HIMYM’s Neil Patrick Harris: ”Eric Braeden is a D-Bag”

Lord in the morning! Seems like the welcome wagon over at How I Met Your Mother has sped away from Eric Braeden. The Young and the Restless star was called out by Neil Patrick Harris regarding his upcoming apperance on the show once again on Twitter. Braeden, who previously played the role of Robin’s dad, felt the role wasn’t considerable enough for him. Harris stated:

Eric Braeden is a D-Bag. the actor, (Robin’s dad) agreed to a cameo, then last night bailed, saying the part wasn’t ‘substantial’ enough. We’ve recast with Ray Wise, a fantastic actor who makes any part ‘substantial’. Super excited to welcome him to the family!

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    WOW! It’s nice to see that a major prime-time star took EB to task for bailing on a role that he was set to play because EB didn’t feel like the role was “substantial”?! EB, you need to check your ego again, I think it’s getting bloated (oh wait, it’s already bloated anyway)! Thank you NPH! Good for you!

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    sweet, I guess EB wanted more than he was given. Oh lord he probably thought it was his Y&R stomping ground and so he needed to make changes/comments. Poor thing, he didn’t realize that he was just another schlep.

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    Just posted this article on Entertainment Tonight’s Facebook page and yes, DC, I did provide the link to the article to DC’s website! Eric is going to wish he hadn’t done what he did.

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    I am a strong believer that there are no such things as SMALL parts, just SMALL ACTORS!!

    Or in this case, arrogant, self involved ones! Mr. Braeden always presents himself as so intelligent and wordly, yet he should know that appearing on one of CBS’s top-rated shows can only HELP one’s career, not hurt it.

    I guess Mr. Braeden doesn’t care since every year CBS pulls the money truck up to the front door of his house and unloads MILLIONS of bucks!! Must be nice!!

    Oh well……..one man’s loss is another man’s gain.

    BTW: I am still a huge Victor/Eric Braeden fan, but this man has clearly gotten TOO big for his britches. Hopefully he realizes that mainstream Hollywood is not going to kiss his ass like the Bells, Sony and CBS Daytime do!!

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    I must be the only one wondering if this story makes sense or not. He already did a cameo on the show, and it was definitely not substantial then…so what changed? There is something going on behind the scenes that isn’t being shared.

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    Ha, not surprised. I love Victor, but Eric has such an ego. You may be big in daytime, but your not big in Primetime Eric. Can’t wait to hear Jamey’s EB impersonation on the next podcast.

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    Restless Vixen

    I expect Jamey to do his EB impersonation in the next DC podcast responding to Neil’s comments LOL.[/quote]
    Jamey better do that impersonation on the next DC AND PC podcasts!

    Team Doogie. Even though I’d like to hear EB’s side if he’s willing to give it, it kinda confirms what soap insiders have been saying for years and years.

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    Scott Novick

    Bad move by EB. He’s been on the show, he’s seen the show, so he should know that playing Robin’s father’s only going to be an incidental part at best. It even sounds from NPH’s tweet that they knew it was only a cameo. But a cameo on a top rated sitcom is still worthwhile, especially if it leads to more work later.

    All he did is piss off NPH (and probably a lot of folks at HIMYM), and now they have someone else so that door is closed. Way to be a diva, Eric!

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    The role of Victor Newman on Y&R is good for creating conflict which is something every soap must have. However, I’ve never been a big fan of Eric Braeden and I find that I enjoy the show a lot more when Victor isn’t on screen.

    No one male actor on a soap should be irreplaceable. There are lots of male fans of these shows, myself included; but at their core they still are a vehicle for actresses like Erica Slezak, Susan Lucci, Melody Thomas Scott, and Deirdre Hall to shine. The Bells should have schooled his ass a long time ago.

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    Hans Gudegast as John Jacob Astor in Titanic (1997).
    Mr. Astor sent down with the ship in 1912. Too bad Mr. Gudegast didn’t try out some method acting, then we’d be free of him!

    Mr. Gudegast also has a credit listing in IMDB as Bruce Ismay in The Titanic Chronicles (1999). Unfortunately, Mr. Ismay did not go down with his ship.

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    It’s great that people are willing to denounce someone with only half of the facts presented. Two sides to every story, we haven’t heard Braeden’s.

    Ya’ go that? ;-)

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    Daniel St. John

    I don’t care what EB’s reasons were for backing out of the gig but I am ecstatic that he did because Ray Wise is one of my favorite actors and will definitely be a lot funnier in the role than EB could ever hope to be.

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    [quote=matealestlmo]WOW! It’s nice to see that a major prime-time star took EB to task for bailing on a role that he was set to play because EB didn’t feel like the role was “substantial”?! EB, you need to check your ego again, I think it’s getting bloated (oh wait, it’s already bloated anyway)! Thank you NPH! Good for you![/quote]

    I think it’s incredibly rude that ” a major prime-time star” dissed a long-time actor like that. Who does he think he is?

    The ego that’s bloated belongs to Neil Patrick Harris….what a azz

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    LMAO!! You guys are acting like Braeden’s some gracious, thoughtful guy. He’s a TOTAL egotist who thinks he’s the star of Y&R. Get real. The show is so much better without him. NPH just called him out on his bullshit.

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    Some of you are forgetting something…EB just had hip surgery and his last appearance on HIMYM lasted a sum total of about two and a half minutes. He might not feel up to doing this yet. And I think it was VERY UNPROFESSIONAL of NPH to call him a “d bag” on Twitter. NPH seems to have quite the swelled head since HIMYM came along.

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    Ok and he apologized for that

    EB agreed anbd then backed out and if you read his response he seemed more peeved about his lack ofairtime then his surgery. That seemed like an excuse to me.

    If EB had concern about his lines he should have asked before he agreed to do it. EB is a vet he knows better than to agree before seeing the script

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    TV Gord

    Braeden is the unprofessional one, bailing the day before the show, and leaving the cast and crew in the lurch like that. And now he pretends not to know who NPH is? Give me a break! He’s certainly not very “up” on his own business if he doesn’t know who NPH is. He sounds like a petty, arrogant and bitter man, who envies the success of others.

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    I understand that EB had hip surgery, but why wait so long to cancel a commitment? He could have cancelled the first week after surgery, the second week of surgery, or even the beginning of the third week. Why wait until the day before his scheduled taping?

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    I’m sure EB knows exactly who NPH is. The point he was trying to make is that he considers him so insignificant that it doesn’t matter. But EB did have a good point. NPH is very full of himself, and yes, I know EB is, too, but when these kids get one hit show and then get super cocky, they irritate me. EB was on the early episodes of GUNSMOKE…do you know how long ago that is? So he does have a history in the acting business. And it certainly wasn’t on cutesy shows like Doogie Howser, MD.

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    TV Gord

    If you see NPH in interviews, nothing about him comes off as “cocky” or “full of himself”. That’s something some of you are manufacturing out of thin air. Braeden, on the other hand, frequently comes off as a jackass is so full of himself, it’s hard to believe there’s room for himself in his own head! Also, NPH has had two hit shows (Doogie was a hit, cutesy or not), and he’s no “kid”. He’s 36. He’s had an extensive career and both stage and screen, he’s an awards show favorite, and he’s even stooped so low as to do cameos himself (Harold and Kumar). Those of you trying to paint NPH as something he’s not are coming off as full of BS as EB is!

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    RebeccaJ … I certainly do not agree with your NPH assessment. I actually don’t follow his career and have just caught his TV shows in passing or caught the movies he has appeared in for other reasons, but I’ve never thought of him as being the typical cocky type you seem to think he is; in fact I think he regrets how far out of hand this silly thing has gotten.

    EB has been around for a long time and has had a very successful career. You probably know my opinion of his Y&R character and “acting” abilities so I’d be keeping my options open if I were in his shoes.

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