Signy Coleman and Raya Meddine Return to The Young and the Restless For Holiday Episode

It’s been a while since The Young and the Restless fans watched Signy Coleman and Raya Meddine on their TV screens. That’s about to change. On December 23, the actresses will reprise their roles as Victor Newman’s (Eric Braeden) dearly departed wives Hope and Sabrina. According to Entertainment Weekly, Hope and Sabrina will appear as spirits to Victor in a special A Christmas Carol-inspired episode.

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    Has anyone noticed that Y&R has done a “its a wonderful life/christmas carol” story every year at Christmas for the past three years? How about an original thought for this holiday season – and – How many times can Victor “wake up” to those who love him?

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    I was never wild about the Sabrina character, but it is always nice to see Signy Coleman. I wish that Maria wouldn’t have KILLED off Hope!! She could have offered sooo much to the show, and God knows that Adam needs his mother to return in the FLESH to slap the (BLEEP!) out of him!!! Another WASTE of talent!!!!! Besides, they didn’t have to KILL Hope off in order for Adam to find out that Victor is his father!! UGH! It still frustrates me how shortsighted Maria and Paul Rauch can be!!!

    Maria needs to stop killing off legacy characters in such a willy-nilly fashion!! This woman has truly lost her mind!!

    Sorry, I went off on another tangent!!

    Good news to have Signy back!!! I’ll get off my soapbox for now!!! ;) ;)

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    alstonboy4315 you sho right!!! Hope is the “moral center” type character Y&R is missing now since John Abbott and Cassie Newman are gone :(. Shame on them for killing poor Hope and then botching her son up.

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    The Close Talker; The Baby Talker; the YES – Transexual in a purple dress.

    Few have dared come close to beating her in the “I can’t watch this $hit” Dept – I’m looking at you Tyra and Daisy….Nothing good can come from Raya’s Holiday “Miracle” return. Unless we see her die all over again.

    And I stress my problem is with Raya – not necessarily the Character. She’s HORRIBLE. JUST AS Daisy’s potrayer IS and Tyra’s potrayer WAS. There are many, many, many, many, many, maaaannnny deserving actresses that can be given plum daytime rolls. These 3 women are/weren’t ‘it’.

    I’ll hafta be snockered on Egg Nog to watch this. I hate Egg Nog, so therefore, I’ll tune out. Sorry! No 12/23 Viewing for Moi!

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    I disagree, I LOVED Raya. She was wonderful as Sabrina. I had hoped that her character Sabrina was still alive, kidnapped by an enemy of Victor. Having Sabrina and her baby being alive would send shockwaves through Genoa City.

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    goyankees, you’re so right! I couldn’t stand her then, can’t stand her now. Yuck! She’s just so…gross.

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    I agree…..I was not a fan of Sabrina, but if anything I feel INDIFFERENCE toward the character, as opposed to dislike or hatred.

    And I agree…….most drag queens out there WISH that they looked like Raya.

    But you know some people simply have their viewpoints and will not be swayed, so I have learned not to even try!!!

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    Boy … don’t get the anti Sabrina sentiments. The picture above (if that is the one being referred to) may be a bad shot in a bad dress but I certainly don’t think Maya Meddine is gross or anywhere near to looking like a transsexual. I enjoyed her stint here and also enjoyed her appearance as a hit-woman on CSI Miami. I think she was misused and underused on Y&R and her character was a revelation as to the true nature of Victoria.

    I will enjoy seeing them back for the Christmas visit but the Dickens things are so old school. And if it sets up a Victor/Nikki reunion … bad news.

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    Hey, Joss… Again, I didn’t have a problem with ‘Sabrina’, Just Reya. Remember when Finola Hughes was rumored to appear as Sabrina’s Mom? I just sat sadly, wishing Finola was originally cast AS Sabrina….Reya would stand 2″ from Eric Braden’s face and stare at his mouth when they talked. Oh, its all just to horrific to relive.

    Sigh. But because of her, I won’t wear any purple dresses…

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    Yes, I just hope Sabrina has no ‘twins’ out there. Cuz should that happen…

    Okay, everyone. I want to apologize for my ‘Tranny’ comments on Reya. She’s NOT an ugly person at all. I let my feelings for her ‘acting’ influence how I see her in general. Not Nice, I know.

    **But I will say, I MUCH Prefer Adam AS Sabrina to Sabrina the Original.

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    Yes, and I’m sure this whole “Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future” will completely change TGVN. Juuuuuuuuuust like getting Colleen’s heart did.

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    alstonboy4315 … I was waiting for some directly aimed sharp retorts but they did not arrive.

    Most do have valid opinions of their own that can’t be changed. I just don’t find it fair play when opposing opinions are viciously ridiculed.

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    The whole tranny notion is weird, just like the tranny rumor that has followed “Ashley” for so many years. She’s a very beautiful woman. How anyone could think otherwise is beyond me.

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    I don’t attack other posters that I don’t agree with, even though I sometimes WANT to. Now I do defend myself if they happen to attack me, which has only happened once or twice since I have been posting on here, but I never throw the first punch. I just bite my tongue and say a little prayer for those who need it….. ;) ;)

    I think SUBTLE statements often make more impact than the snap, crackle and pop statements. A whisper sometimes makes more impact than a scream.

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    alstonboy4315 … I was certainly not talking about you in any way, shape or form. I (and probably everyone else) enjoy your wit and what you have to say whether I agree or not. And that does go for everyone else here.

    I was not really thinking of anyone in particular (or was I?).

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