Daytime Confidential's Top 10 Soap Newcomers of 2010

No. 5: Chad Duell, General Hospital

Chad Duell had some pretty big shoes to fill and legions of broken hearts to mend when he took over the role of Michael from fan favorite Drew Garrett in 2010 on General Hospital. It didn’t help that the show made the move to recast Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Carly’s (Laura Wright) son just as the explosive storyline that saw the teen having killed his stepmother was about to climax. While Duell’s first couple of weeks were bit shaky, the young actor quickly got over his jitters and settled into the role quite nicely. As Michael went to prison for his crime and suffered things so horrific he has yet to share, Duell managed to expertly convey the sorrow, anger, confusion and angst of a privileged young man who had to pay for the lifestyle his parents raised him up in. The  Sins of the Father, indeed.

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Not sure how Nic Roebuck got on this list. IMO, the only actor amongst the Ford brothers with any shred of talent is David Gregory.

The only ABC's ones (cause its the only network I follow regularly) I can agree with are Chad Duell and Briana Brown. For all its craptastic writing, GH certainly can find great talent.

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So glad Chandler Massey made the list, though he'd be number 1 for me! Here's hoping to a "Chill"y 2011!

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Luke.. I agree about the Ford brothers!

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Thank you for putting Megahn at #3! I love her muchly, but wasn't sure if she'd get a spot since she wasn't on the show anymore.
Also, thanks for the Finn Wintock shoutout during your discussion of Trent Garret. I like Trent Garret a lot as an actor [though I don't like his character with Colby,] but I think his character would be better served if if Damon was still around to shake things up a bit.

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Completely agree with your choice for number 1, Eric Sheffer Stevens. One astonishing thing about his talent was his apparent ability to make all the veteran soap actors he shared scenes with really up their game. What an achievement for a newcomer! He brought me back from being a casual watcher of ATWT to an avid one, and now that he's gone, I have no reason to watch daytime TV since I doubt there will ever be another Reid. Reid really was the most compelling gay character I've seen, not just on daytime, but on TV in general, and I already miss him.

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Erin Chambers only #6? She has owned every scene she's been in. Incredible find, and I sure hope Farren Phelps and Guza keep her in the mix, despite GH's huge cast. The mere fact the poor gal didn't crack-up laughing during the scenes she had with Jonathan Jackson and his "Irish" accent is more than ample reason to make her #1.

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Agree with much of this list. I especially love Nic Robuck and his character.

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A good List JMO
from GH Chad did amazing job with Michael really hard story.
I loved Drew But Chad was better for the story they wrote for Michael. I always was Michael's fan but Chad made me love him more!!!

Briana Brown She had a tough year because in the start no one really thought she was good but when the STory picked up she juts blow me away...

GH maybe not the best soap this year but they still have great casting director lol

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Shioban is a very weak actress for me that is very apparent in her scenes with Sebastian Roche. But I agree with the characters from B/B. I like nuThomas (the acting isn't all there though) and I adore Daisy just hope to see more of her. Hope is magnificent very good acting chops she reminds me of Caroline...

Lisa? Ummm don't feel her either not sure about Michael I usually FF through him so you could be right. Can't speak much about the rest because I don't watch the shows.

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I totally agree about Eric Sheffer Stevens being the best newcomer. He took on a difficult role and made it work.

I'm also happy to see Chad Duell on the list. At first I was resistant to the recast because I thought Drew Garrett was really good as the rage-filled brain damaged Michael but Chad has won me over and I really like the direction they've taken Michael with Chad.

I have mixed feelings about Erin Chambers. She's got solid chemistry with Jonathon Jackson but I hate her Irish accent.

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I heartily agree with Eric Sheffer Stevens, Nic Robuck, Chad Duell, and Chandler Massey being on the list. Two I am on the fence about...because the material was so consistently thankless (aka bad) and I am not quite sure I felt they rose about it at any time and did good work in spite of it. And then one, yikes...I felt it has been weak, weak, weak...all the way around...weak story...weak performances from otherwise strong actors and a weak newcomer brought in specifically for this story as well...which is really too bad because I was really looking forward to it.