The Dead Has Arisen On Empire

Rodney (Christian Barber) isn’t pushing daisies like everyone thought in the latest episode of Empire. What made him hide out and what the heck does Theodora (Tina Sloan) have up her sleeves? Has Colleen (Orlagh Cassidy) decided to become a mother first? Find out after the jump!


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  1. Profile photo of giftofamber

    1) Orlagh looks GORGEOUS in green.

    2) Love Theodora and Colleen plotting, and that Colleen actually has limits to letting her daughter be in the tabloids.

    3) The fact that everyone is hiding at Marin’s is absolutely hilarious.

    Love this episode. :)

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    Daniel St. John

    “The dead has arisen”

    That line immediately makes me think of the Thanksgiving dinner scene from the Color Purple where Miss Sophia starts laughing and Old Mr. Johnson utters that line.
    The way Adolph Ceasar said the line was absolutely perfect.

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