Anderson Cooper's New Talk Show Expands to 21 Markets


Anderson Cooper’s upcoming talk show has received another boost. After being sold in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles and New York, The Hollywood Reporter is now reporting that Cooper’s talk show has lined up 21 major markets to broadcast in.

Warner Bros. Domestic TV Distribution sales executive Rick Meril had this to say about the new show.

"This is a series that has the ability to play to a wide audience, whether it's adjacent to local news or coming out of morning magazines"

"And, it is a testament to its strength that stations are now rushing to secure the show for their program line-up and that San Diego and Bakersfield will air Anderson in place of 'Oprah' next fall."

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Is he leaving CNN?

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6 May 2009
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Just what we need another talk show. Here is the latest ratings on The Talk. I think we are talked out. 0.9 18 to 49, but as long as your screwing the boss it will never be axed. We don't need any more stinken talk shows. Who is going to fill Oprah slot?

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At least it is a talk show with Anderson Cooper. He is so awesome.

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Anderson Cooper is a silver fox! But I don't think I'd be to interested in watching him everyday. I still like him though.