a blessing in disguise, I can fast forward through both of them. Yuck! Heather’s voice inspires turning the volume down. Wonder how far down her nose Nikki will be glaring at Sharon during their confrontation? And how much can Nikki really say since she has been “gettin her back broke” by Deacon, who broke up her daughters marriage among other devious things. LOL!

    Thanks for the spoilers Jillian.

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    Did anyone else have the same reaction I did when I saw the name “Cane”? Man, I had forgotten all about him (Them)…hmmm….

    I’m sorry, but I LOVE Adam. Not necessarily Sharon (anymore) but Adam is the Todd Manning of Genoa City. Awful to the core, but loveable at times.

    Here’s my hope. Let’s lighten Nick up a bit, ‘kay? It looks like his two little ladies will be staying w/him (thank GOD as the two morons – Phyllis Especially) don’t care about those girls; Lets watch Nick play Mr. Mom… and sure. I’m okay with Diane *helping* him out. WINK!

    Victor is a Douche. That’s all I have to say about him.

    P.S. Let’s hope the next Spoiler we see on Daisy has the word DIES next to it.

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    Ronan’s liver problem means Nina and Paul will need to track down his biological father to save him.

    LOVE that Genoa City has turned on Sharon. If you’re going to hook up with the man who kidnapped your child, you deserve to be shunned. Sharon is mentally ill and needs help NOW.

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    RealityCheck 33

    Nick and Diane are a great pair. They deserve each other. He’s an arrogant jerk and she’s a vindictive witch.

    Maybe Nick and Victoria will choke each other! Hate ‘em both.

    Love Sharon and Adam together. It’s the best thing in years! I hope they expose Victor’s evil plan and sue his wrinkly old azz for millions!

    Team SHADAM all the way!

    The Stripper has no room to criticize Sharon. She’s been doin’ the deed with scummy Deacon. What a hypocrite. Hey Nikki, STFU.

    I hope Daisy kills Phyllis.

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    Restless Vixen

    The only reason I can even tolerate these spoilers is because everyone’s going to be dead wrong about what happened to Skye at the end of the day. While I agree that Sharon’s decision to be with Adam in spite everything is questionable, these fools are the last people to be judging Sharon. I might be the lone voice supporting Sharon, but there you have it. Like she’s the only one to make a “bad’ decision when it comes to matters of the heart. Hardly! Diane purposely set Phyllis up for the poolhouse fire (yes, I’m going way back), and Jack let her off scott free. And she left with his “accidental’ son Kyle to be ghost for pretty much that child’s entire life. Not to mention, the whole thing was pretty much the beginning of the end of his marriage to Phyllis. Both Nikki and Ashley have repeatedly chased after a man, Victor, who indirectly caused them both to lose their unborn child. They are both the black pots to Sharon’s kettle. Remember blanket baby Robert? Ashley’s unborn daughter Faith died because of Adam’s actions (which I detest, even as an Adam fan, but I’d say he and Victor are about even, so Ashley needs to sit down and STFU. She can hate Adam forever, but who is she to tell Sharon how to feel about him (gee, that sounds like the same thing Ashley told her brother, Jack about Victor)? And Nikki?! She’s sneakin’ with Deacon under the roof of the man that caused her and her daughter to have miscarriages, and that she was crawling back to, begging to take her back (again) not even a month ago. Nikki can go play in traffic. IMO, Nick is the only person who has legitimate beef with Sharon choosing Adam over him, since Faith is his daughter, too. If Sharon actually is mentally ill, I don’t see how the town full of hypocrites gathering their pitchforks is helping anything. And don’t even get me started on Phyllis!

    [quote]Maybe Nick and Victoria will choke each other! Hate ‘em both.[/quote]
    I hate how Maria Arena Bell&Co act like Nick and Victoria are the bobsy twins or something. All that retconned crap about them being really close just bugs me. Because I used to watch as far back as the 80s. By the time they were both adults, they often disagreed with each other. Nick always butted heads with Victor over Nick running the coffee house on the side, etc – and Victoria usually took Victor’s side. They also disagreed, A LOT, about Sharon, and this was way before Diego. And Victoria left GC furious with Nick over snitching on Victor to the Feds. It was when Victoria returned (as played by Amelia Heinle) that this hideous retcon began. Good, I can blame Lynn Marie Latham, too! I can’t wait for them to stop acting like besties.

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    Cane’s “aussie past comes out”…what? That he’s a total bore. BIG SHOCKER!!

    Has anybody else noticed that the Jill/Lauren thing is EXACTLY the same as the Jill/Kay relationship USED to be? They fight, they get along, they fight, blah blah, lather, rinse repeat.

    Phyllis and Sharon are smeared in chocolate…gee, are they stripped down to their bras too because we know this is EXACTLY how women act all the time…

  11. Profile photo of 6-soaps

    I have loved Maura West since the first day she popped up on ATWT. I was a little hesitant about her playing Diane on Y&R, but I’ve found her to be the best recast on Daytime in the past five years. She rocks this character. That’s the positive.

    Here’s the negative. It seems they’re testing the waters for a possible Nick/Diane pairing. I say, “Hell No”. Diane used to be married to Victor.

    Y&R needs to stop having people sleep with both parents and kids. Bill Bell did it best in the eighties with Jack and Jill sleeping together while Jill was married to John Abbott. Sharon and Victor made out a few years ago. We’ve seen it recently with Deacon, who slept with Victoria, and Nikki. That’s enough. Time to stop. It’s nasty.

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    Nekeeta Borden

    Restless Vixen, you are the bees knees for saying everything I feel!  I am convinced that Adam had that tarot woman to put a gris-gris on Sharon, because that heffa is on some nonsensicle BULLDOOKIE right now!  Revolting your friends and son in the name of beef?  I just want so badly for her to get her life together, because she’s morphing into all the things Phyllis and Nikki accuse her of.  Damnit, Sharon!  Let’s hope TPTB are headed toward Adam’s redemption by proving that Victor set him up.  This will throw shade on The Mustache, Phyllis the Haranging Harpy, and all those other GC hypocrites.  If not, it’s time to break out the Taps, because the Sharon I once knew is nearing her demise. 

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    Mobb Ish

    I ffwd any & everything Shadam! I know that some people are weak minded, i really do, but are we to believe that this lady can be that dumb??? I guess if she can steal and not realize she’s doing it, she seriously ill & she needs help! I mean we need to see her talking to a shrink because just going away sitting in the mental ward! I grew up loving Sharon & Sharon w/ Nick and thought that they would atleast get a chance to be back together, but it ended before it even started! As long as she’s with the DEVIL himself, I will always FFWD everytime they’re on the screen together! Bring a NEW character who Nick will be with! How about the Doctor that saved him when then Newman Jet went down a few years ago…I thought they made a good couple!

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    Nat Guy

    Great post Restless Vixen. I love Sharon & Adam. It’s so wrong, in theory, but it works. Mainly because of the chemistry between SC and MM. I’m enjoying this us against the town storyline.

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    Diane is a slut, so it makes sense for her to sleep with Victor’s son and get revenge on Phyllis in the process. Personally, I’d prefer an Ashley/Nick hook-up, though, especially if Ash did it to get closer to Faith.

  16. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    Ashley and Nick would be kind of interesting. But besides that he’s his father’s ex-wife, she’s also the mother to Nick’s sister. That would be a real description of the word nasty.
    I don’t know about Diane and Nick. It seemed just forced to get more tension into Phyllis and Jack’s relationship. Because we know it sure as hell will drive Phyllis crazy.
    Besides that, there is really no other woman around for Nick anymore. The one I could see him with and even enjoy … could be this new attorney, Leslie Michaelson.

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    As long as Nick and Ashley aren’t blood related, it ain’t nasty!

    Hell, even Ashley and BILLY could work…John Abbott isn’t Ashley’s father and they don’t share the same mother.

  18. Profile photo of watchingallday

    Restless Vixen, great post. I will bet than not one of these hypocritical dbags admits that they were wrong when the truth about Skye comes out. I am team Shadam all the way! I don’t like that they made him directly responsible for Ashley’s baby’s death (a better story would have been a miscarriage where she turned to Adam for comfort and cheated on Victor w/him), and stealing Faith was wrong; but, this is a soap opera and them being together is just so wrong its right.

    I second the motion to have them get rid of ER. I am sorry for her fans, but this recast has been AWFUL! I have to mute the tv or change the channel whenever she is on. She may be a better actress than Vail, but she is NOT a good Heather Stevens. She cannot play her the way that Vail did, and what she does portray is just as bad.

  19. Profile photo of BitterB2tch

    I’m on hiatus from Y&R since Daisy’s 1st visiit.
    I can’t take Shadam (it’s just stupid, he stole her baby and made her believe it died, FAIL)
    I read that Tracy(Beth Maitland) will be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.
    There is nothing on this show that i can invest in or follow right now.

    I have loved this show for the I can’t even force myself to sit through 15 minutes.

  20. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    Hey Cane has officially become Y&Rs version of John Black (Days). He has more pasts than a person could possible have in one life time. Next he will be a mercenary/doctor/priest/mechanic/millionaire child kidnapped at birth/nun’s baby/Brady/Dimera/Allamain/art theif/pawn/ faux Roman Brady/magazine mogal (did I leave out anything?).

  21. Profile photo of Restless Vixen
    Restless Vixen

    [quote]Hell, even Ashley and BILLY could work…John Abbott isn’t Ashley’s father and they don’t share the same mother.[/quote]

    The only problem is that is Billy doesn’t know Ashley is not his sister. In fact, most people don’t know it. I think only Ashley, Victor, Jack, Brad (maybe but he’s dead), Jill, and possible Nikki know the truth. I hope they never go there because we get enough near-incest on B&B. I still cringe at the fact Ridge kissed the young lady he once thought was his daughter, then half-sister. We got a taste of that when Miss Devon banged the woman formerly known as his aunt, Tyra. I know this is soap opera, but I don’t know how people who thought they were blood related instantly start wanting to do it to each other just because they later find out they aren’t.

    Speaking of, I wish they’d break up the Newman/Abbott sharing “relations”. That my only issue with Nick and Diane. His dad and his other dad (Jack) both had Diane. Jack and Nick have both been with Sharon and Phyllis. Jack and Billy have slept with Sharon. Nikki, Sharon, Ashley and Victoria have slept with Brad. Ashley and Nikki have swapped Victor so many times they might as well hook up with each other. Nikki, Victoria, and Phyllis have boinked Deacon. I swear, their common/shared hook ups could rival Shane from the L Word. They need to branch out and stop all the shareware. And probably go to the clinic and get checked out, because they are damned near incestuous.

    [quote]Hey Cane has officially become Y&Rs version of John Black (Days). He has more pasts than a person could possible have in one life time. Next he will be a mercenary/doctor/priest/mechanic/millionaire child kidnapped at birth/nun’s baby/Brady/Dimera/Allamain/art theif/pawn/ faux Roman Brady/magazine mogal (did I leave out anything?).[/quote]
    LOL – so true. They need to pick one single story line for Cane and stick with it.

  22. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    John Abbott was Ashley’s father in every way that counted—except biologically. She was the apple of his eye and he was her dad. End of story. Biology doesn’t make you a parent. So seeing Ashley and Billy get together, or seeing them dig up ancient history by rehashing a story that has long since been dead and buried—Ashley’s paternity—would not work for me.

    Besides, after knowing someone as your half-brother or sister for so many years, becoming romantically involved with that person is the LAST thing you would want to do.

    The idea of pairing Ashley and Billy is disgusting and INCESTUOUS–even though there are no blood lines.

    End of story.

    Just my humble opinion…..Although I HOPE you were kidding, A-Crane. ;) ;)

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    alston, I watched Passions where a hermaphrodite had sex with his/her own father and got pregnant. Needless to say, a Billy/Ashley hookup does not bother me in the slightest.

  24. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    Ya know I wouldn’t be as opposed to all the incestuous stuff that happens on soaps if someone anyone on the soap ever mentioned the fact. Once upon a time, let’s say Doug/Julie/Addie (Days). One of Bill Bells greatest triangles and definately incestuous kind of stuff. OMG the characters on the show were totally not in favor and mad at Julie for pursuing her dead mothers husband (even though Julie had him first). Oh it made the papers, all the audience was talking about it, it is the main reason Doug and Julie were Days first supercouple (and one of daytimes very first supercouples).
    Now days it is expected of the shows tramp or just anyone kinda related but not by blood to sleep together. AND NOONE on the show blinks. I mean do the Kiriakis men (Days) sit around talking about what a great piece of tail that Nicole is? Or did it occur to ANYONE in the Lewis clan not to sleep with then marry Reva Shane Lewis(to the tenthpower). Brooke Logan and Ridge seem to be able to sleep with and or marry anyone in either family without much notice. As long as they are barely legal and don’t share dna, anyone in the family is all good.
    IF someone like Billy and say Ash were to get together, I would only enjoy the story IF Jack and the other Abbotts/Newmans were appalled at the thought of a brother and sister getting together. And that the couple would be hounded by it. What kind of creeps do that? It could be scandalous for years. Then that would be a good story. But I would bet that if it happened on Y&R barely anyone would blink.
    It isn’t the plot, its how the story is told. Plots are plots are plots. Good story telling is making the story real to the viewer.

  25. Profile photo of Nathang1983

    I am really liking Maura West as Diane, but I still can’t get over the age thing. I know it sounds really stupid, but I wish they had created a storyline where she had plastic surgery to look younger or was in an accident or explosion or something. That would have made more sense than her looking 15 years younger.
    As far as Daisy goes, I can’t wait for her to leave. I want to f*cking throw something at the TV every time I see her. Why am I not surprised that Hogan/Maria/Paul brought her back again? They give her a contract, and I will go ape-sh*t crazy! :)

  26. Profile photo of Nathang1983

    Also, I think I am one of the few people who is actually enjoying the Jill/Lauren storyline. It does get tiresome, but it also makes sense. With the actor who played Lauren’s father being so young, it would make sense for him to have been about 15 when Jill was born. I don’t really have a problem with it. The storyline’s enjoyable sometimes.
    I’m not against or for Shadam, but I just find Adam annoying and snotty. His smug demeanor and voice annoy me. Granted, Nick is the same way somewhat, but Adam just has these annoying tics and his personality that drives me crazy. Maybe I’m just tired of him.

  27. Profile photo of westerndeb

    loved today’s episode with everyone dissing Sharon, including her own son. It will be interesting to see if the writers are going to redeem Adam or have him turn out to be using Sharon. One of the most intriguing things about the character of Adam is his total wickedness and if he’s turning good, will he still be interesting? I doubt the love story of Adam and Sharon will work because of Sharon turning into such a flake. It will be interesting.

  28. Profile photo of

    I hate the Daisy baby story simply because it’s drawing so many people into it like some sort of black hole of despair. There’s Daniel, Phyllis, Michael, Lauren, Kevin, Chloe, Abby, even Jack, Nick, and Jill to some extent. Ugh! Maybe Daisy will die in childbirth—that would be interesting.

  29. Profile photo of tedew

    Restless Vixen … I completely agree with the thoughts in your posts. I don’t mind the city coming down on Sharon but I’m not thrilled about Noah and I’m dreading the Nikki/Sharon confrontation because Nikki has been acting like the haughty Empress Dowager lately and has no business doing so considering her past and fortunes with men. And let’s face it … unless something unexpected happens, Adam IS going to be around for some time to come. A Victor carbon copy coming on the scene and then lasting longer than he should have now makes it too late to see him exit (I think).

    alstonboy4315 … I doubt there will ever be an Ashley/Billy pairing for any reason, so don’t worry. (I do think it would cause a mass viewer exit.)

    Daisy living with Phyllis does bug me. I don’t think it’s plausible but I do get the rationale. Besides, you can’t outplay the pro as was pointed out to Daisy. The whole baby thing is actually a very stupid and unnecessary development and will hopefully be resolved and then put far away on the back burner.

  30. Profile photo of donde

    Team Shadam all the way. Sharon and Adam are going to come out of this stronger as a couple and as individuals. All the hypocrites can ride on their broom, Sharon is here to stay

  31. Profile photo of tedew

    I guess I’ve been putting a bit too much thought into this but …

    I think that I’m starting to like Sharon quite a bit more now that she seems to be standing up to her own values and ignoring the trend. Maybe this is the start of a big transformation for her. It is obviously true that her feelings for Adam are justifiably different from those around her but don’t forget that they started quite a bit before she knew what he had done. I think that once you do have those feelings they linger, smolder and re-ignite when the situation is “right”, as we have already seen. I hope she continues on this trend.

    On the annoying (for me) side of this story … I doubt you could be arrested for trespass at GCAC just at the whim of the more “honorable” patrons. Adam was perfectly welcomed before and now he is just a suspect in a new sketchy case. And why do they need to end up at a low end motel? I’m finding Jack annoying for his hypocrisy. Sharon stood by him for much longer than she needed to when he was lying and keeping secrets. He should not have been surprised that she would think him complicit with Skye, plus he already suspects Victor of some involvement.

    I am also finding Phyllis’s blogging and voice over annoying in itself, but the hypocrisy spewing from her is mind boggling considering her past in every aspect and more.

    Stick to your guns Sharon and keep growing.

  32. Profile photo of bnt83

    I find it weird that Sharon divorced Jack because he was lying and keeping things from her but she runs back to Adam who also lied to her and STOLE HER BABY! Oh well at least its entertaining to watch!

  33. Profile photo of beans4metoo

    Thank you bnt83. Sharon was all high and mighty when she divorced Jack because she couldn’t take any more of his lies. Adam has done twice the evil doing that Jack has done. Baby switching? Possible murder? Yet she stands by him. I think her divorce of Jack was nothing more than an attempt to get Nicholas back. She couldn’t take Jack’s lies anymore because she was still in love with Nick was more like it.

    And Jack’s lies (while they are all still lies) differ from Adam’s. Jack never hurt Sharon directly. He never was purposely cruel to anyone, or tried to make anyone suffer physical or mental harm. Adam used and mentally tortured poor Patty and Ashley. He played on their mental instability to get what he wanted by making them believe someone was after them. Jack hasn’t done anything that cruel. There is a big difference between Adam’s lies and Jack’s lies.

    And why are they doing The Christmas Carol thing with Victor? Bringing back the spirits of Hope and his last wife (can’t remember her name) to what? Make him see the error of his ways and make him a better person? Victor will not change because he doesn’t think he does anything wrong. He justifies his actions as being the right thing, or for someone’s own good. This storyline would’ve been better suited to Adam. Bring back his mother to show him that his life is where it is now because of his deeds.

  34. Profile photo of tedew

    True … Adam is a Bad Seed but Sharon does seem to love him for some reason. We know that she never loved Jack at all and it’s even possible that she does not love Nick anymore. Everything noted about Adam is certainly true except that he is most likely not a murderer (although, did he push the good Doctor off the curb or did he fall, and did he actually plan to kill off Hightower?).

    The Christmas fable probably would have been a more, if not predictable, Adam scenario. I agree that the Victor angle is pointless. He has a new heart but still abuses it, those who let him have it, and all those around him. That will not ever change. A fantasy rehab will only be effective until Jack comes into view. The only thing I can see from this is him softening toward Adam courtesy of Blithe Hope.

  35. Profile photo of Restless Vixen
    Restless Vixen

    Even though I hated the town banding together to exile Sharon, there were some great scenes there. The Jack/Sharon scene was excellent. PB, to me, sold that Jack is actually concerned for Skye and Sharon. Although his Adam hate is hypocritical, I really think he’s baffled that Sharon of all people could possibly forgive Adam. That’s very similar to his disbelief that his sister (and Nikki) has always run back to Victor. And even though Nikki returned to her self-righteous, snobby nose in the air of the manor born, I have to say I didn’t realize how much I missed Nikki and Sharon as rivals until I saw them again. That was the best nod to show history I’ve ever seen from Maria Arena Bell&Company. Although the writing is wonky, and the Phyllis voiceover grated my buttcheeks, I have to say the actors are bringing it. That is making this entertaining to me. And I’m with donde and tedew – I think out of all this mess Shadam will be on top (no, no – not that way) when this is all over. Maybe this is MAB’s idea of breaking Sharon down so they can build her back up as a New(wo)man. I’m probably giving the writers way too much credit, but since past regimes have slept on Sharon and stayed with the default Sharon as the people(man)-pleasing bedwarmer, maybe Sharon has to get a complete character makeover. At the very least, I’m convinced Shadam are endgame because of the MM/SC smoldering chemistry and that fact that MAB loves her some MM. He aint going anywhere! And since I am a Sharon fan ’til the bitter end, that makes me hopeful. And cautiously optimistic.

    The showrunners need to stop repeating the same themes over and over. We don’t need an “It’s a Wonderful Life” episode every Christmas. The one for Michael was stellar, for Billy a bit gratuitous, and now Victor? My bet was on Adam, but OK. And we don’t need Phyllis’ voiceovers for major story arcs. Just like the stunt casting, these will become boring gimmicks if they keep rehashing them ad nauseam.

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