Hugh Jackman Injures Eye During Oprah Show Stunt in Oz

Hugh Jackman darn near put his eye out trying to show out for The Mighty O down in Australia. The actor attempted to sail in on some contraption for a taping of The Oprah Winfrey Show at the Sydney Opera House and ended up hitting his doggone eye! Jackman wasn’t seriously hurt, according to our pals over at Zap2it, but paramedics were called in to ice his eye. Hugh, you ain’t the Wolverine; you just play him at the movies! Get somewhere and sit down!  Watch the tomfoolery after the jump.

Photos by PR Photos

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    I’d like to know whose idea this grand entrance was? How dare Miz O do anything that might jeopardize the visage of The Sexiest Man Alive! J/K. Glad he’s all right.

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