Are Griffin and Jake Gonna Become Drinking Buddies on All My Children?

All My Children has released its second webisoap revolving around the new character of Griffin Castillo (Jordi Vilasuso), and all I gotta say is, can producer Enza Dolce Nini  and Sara Saedi, writer of the fun clips, just take over the hour-long, daily show already? These spots have more sex, humor and action in them than during the last six months worth of AMC air shows, even if the story does sorta rip off the Dr. McDreamy vs. Dr. McSteamy feud from a few years back on Grey’s Anatomy. Check out Griffin The Backstory Pt. II: Drinking Buddies, featuring Ricky Paull Goldin as Dr. Jake Martin and Tessa Munro as fiery journalista Tanya, after the jump!

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    LOL. This was pretty good. Looks like a Primetime show. Whoever is doing these needs to be hired and Kreizman and Swajweski need to be relegated to writing “That’s So Raven” or something…

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    Thanks for the link to the Canadian version, coffeebean,
    I’m really liking these episodes! Sure, the beginning of this one was a little chessy with Griffin monolugining to himself, but as soon as Jake walked in that was forgiven. Jake and Griffin have such funny chemistry together. And I *loved that they brought the host of the talk show back. Continuity! [How about that, AMC?]

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    Yay! Thank you so much!
    I just love these webisodes. Lindsay just shines on screen and I really the actress whoplayed Mama Castillo. Nice to see that ABC has some Latin writers working on the episodes too.

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