Daytime Confidential’s Top 10 Soap Newcomers of 2010

No. 10: Adam Gregory and Kimberly Matula (tie), The Bold and the Beautiful

It’s no easy feat to pull off representing the next generation of chiseled Forrester studs and sun-kissed Logans, but newcomers Adam Gregory and Kimberly Matula have managed to do just that as California dreams Thomas Forrester and Hope Logan respectively on The Bold and the Beautiful. Whether it’s reeling from learning her mom accidentally slept with her boyfriend (her), or pulling his father’s wife into a scandalous lip lock (him), Gregory and Matula have proven they are more than capable of carrying on their families sexy, near-incestuous traditions for years to come.

No 9: Trent Garrett, All My Children

When fans of All My Children learned the soap planned to reinvigorate the Cortlandt clan we thought we’d be discussing names like Ross or Petey, not Caleb (Michael Nouri) and Asher (Trent Garrett). Even still, that doesn’t take away from Garrett’s impressive contributions to the soap in 2010 as Caleb’s bitter, long-lost son. Asher may not be one of Palmer’s (the late James Mitchell) direct descendants, but he has managed to breathe new life into Colby’s (Natalie Hall) storyline, while adding a human layer of tension to Caleb’s uninspired feud with cousin JR (Jacob Young). It’s a shame AMC decided to ditch their 2009 addition, the equally charming Finn Wittrock (Damon). We were really looking forward to watching Asher and Damon’s rivalry intensify, however we’re sure Garrett will keep us entertained in 2011 in his own right, especially when he takes off his shirt.

Trent Garrett Photo Credit: ABC

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    Excellent number one choice. Eric Sheffer Stevens was amazing as Dr. Reid. He was must see t.v. and his chemistry with Van Hansis was off the charts. I guess I am missing the whole Nick Robuck effect. Did Regan agree with the choice of Chad Duell? LOL!

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    I absolutely agree with your #1 choice. Eric Sheffer Stevens is an incredibly talented actor who brought to life one of the most interesting, captivating characters I’ve seen on TV – not just soaps – in a long, long time. He brought the Luke/Noah storyline to life again, and made the show must see TV for me in its final months.

    I’ll always resent the way the Powers That Be decided to end the storyline in tragedy, but ESS’s performance over those last nine months were nothing less than a triumph.

  3. Profile photo of jlafferty23

    HAHAHA Nic Robuck?

    OMG please tell me you guys are joking? That kid can’t act. He is soo bad that I was cheering for Eddie in OLTL’s version of the “abuse” storyline, if you can even call that.

    But I agree with the rest of the list, minus Asher from AMC and Chad Duell. Chad Duell is okay but I still find myself missing Drew Garrett.

  4. Profile photo of Parrothead

    the #1 choice of Eric Sheffer Stevens is so right. he made the soap worth watching the last 9 months. the chemistry between him & Van Hansis (Luke) was off the charts & he gave the show the needed boost in the arm.
    i hope he has a long & great career ahead of him & i can’t wait for his new movie Lefty Loosey, Righty Tighty to come out. watch the trailer for it & if you’re on Facebook go to the LLRT FB page & “like” the movie.

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    I thought it was a good list overall. I only watched ATWT during commercials while OLTL was on, but I saw enough to know that ESS at number 1 was absolutely the right pick. BB at number 2 was also the way to go. I have come to accept Chad, but he is NO Drew Garrett, and is only slightly better than okay, so I think 5 is a little high, but all things considered, I think he should be on the list. I am a Nic Roebuck fan, and think he should be higher. I think CM is a good pick. The only time I watch B&B is when I don’t change the channel fast enough after Y&R goes off, so I will take your word for it on those kids and the ones from AMC.

  6. Profile photo of Jayanne

    I totally agree about Erin Chambers. What a doll she is!! I am a total LuSh fan! Siobhan is a great new character. I really enjoy her and am interested to see what happens next. The Lucky/Siobhan pairing is definitely the one positive to come out of this Balkan nightmare. It’s been a long time since I rooted for a couple on GH, but, I am behind these two 100%.

  7. Profile photo of isacon

    Cool list. The #1 choice is the perfect choice–Eric Sheffer Stevens was amazing in that role, and even though his ending was less than perfect, his character will be remembered for all the incredible performances he gave us in every episode. He and Van Hansis were the IT couple of the year and of the show, IMO.

  8. Profile photo of professor-chaos

    I can agree with Nic Roebuck on the list. As a newbie he seems to be able to hold his own. It’s unfortunate he got a part as one of the brothers in the most hated family on the show but I don’t hold that against him. In fact I think Nic makes James a tad more believable perhaps even sincere and whole lot less eye-rolling worthy than Ford and Nate.

    Meghann Fahy on the other hand I’m not sure I would put on this list. She just didn’t seem to pull off the crazy or sincerely obsessed as well as she could and therefore made Hannah totally unbelievable and even unlikeable as a villain (rather than a character people love to hate) in the process.

    I also agree with Chandler Massey as DOOL’s Will. I just started rewatching Days over the summer after several years so seeing Will all grown up has been interesting. Knowing what I know of Sami and her history as a mother with Will and her current storlyline with EJ, their scenes together seem very fitting with him all grown up.

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    I too agree with DC’s # 1 choice, Eric Sheffer Stevens! He was THE find of the year! No one else on the list can hold a candle to this guy. As for Adam Gregory, sorry, but he should have been left off of the list. He is just not doing it for me as Thomas Forrester. Kimberly Matula is a definite find this year and has really made the role of Hope her own.

    Chandler Massey as Will on DOOL’s was a brilliant move! Congratulations to Days for hiring this kid. He definitely holds his own against a powerhouse actress like Alison Sweeney (Sami Hernandez). I don’t watch any of the other shows to make any judgments about the other actors/actresses.

    Otherwise, congrats to DC for their selections minus Adam Gregory. He’s not exactly someone I would put in the top 10 finds of 2010.

  10. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Eric Sheffer TEWTALLY deserved this honor!! Especially considering the fact that he’s almost GUARANTEED to be overlooked at the 2011 Emmys, unfortunately. Just keeping it real, folks…………….

    Reid was one of the most wonderfully complex characters that I have seen on daytime TV in a LONG time!! He brought such a wonderful mixture of strength and vulnerability to the role, and I thoroughly enjoyed the character–even when I wanted to slap him silly for being mean to my Lukey Pie!!!!

    I haven’t been watching B&B on a consistent enough basis to really evaluate Adam Gregory’s acting, but he does have the best teeth of any actor under 30 in daytime! He should have a few toothpaste campaigns under his belt by now………… :party: :party: :party: :party:

  11. Profile photo of Carol2

    Some of this I might have agreed with some time back — Brianna Brown has seemed lost at sea in the last few months, as the fatal attraction story was clumsily rewritten and a slew of characters were trashed for Lisa’s benefit. She gets more attention now for hair and skin problems than for her acting.

    Nic Robuck has been panned for his work in the last few weeks. He’s been laughably bad since Eddie showed up and has no business in dramatic material. I’m reminded of when Daytime Confidential heavily praised Rex and Gigi at the end of 2008, only for them to prove their absolute worthlessness throughout 2009.

    Eric Sheffer Stevens deserved better than the material ATWT gave him. All those months with asexual Luke, and having to die for the most boring Chris Hughes recast ever. The way he was squandered is a great example of everything wrong with daytime.

    B&B will never give a story to a black character, ever.

  12. Profile photo of Courtney fan4life
    Courtney fan4life

    Nic Robuck and Meghann Fahy are my favs. Nics done a great job with what he’s been given and Meghann Fahy was not only a good actress but singer. SHe needs to be brought back.

    Gladly take Nic over BB any day.

  13. Profile photo of pumpkin

    Don’t understand why Adam Gregory is not on list. I thought he would be near top. What is up with that???I also thought he had emmy winning stuff. All the stuff with Eli, Eddie, Langston, Cole. He had great scenes with too many to remember. What is up with that???I ask.

  14. Profile photo of ltk

    Eric Sheffer Stevens never failed to captivate me. He infused heart into all the wonderful wisecracks that we grew to love. Daytime isn’t the same without Reid Oliver or Luke Snyder.

    I hope this role propels ESS to great things.

  15. Profile photo of Jasmine65

    I am so glad Erin Chambers is on the list and I totally agree 100%. What a great addition to GH. Not only is she a wonderful actress but I am loving her as Siobhan. She and Lucky are my favorite couple on this show, their chemistry is amazing. I hope to see alot more of them!!!!! As a fan of ATWT, I am also glad Eric Sheffer Stevens was on there. I will never understand how the writers could throw away such a talent and not capitalize on Luke and Reid.

  16. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    Chandler Massey is the best thing that has happened to Days this year. His chemistry with his mom and Rafe and especially Chad is great. I hope that tptb will jump on the CHILL wagon this year and give us a story that would skyrocket the ratings. A Brady/Dimera story where both characters are the good guys is just what is needed. One thing I definately like aboud Will and always have is his integrity and goodness are never in question but he is not boring the way alot of good guys on soaps are. And Chandler Massey is at the top of my list this year in newbys.

  17. Profile photo of beans4metoo

    I agree with most of the picks on the list actually. I don’t watch OLTL or Days so I won’t comment on them but here’s what I think otherwise:

    Adam Gregory- Complete success as a Thomas Forrester recast and IMHO I think he should’ve been closer to # 1. The actor who portrayed Thomas before him in no way, shape or form fit the role as Thomas is being written NOW. Gregory is physically perfect to play Ridge’s son as he looks just like Ronn Moss in face, hair and body build. He has enough charisma and personality to take on the role as the next Forrester hotshot designer, heir to the throne, ladies man just like his on-screen dad. Great pick!

    Kimberly Matula- I completely disagree with her being on the list and IMHO Gregory surely should be higher up rather than sharing # 10 with her. I don’t think she’s that great of an actress. She’s got the innocent, sweet girl thing down pat but I haven’t seen much range outside of that. Definitely not the needed spark and charisma that I would see befitting Brooke Logan’s daughter.

    Trent Garrett- I find it completely interesting that one of the new actor/characters that everyone complains about on the message boards is a top newbie pick. I personally like him ALOT and I think he’s doing a great job but I wouldn’t have expected him to be found on the list due to the backlash I’ve been reading about him on the boards. He’s getting alot of flack for being “model perfect” in the looks department but I think he’s a talented actor and I like him.

    Erin Chambers- I’m gonna disagree with her as a pick because I personally don’t like Siobhan. The accent totally gets on my nerves and I don’t like her with Lucky. I have started to warm to the character somewhat since she’s been in Port Charles but overall I don’t see the appeal.

    Chad Duell- I was completely against this recast at first because I love Drew Garrett. After a few weeks, Chad won me over. I think he’s a talented actor and a good recast. Not to take away from Drew, he’s a great actor. But I think GH did right this time because Drew just physically looked to young, baby faced and innocent for the upcoming storyline of making Michael and adult, and dealing with prison, a girlfriend, etc. I think they had to do the recast for us to buy Michael as a grown up.

    Brianna Brown- I think she’s a good actress, she has definitely succeeded at making me detest Lisa. I think the storyline has really gone on too long but that’s through no fault of BB.

    Eric Sheffer Stevens- I totally agree with this pick. I couldn’t stand Reid at first but I grew to love him which I believe was ATWT plan and could only be achieved through ESS talented portrayal of Reid. ESS managed to keep Reid sarcastic, snarky, cocky and unreachable while at the same time portraying a fear and vulnerability that made you want to put your arms around him and hug him. I loved Reid with Luke and although I was sad the way it ended, I think it was PERFECT soap opera storytelling!

  18. Profile photo of Dyllan

    I agree with Kimberly Maulta being on the list. She is pretty good for her age and I am impressed. However, Adam Gregory? I think he is so stiff in the role and I just don’t care for him. I also like the actor who plays Michael from GH. He does a good job.

  19. Profile photo of dwood37

    For the most part, I thought this was an excellent list. (Not sure how Nic Roebuck got on the list–you guys obviously have a crush on him and no objectivity when it comes to his acting but he’s pretty to look at). I am probably the only one who disagrees that Eric Sheffer Stevens should be #1. Maybe on the list but definately NOT #1. I just never enjoyed his character at all. I was just too much of a fan of NUKE. (Funny though, I did see him in person rushing down the stairs at the 23rd Street stop in Chelsea headed downtown on the C train about a week or so after the final episode of ATWT). I think Chandler Massey should have been closer to the top for all the reasons you guys cited and here’s to Will and Chad becoming closer in 2011. I’m also happy that Chad Duell was on the list (I LOVED Drew but Michael is one of my favorite characters now on GH thanks to Duell). Adam Gregory should have been closer to the top. EXECELLENT job as Ridge’s son–really uncanny in likeness to Ridge. Erin Chambers????? Really????? Why??????

  20. Profile photo of LUCIANA

    I disagree about Reid Oliver being the best gay male character. THE BEST GAY MALE CHARACTER IS LUKE SNYDER PLAYED BY VAN HANSIS. Luke Snyder has a longer history. He was a young gay man struggling with his sexuality and had to fight to get himself recognized. Van Hansis did the best job ever portraying Luke Snyder who had the most generous heart in the soap universe. Reid was mean, disrespectful and had to learn generosity from Luke.

  21. Profile photo of Luke

    Not sure how Nic Roebuck got on this list. IMO, the only actor amongst the Ford brothers with any shred of talent is David Gregory.

    The only ABC’s ones (cause its the only network I follow regularly) I can agree with are Chad Duell and Briana Brown. For all its craptastic writing, GH certainly can find great talent.

  22. Profile photo of Dariclone

    Thank you for putting Megahn at #3! I love her muchly, but wasn’t sure if she’d get a spot since she wasn’t on the show anymore.
    Also, thanks for the Finn Wintock shoutout during your discussion of Trent Garret. I like Trent Garret a lot as an actor [though I don’t like his character with Colby,] but I think his character would be better served if if Damon was still around to shake things up a bit.

  23. Profile photo of stoked

    Completely agree with your choice for number 1, Eric Sheffer Stevens. One astonishing thing about his talent was his apparent ability to make all the veteran soap actors he shared scenes with really up their game. What an achievement for a newcomer! He brought me back from being a casual watcher of ATWT to an avid one, and now that he’s gone, I have no reason to watch daytime TV since I doubt there will ever be another Reid. Reid really was the most compelling gay character I’ve seen, not just on daytime, but on TV in general, and I already miss him.

  24. Profile photo of KingMinos777

    Erin Chambers only #6? She has owned every scene she’s been in. Incredible find, and I sure hope Farren Phelps and Guza keep her in the mix, despite GH’s huge cast. The mere fact the poor gal didn’t crack-up laughing during the scenes she had with Jonathan Jackson and his “Irish” accent is more than ample reason to make her #1.

  25. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    A good List JMO
    from GH Chad did amazing job with Michael really hard story.
    I loved Drew But Chad was better for the story they wrote for Michael. I always was Michael’s fan but Chad made me love him more!!!

    Briana Brown She had a tough year because in the start no one really thought she was good but when the STory picked up she juts blow me away…

    GH maybe not the best soap this year but they still have great casting director lol

  26. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    Shioban is a very weak actress for me that is very apparent in her scenes with Sebastian Roche. But I agree with the characters from B/B. I like nuThomas (the acting isn’t all there though) and I adore Daisy just hope to see more of her. Hope is magnificent very good acting chops she reminds me of Caroline…

    Lisa? Ummm don’t feel her either not sure about Michael I usually FF through him so you could be right. Can’t speak much about the rest because I don’t watch the shows.

  27. Profile photo of laduke19

    I totally agree about Eric Sheffer Stevens being the best newcomer. He took on a difficult role and made it work.

    I’m also happy to see Chad Duell on the list. At first I was resistant to the recast because I thought Drew Garrett was really good as the rage-filled brain damaged Michael but Chad has won me over and I really like the direction they’ve taken Michael with Chad.

    I have mixed feelings about Erin Chambers. She’s got solid chemistry with Jonathon Jackson but I hate her Irish accent.

  28. Profile photo of soaprookie

    I heartily agree with Eric Sheffer Stevens, Nic Robuck, Chad Duell, and Chandler Massey being on the list. Two I am on the fence about…because the material was so consistently thankless (aka bad) and I am not quite sure I felt they rose about it at any time and did good work in spite of it. And then one, yikes…I felt it has been weak, weak, weak…all the way around…weak story…weak performances from otherwise strong actors and a weak newcomer brought in specifically for this story as well…which is really too bad because I was really looking forward to it.

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