ABC to Create US Version of Being Erica

is reporting ABC will create an American version of the Canadian show Being Erica. Being Erica aired its first two seasons on the soon-to-be defunct SOAPnet. The show centers on a young woman who travels back through time to right wrongs from her past.

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    Why exactly do we need an American version of BE? Isn’t the Canadian original good enough? After all, we don’t have an American version of Rookie Blue.

    Typical ABC weirdness…

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    [quote=Scout]Oh, yeah? Tell that to “The Whole Truth” and “My Generation.”[/quote]
    Exactly! ABC(and the other major network) have less & less patience with new shows every year imho. With a few exceptions aside, if it’s not a crime show &/or it doesn’t take off immediately, there’s a great chance it’ll be cancelled within the first 1/2 dozen episodes. Doesn’t seem to matter if it’s a good show that could catch on with time. Some of the most loved tv shows over the last 20 or 30 years would’ve never made it out of the first few episodes if they were made today because they were slow starters. WAY too much impatience by modern tv execs.

    Anyway, on topic. I’m glad ABC recognize for being the good show it is. However I have an unfortunate hunch it will be watered down & get cancelled ASAP.

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    Bob Lamm

    What’s especially galling about creating an “American” version of BEING ERICA is that it’s hardly swamped with references to Canadian history, geography, and culture that Americans wouldn’t get. Is our country so ethnocentric that even a Canadian show has to be “Americanized”?

    Yes, BEING ERICA is shot in Canada (Toronto)… but so, of course, are LOTS of nighttime series in the U.S. that pretend to be in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, etc.

    ABC should just put on BEING ERICA as is.

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    I agree, Bob Lamm, especially when ABC aired ‘Rookie Blue’ last summer (and it is a much more Canadian-centric series) and plan to air it again in 2011. I just don’t get it.

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    Oh no no no! I am a Canadian who’s become addicted to the original BE. What will they do that will make it any better or even different from the original show? I think the only way this will work out is if they get a well-known [good] actress to play Erica and even then ABC probably won’t keep it on.
    Usually whenever America ends up making over a show from the UK, the original is ten times better. The only show I’ve ever liked that was a remake of a show from across the pond was Scoundrels and that’s laregly due to my Virgina Madsen love and the fact that I never caught Outrageous Fortune from the begining.

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    This is ridiculous for them to make an american version of BE. It pisses me off it’s just gonna take away from the show they are gonna waste money and no
    one is going to like it. By the way…How can I watch the fourth season?????????? It didn’t come on Hulu Yesterday and I can’t wait to see who her first patient is..!!!

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