Get Ready Genoa City, Tristan Rogers Arrives on The Young and the Restless!

Former General Hospital star Tristan Rogers makes his debut on The Young and the Restless this week. There couldn’t be better timing. Everyone else in Genoa City appears to be losing their mind. Jack (Peter Bergman) punches Adam (Michael Muhney) in a bar. Daniel (Michael Graziadei) decks Kevin (Greg Rikaart) over his baby with Daisy (Yvonne Zima). Meanwhile, Sharon (Sharon Case) and Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) get in a catfight! Watch this week’s Y&R promo after the jump!

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    Love the promo and I will always root for Sharon to kick Phylllis’ butt. I’m tired of her acting like she’s so high and mighty. No I don’t agree with Sharon leaving her baby with Nick and choosing Adam for the moment but still Phyllis has no right whatsoever to judge after everything she’s done in the past and never had to pay for it. I can’t wait for her to find out Nick has been hanging out with Diane.

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    I love Tristan Rogers!

    He looks really good and I hope they keep him, Jill needs a man in her life.

    Cane looks like there is more lies from his past and may be he has a family, will see.

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    I haven’t watched General Hospital since the early 90’s but I loved Scorpio :love: and I am thrilled that he is on Y&R.

    Loved him today, he looks great, he sounds great. He would be the perfect mate for Jill. It’s about time she meets the love :love: of her life! I’m so excited about this show right now!

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    I don’t care what the online griping is with some…I think Y&R is really really good right now. And I haven’t been this interested in the show in a few years…*around 2004* So yeah…keep it up Y&R.

    As for Tristan Rogers, never was a big GH fan, but I DOOOO see the sparks with he and Jill already!!! I can’t wait.

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    HA HA! Cat Fight…. Ya gotta love a good soap cat fight. Takes me back to the good ole days when it was a weekly staple. Although usually not with chocolate! Nice to see someone calling out Daniel on his attitude too. He has been very unlikable as of late. And why is it that when a Newman needs to be punched, it is Jack that does it? Is this in his contract? LOL.

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    Love Love Tristan! Although I would rather see him on GH, I’ll take him where I can get him. I got the impression from yesterday’s eppy that he’s either Cane’s dad as I’ve read or that Cane was in the mob possibly. When Blake commented that Cane’s loyalty was to the wrong “family”, I got that they mightve been meaning as in the mob.

    I wouldn’t mind him with Jill if they are gonna actually do a STORY and not have her sleep with him a few times and then him hit the road like they did with Tucker. I was actually enjoying Jill and Tucker when it abruptly ended, BUT I do think Tucker is a better match with Ashley.

    I think Jill will be involved though b/c they have been showing her have much more interaction with Cane, Lily and the babies lately. I’m ready for Sofia and Tucker to find out that Cane has been lying to them and embezzling from the company. I wanna see Tucker when he’s been crossed..there hasn’t been enough airtime for the talented Stephen Nichols in my opinion.

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    With all the soon to be punching matches it will be amazing that no one is going to end up on charges; but that does not seem to happen here, just in real life.

    I don’t mind Daniel’s attitude at all. He is facing possible fatherhood due to a ridiculous setup when we already know fatherhood was not in his plans even with someone he liked. Unfortunately he seems to be softening tward Daisy and bundle.

    What I’m not liking much right now is the developing Delia situation courtesy of the increasingly sick Jana. Delia is being well cared for by those close to her and I hope Gloria is able to quickly put an end to a bad scenario.

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    Ok, this could get interesting with Cane’s father on the scene…

    What I do think is ridiculous is how Cane is suddenly this business exec. He came to GC as what? A contractor? Then he parlayed “all” that experience into being in charge of Clear Springs. That went so well that he was tending bar, NOW he’s so much of a genius that his work is garnering him a HUGE salary with Tucker. My question is this: why hasn’t he been using all of this talent to care for his family before instead of working in a tacky dive bar??? Sometimes it’s SO HARD to suspend reality with this show.

    Beans4metoo, I was thinking the same thing about a Jill/Tristan storyline. I’d want to really see a story, not the same old used plot of her falling for him then finding out he’s a cheat and a liar who just used her, like when she was sleeping with that Michael Nouri guy who was running Chancellor.

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    I for one cannot WAIT for Cane’s house of cards to come crashing around him. I used to love Cane but Y & R has RUINED the character to drive the plot by adding ANOTHER round of lies. Lily looks like the biggest idiot walking. Everyone (Lily, her family, Jill, Kathryn) forgave Cane for his FIRST set of lies and moved on and he is going to disrespect their love and trust by continuing to add lie after lie and crime after crime. The show is backing the character into a corner of having to get rid of him and they have completely ruined him for me. If Lily stays with him this time, she’s a moron. If she leaves him, there’s no one on canvas really for him to go to because they have islanded his storyline so badly that he doesn’t interact with anyone but family. Oh, wait, I forgot we have to suspend disbelief while, in a month from now when Lily kicks him to the curb and he is an outcast, he can stroll over to Jimmy’s for a PINT and run into Sharon who is whining in her wine because the whole town his against her and she can jump him for some pity sex on the bartop…

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    Coffee_Junkie … which catty entertainment show, magazine or blog do you work for??? (Maybe your profile pic is appropriate.)

    This guy is 64 years old and I’m thinking he doesn’t look bad, even in high def.

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