What Keeps Taylor and Brooke Sniffing After Ridge on The Bold and the Beautiful?

The Bold and the Beautiful’s Taylor/Ridge/Brooke triangle is a thing of legend, but after all these years, it it certainly isn’t fresh. In a piece at Fancast.com, Sara Bibel tackles why Taylor (Hunter Tylo) and Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) still act as if The Chiseled One (Ronn Moss) is the only man that keeps their hormones pumping.

As I screamed, “What are you, twelve?” at my television, I realized that may be the appeal of the triangle. Despite their decades of complicated history, Taylor and Brooke both still feel that Ridge is their Edward Cullen.

Their love for him is an intense and irrational as a teenager’s. It is not tempered by their experiences with him, experiences that should have taught them that he is far from perfect. On some level, the idea of being that excited about a man, putting him up on a pedestal despite even after messy break ups and raising children together, is appealing.

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    To answer your question, it seems like a TOTAL lack of creativity and ingenuity on Brad Bell’s part!!! He takes two steps forward and then one step back!!! I wish he’d take some time off and rejuvenate himself. Perhaps it would get those creative juices going!!!

    I seriously don’t know who is willing to sit through another round of this Taylor/Brooke/Ridge merry-go-round. It seriously should have ended 15 years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I have to agree, Alstonboy. For me, Taylor should have moved on with James Warwick and Brooke should have just been single. Ridge has to be the most insensitive and indecisive man in daytime and I can’t stand him. I guess that’s why I haven’t watched this show in a good ten years.

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    Don’t get me wrong, now. I still find the show to be watchable and even enjoyable for the most part, but they need to put this ‘love triangle’ in the time vault, seal it up and leave it be……………..

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    Oh no not this again, guess I will not need any dull books to help me fall asleep!Keep Taylor with Whip and Brooke with Ridge. Hunter and Ronn are nice people but weak actors they do well paired with Katherine and Rick who add to their performances. If Brad Bell is looking for a new twist why not have Felicia go after Whip and Aggie go after Ridge giving the talents and sparkle of Lesli and Sarah a chance to shine!!!

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    Well I really like Taylor/Whip together. They got married and then we really haven’t seen much of their relationship. Now Brad Bell is going back to Taylor still loving Ridge mess. I am intrigued by Whip going after Ridge. Someone needs to take Ridge off his high horse.

    Overall I will admit I like this new twist on the triangle with Whip thrown in. I want them to do more with Whip’s character but i want Taylor to give up on Ridge. Brad Bell’s writing makes her look like an idiot for still pining for Ridge.

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    I can see why Taylor is into Ridge. The woman is totally insecure. I just don’t get why Brooke wants anything to do with someone who is completely unworthy of her.

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    I only have one answer; the script. Ridge gross me out, hte way he moves and touch people it disgusted me. and no intelligent woman would want a waffle man like Ridge. (Except Sharon and Phyllis on Y&R; oups they have script too LOL).

    What is more interesting for me is Bill and his son; that is worth watching.

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    I have to say I’m disappointed in the bickering over Ridge yet again. I find most of the men on BB wimpy until the arrival of Nick/ Maroni/Justin and Dollar Bill. I agree I haven’t seen much of Taylor/Whip then this? Seems really plotpointy and contrived. This came out of left field…I have no problem with Tylo’s acting however why Taylor would still want a man who has treated her like crap and bounces from Brooke/back to her I don’t get. (Besides Caroline) Has Ridge even had another relationship besides Taylor/Brooke?

    I can see him becoming interested in someone else but for her to throw her marriage out the window because this egotistical creep says “if” Brooke sleeps with my son it will lead me back to you makes her look rather sad especially after years of this and he dumped her on their wedding day choosing Brooke. I don’t think I’d still be speaking to him …now she’s blurted out his name while banging her husband….

    What get me even more is why Ridge would want a woman who has slept with nearly every male in his family. I know its a soap but still and all I get tired of that as an excuse for silly storytelling.

    I just find Ridge a superficial and a silly man. For me, one thing for sure Rick Hearst is a better actor than Brooke, Taylor, and Ridge combined so I’ll muddle through it again with him in the storyline.

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    To answer your question Cyberologist..A few years ago Ridge was involved with Ashley from Y&R who had moved there. They actually were a cute couple but if memory serves me correctly, he left her for Brooke too (someone correct me if I’m wrong). He leaves EVERY woman for Brooke eventually. Obviously you can see I’m team Ridge/Brooke. How many times does Taylor have to get kicked to the curb when he continually chooses Brooke again and again. The only time he entertains a reunion with Taylor is when Brooke has done something stupid again. That makes Taylor second fiddle in my opinion.

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    Was Sara Bibel in a coma during the 90’s? Those fab years where Brooke had moved on from Fridge and found happiness (and Chemistry) with the amazing Grant, with Thorne, with that lawyer whose name escaped me and with James, only for Fridge to bust in and try to convince her to take him back?

    Before Brad Bell turned all the women on the show into Fridge hungry, there were good times when Fridge was chasing Brooke and not the other way around!

    Not to mention the 00’s with the casting gold that was JW as Nick, only to fizzle him because “Oversees viewers want to see Brooke and Fridge together”.

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    Oh and we just shouldn’t forget his relationship with Briget, Brookes daughter with his father Eric. That was the real begining of this sickness. Before, it was just the three of them trading back and forth. Then they started getting their children in the act and including them in their unhealthy little triangle. Briget and Ridge were soooooo wrong on SO many levels not to mention the fact that at one time Ridge was believed to be her father. Then his legal (if not bio) dad was the actual father. Brigets is named after Brooke and Ridge. He was an adult at the time. She was barely legal. It was gross to watch. It spawned this rite of passage in the Logan/Forrester clans of sleeping with their parents. Atleast so far the parents they have chosen to sleep with have not been their bio parents but I am not even sure that is important. Incest is not about biology as much as about power and abuse of it over ones own children. Both Ridge and Taylor have crossed that line. Now Brooke has flirted with it. I say the three of them just need to work out a 6 month arraingment. Brooke gets Ridge Jan-June. Taylor July-Dec. and leave their kids out of it.

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    Bandbfan- I remember when Brooke was with Thorne..I loved them together!

    I always thought that they should revisit Brooke and Eric. You can tell that they still have a deep love, admiration and respect for each other and Stephanie would go BISERK!

    I remember a few years back when some occassion was happening, I want to say it was Bridget’s wedding or something and Bridget was alone talking to Eric about Brooke and she said to him “you still love her don’t you?” and he looked at her and you could tell that he did. It may have been when Brooke was raped, I’m not sure..can anyone refresh my memory?

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