Holiday Heartache for Kendall on All My Children

TV Guide’s Michael Logan gets the scoop from All My Children head writer David Kreizman on what’s in store for the widowed Kendall Hart (Alicia Minshew).

Kendall has this feeling that something big is going to happen on Christmas Eve and when Father Clarence shows up at her door she thinks he’s going to tell her that Zach (Thorston Kaye) is somehow still alive, since they never found his body," says head writer Dave Kreizman. "Unfortunately, Clarence can’t help Kendall with that, but he does lead her to the journal Zach had been writing — one that details his feelings for her."

To find out whats inside Zach’s journal click here!

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    I was really loving what I was reading until I got to the Greenlee part. WTH. Seriously?! Wow Greenlee and Kendall should NOT be friends. After all they’ve been through, all the bad things they’ve done to each other?? The best these two should be is frenemies. I get sick when I watch them act like friends, I just cannot believe their friendship at all. What a joke. Kreizman’s comments are cringeworthy..

  2. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Greenlee and Kendall are the most interesting for me when they are FRENEMIES and subtlely sniping at each other’s heels constantly, not when they are being all huggy/kissy/sappy/wappy…………… :~ :~

    They had wonderful parallels to Brooke and Erica back in the mid 2000s, but it seems like since Rebecca returned in 2008, it’s been a mess!!!

    I miss their old relationship. It used to be one of the most interesting parts of the show!!

    I am not going to issue ANY more commentary on the current state of AMC as a whole, b/c I am sure that you guys are as tired of hearing me complain about how bad this show is as I am tired of complaining about it. So no more whipping that dead horse……………………………….

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