Eric Braeden to THR Re: Neil Patrick Harris: “He Could Get His Teeth Knocked Out”

The tiff between The Young and the Restless’ Eric Braeden and How I Met Your Mother star Neil Patrick Harris just got even nastier. The Y&R actor spoke with The Hollywood Reporter yesterday stating that Harris could:

"get his teeth knocked in for that kind of nonsense."

Huh… Braeden admits he bowed out of the guest starring role due to being tired from the work at Y&R and hip surgery, but also reveals he was given few lines on the primetime show:

"Two lines, I don’t do that for anyone."

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    Eric Braden Is An Ass Hat. Plain & Simple. He Is A Small Actor. There Is Nothing Wrong With Cameos. Ask Julianne Moore. EB Has No Class. Im Sorry He Feels Sore due to his surgerry but to me that is an excuse, nothing more, nothing less. Well He Doesnt do just two lines for anyone. Well Then Watch Those Bridges Burn, Buddy Boy

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    Ugh! When is this saga ever going to END!? I just wish EB would shut his fricken’ mouth up for once instead of making himself look like a complete ASS and FOOL!

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    This has nothing to do with Nail Patrick anymore this is all about Intimidation the Y&R cast&crew Eric what a ego If you think your being overwork at Y&R take a rest give them 50 pages a day to Stephen Nichols Dont think he will say anything about it

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    Looks like Eric isn’t an actor after all, he and Victor are one and the same. Eric shut up, Neil took back what he said. If my bread and butter came from a dying genre, I would do as many two line cameos I could get my hands on. Plus, his excuses are lame. “I was tried, hip surgery” then he finishes by saying “Two lines, I don’t do that for anyone”. Looks like someone is having an ego trip, Victor ; I mean Eric.

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    Eric is obviously milking this for all the publicity he can get. It’s hard to see any upside to this for Y&R; it just makes them look like idiots for keeping a grouchy, unprofessional old codger on the payroll. And yet there are some people who keep defending this fool.

    Sit Yo’ Ass Down, Hans!

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    [quote=appleridge]Victor Put His Ex Wife, Julia’s Lover In A Cage & Fed Him Rats During the 1980’s[/quote]

    That’s why I mentioned it. I wonder if he’s going to hunt NPH down and lock him in a cage and make him do things NPH would NEVER do! (I’m joking of course!) LOL

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    Okay, Eric. Time to stop instigating! We all know you could mop the floor with Dougie Howser MD and that he disrespected you.

    Now DROP IT!! Seriously, you’d think this is the first time in the guy’s life that he’s ever been called a disparaging name!!!

    ENOUGH with this media circus!!! But I am sure Maria Bell and company are THRILLED with this. He’s generating more buzz for the show with this media war than he would have if he had just sucked it up and did the 2 lines!!! People will be talking about this for weeks!!!!

    Eric has been around long enough to know when to LET BYGONES BE BYGONES (which is what he SAID he was going to do, right?????!) so this seems to be intentional in order to stir up some controversy and press for Y&R!!

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    [quote=bsh25]Looks like Eric isn’t an actor after all, he and Victor are one and the same. Eric shut up, Neil took back what he said. If my bread and butter came from a dying genre, I would do as many two line cameos I could get my hands on. Plus, his excuses are lame. “I was tried, hip surgery” then he finishes by saying “Two lines, I don’t do that for anyone”. Looks like someone is having an ego trip, Victor ; I mean Eric.[/quote]

    Preach bsh25.

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    Braeden is so vile. I feel sorry for Melody Thomas Scott, Peter Bergman, and everyone else at Y&R who has to work with this jackass. Uck!

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    This story is getting as old as Eric Braeden. The first couple of post were somewhat hilarious. Now its just ridiculous. I am certain Eric may have a lot of fans, but there is no need for him to bully someone who actually spoke up about his shenanigans.
    Jeez, haven’t Eric heard about the anti-bully law?

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    HAHA Okay this is just stupid now. Why is he still talking? I dont like NPH but he apologized..

    “I dont do two lines for anyone”? oh lawd. This man needs to be slapped. What an EGO!!

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    Well, look at when Braden didn’t want to take a 500,000 dollars paycut because he was the star of the show and he would still make a million dollars a year and when everyone else was taking paycuts or being cut from the show. And I am a Victor Newman fan, but I am tired of him winning and getting away with everything because he is the great VN? IT is getting old and I think that Eric has something to do with the way VN never pays for anything anymore. JMO. But if Eric would of say that he had surgery and couldn’t do it, I would of understand, but to dismiss it to say that it is not substance work, even if it is two lines, I don’t blame NPH for calling him out. This all about publicity and will die down in a week, LOL. But this is better soap than what the soaps are putting out five days a week, LOL.

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    Nelson Tweeted Me that EB was Booked On HIMYM But Didnt Sign a contract & actors attached to projects leave all the time

    I dont understand if ur booked, ur booked and U do it, regardless of how many lines

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    NPH is an inconsiderate ass. He didn’t have all the facts and decided to attack Braeden publicly instead of doing so in private. NPH was so lazy and arrogant that he felt entitled to not clarify what happened. Instead he decided to use his power to crush Braeden. This is one of the sleaziest things I’ve seen. NPH could have checked with his show’s producers or called Braeden. He did none of those things.

    How would any of you feel if a colleague denounced you to millions of people, jeopardizing your good name and career based on false information? Would you be angry?

    If there’s no contract, either party can withdraw. Even if there is a contract, studios can still cancel.

    I’m still shocked by the vicious comments about Eric Braeden. It’s doubtful that Braeden is calling up people to give him their comments. The media are calling him and asking for comments.

    I think the lack of empathy here is astounding. Braeden is an elderly man recovering from painful surgery who has a full-time job.

    I wonder how many people commenting have never suffered or known someone who has suffered excruciating pain or recovered from major surgery? To expect anyone recuperating from major surgery not to look out for his health is ridiculous. People take sick days all the time. Why would someone with mobility an pain issues go out of his way to add extra work when he doesn’t need it, especially when he could use his spare time to rest and heal?

    Eric Braeden may be many things but to disregard the fact that he’s 69 years old and recovering from major surgery seems disrespectful and unrealistic.

    How many 70 year-old men do you know who are are working full time jobs, especially ones that are as demanding as Braeden’s? Not many.

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    Betty White will Be 89 In January and has a series, Movies, comericals so AGE is nothing

    Eric agreed wheter it was verbal or on paper he was BOOKED and he backed out cause he had few lines. It Had nothing to do with his surgery. He even said so.

    Im sorry but as a vet he should know to ask about his screentime before you agree to do a role

    Yes NPH probably shouldnt have used that word but something tells me if he would have said that EB was being unprofessional by bowing out at the last minute, EricBraden would have still fired back

    Ok maybe some of this media sought him out but he keeps giving quotes and fueling the fire

    Notice how NPH has said squat since he apologized for calling EB a Douche

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    Joss, 2 things: a night before cancellation is rude if we are talking about a dinner date, a night before cancellation when there is an entire cast and crew waiting is the act of a very arrogant man and if he is so sick and tired why complain about the 2 lines, he seems to say that if there was more to do he would have appeared, so more lines would have made the aches and pains go away?

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    Im Not Begruding His Physicality. Hip Surgery is alful But He has said Its got more to do with the lines than anything

    Also This is a man who gave “Exclusive Interview” After “Exclusive Interview” About His Contract Issues

    He has said he wants to drop it but If thats true why does he keep giving quotes. Say No Comment

    At Least Neil Knew When To Stop Talking/Tweeting About It

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    [quote=alstonboy4315]….I am sure Maria Bell and company are THRILLED with this….[/quote]

    I’m equally sure they aren’t.

    None of this is good publicity. You have an old geezer who was exposed for his unprofessionalism and then is endlessly spouting what sounds like the ramblings of a man in the the grip of age-related dementia. Y&R’s ratings are not going to benefit from this. Why would any new viewer tune in to watch this crazy old man in action?

    You only want to create buzz when it makes you look good. Lindsay Lohan gets lots of buzz, and how is her career these days?

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    Bangel Angle

    I can’t believe the way you guys are blasting EB for this. The man’s no saint for sure but NPH was being an idiot. He had no reason to attack EB. The man said nothing publically nasty about HIMYM. And it’s well within his rights to back out of a show when he only has two lines.

    If the show would have went the other way last minute and EB would have started bitchin’, you guys would have attacked him for being uncouth and said it’s within the producers’ right to make last minute changes.

    He doesn’t really need an excuse to back out of something he doesn’t fill like doing and is under no contractual obligation to do. Every day people do it all the time. How many times have you called up someone and told them you wouldn’t make it somewhere for whatever reason? Get real guys!

    NPH should be more mature than this. He’s been in the business too long to be this rediculous. He needs to grow up.

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    EB had Made a commitment to do the episode which means he agreed and was booked and HIMYM Expected Him To Honor That Commitment, but he backed out of because he had few lines that is unprofessional no matter how old EB is Or If Had Surgery

    NPH apologized less than an hour after his original tweet and hasnt said anything since whereas EB cant stop giving quotes. If EB wanted to end this as he said in one of his comments, he should stop speaking about it

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    Bangel Angle

    Backing out of a role you are not under contract to do is not unprofessional. Actors do it all the time. Have you never seen those what if shows where actors were supposed to play a role but backed out for other reasons. It’s well within their rights.

    What’s unprofessional is bad mouthing an actor you don’t know to the nation b/c you felt he privately dissed your show. NPH made the first d-bag move, not EB.

  22. Profile photo of appleridge

    But EB has been unprofessional he says he was booked which means he agreed to do it. If It was the line issue he should have asked about that before agreeing to the show. EB backing out at the last minute could have caused that whole episode to be postponed and loss of millions of dollars.

    Thankfully they were able to sign Ray Wise but that doesnt negate the fat that EB put them in that position to begin with

  23. Profile photo of 6-soaps

    [quote=Bangel Angle]
    What’s unprofessional is bad mouthing an actor you don’t know to the nation b/c you felt he privately dissed your show. NPH made the first d-bag move, not EB.[/quote]

    In the heat of the moment, people tweet stuff all the time that they regret later. Neil admitted his mistake and apologized.

    Mr. Braeden seems intent on blowing this whole thing up into a National Tragedy with himself as the heroic lead. If he’d graciously accepted the apology and said, “Let’s move on,” he’d have earned everybody’s respect, not just the respect of those who are defending the indefensible.

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    I stand by this, my original comment in the original thread:

    Hans Gudegast as John Jacob Astor in Titanic (1997).
    Mr. Astor sent down with the ship in 1912. Too bad Mr. Gudegast didn’t try out some method acting, then we’d be free of him!

    Mr. Gudegast also has a credit listing in IMDB as Bruce Ismay in The Titanic Chronicles (1999). Unfortunately, Mr. Ismay did not go down with his ship.

    As someone else mentioned, I’d be keeping my options open if I were him.

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    Good freaking God, why won’t EB just shut the hell up already? I thought all was forgiven now, since it’s Christmas? Everything you guys said about Erick using this to gain publicity for himself [not even Y&R!] is true!
    Bangle Angle, of course we would have complained if the producers replaced EB and he got upset. It *is* the oriducers right to change actors at the last minute. But EB is not a producer. He’s an actor. Not even a serious regular, so he has absolutly no say about what goes on behind the scenes at HIMYM.

  26. Profile photo of bandbfan

    Sad people hiding behind their keyboards.

    If an alien landed and read the stupid comments on DC, he’d think EB is not the star of Y&R (he is, and thats why he’s paid so much) and that according to human laws invented by ageist idiots here, people his age are usually put to death by now, that Ali sweeny is not the star of DOOL, that KKL is unpopular and not the star of B&B, that Steve Burton has something resembeling an acting ability, that GH is the NO.1 soap, etc etc etc.
    The opinions of ageist idiots here are not reflecting the general (viewing) public, just those of sad people with nothing better to do.

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    Again…why is EB getting flack for his interviews now. NPH doesn’t have to say anything else…his one tweet said it all. EB can’t respond at that same level because I don’t think he has a twitter account. So he is responding the old fashioned way…multiple media outlets. Why should he have to shut up? He is just trying to cover the same bases that NPH did in one tweet.

    This is turning into a battle of ages…and of technologies, IMHO.

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    TV Gord

    bandbfan is somehow not hiding behind a keyboard?

    This has nothing to do with “ageism” (sic). It has to do with douchebagism. If NPH is D-list, how is he on a hit prime time show? EB, meanwhile, is only vaguely familiar to the non-soap watching public.

    I find your defensiveness…amusing…

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    You people are ridiculous. I read every reply and I am disgusted by the comments of ageism, now if I were to make a comment about NPH’s sexuality, I would be called a homophobe. NPH started this by being juvenile and tweeting a stupid comment about EB. There was no excuse for NPH to say or write anything. EB being an American has every right not to be on that Friends knock off of a show. I find it amazing how some of you people will justify the bad behavior of one but will crucify another. Hypocrisy is not a moralistic character trait to have. One person went as far as to say that people tweet things in the heat of the moment. That is a good excuse if NPH was in middle school. I could just imagine if NPH had made this comment about Morgan Freeman. You people would have attack MF on two fronts, his age and race. There is no place in society for ANY DISCRIMINATION. We need to not look at the people involved but the situation. Now I am not a fan of either of these men but I will say this NPH should have kept his opinions to himself. He wants equal rights for Gays and Lesbians to be able to choose but when EB wants to make a choice of being on this mediocre show, NPH wants to call names because EB chooses to not partake on this show he works on. Shame on you people. Wrong is wrong no matter who does it. NPH made a mistake and apologized, he should be commended for it but the consequence is that EB commented back that NPH would get his teeth knocked out. Where I come from people don’t run their mouths or run their fingers unless they can back it up. I am sure you people know there are consequences to our actions and these are the consequences to NPH’s actions.

  30. Profile photo of Kenyon

    I beg your pardon Grod but anytime people call some one a name based on their age, it has everything to do with ageism. If your theory is the case, if I make a derogatory statement about NPH’s sexuality then it has nothing to do with being a homophobe.

    I find your hypocrisy… sad!

  31. Profile photo of appleridge

    EB agreed to be on HIMYM & Backed Out At The Last Minute. If HIMYM Had Not Found Ray Wise To Step In, The Episode Could Have been postponed and that would have cost HIMYM & CBS Millions. If That Would Have Happened That Would Have Been On EB

    EB Said He would Do It Then Backed Out After Being Booked Because He Had Two Lines. That is something He should have found out about before agreeing to do the show. EB has been Doing This for 50 plus years you would think he would know that.

    Also I dont care If Actors/Actress Walk Off Jobs Even if Contracted All The Time. It should not be accepted. if I was the producer/director, I wouldnt allow it. No Matter who the actor was. They are there to do whats Best for HIMYM. You Have To Do whats best For the show.

    Yes NPH Called him a douche and apologized but it was a douchey move regardless of his age or whatever. Should we give actors over the age of 65 (Retirement) a free pass just to bolt on commitments. Sorry Thats not cool and should not be the case

    So even after NPH apologized, he has kept mum. EB on the other hand has continue to give quotes to many media outlets. I dont care who sought who out. If EB was serious about forgiveness, he should have said no comment after NPH’s Apology But he went on to say he should have his teeth knocked out etc.

    Look IMHO If someone continues to give quotes to make his side look better than deep down EB knows he was in the wrong.

    I Think EB is the one who Needs some maturing to do

  32. Profile photo of appleridge

    Unfortuantley I Think That Happens To A Good Number Of actors Regardless Of gender & Age Who Find Fame

    Most Actors Are Never successful By Hollywood Standards, whatever the hell those are anyway. SAG Had a figure Last Year Were Like Only 3% Of The actors in their union make the big bucks. Havent seen any figures for AFTRA. But SAG went On To Say That The Majority are working actors that work a lot but not many may know their name but would recognize their face. Then The remander are the actors they have a hard time getting work

    So when you think about it As an audience Its Kinda Sad That we give so much power to this 3% of an acting population that makes it to that famous stage, when it comes down to it the number is actually pretty small of famous actors out there

  33. Profile photo of baycity

    I suppose my comments in this and the previous threads could be taken to be the most “age-ist” of all. They could be taken that way if I implied that all senior citizens were somehow unworthy.

    It takes a vivid imagination for anyone to read them this way. My problem is with this particular geezer who can’t seem to get over the fact that outside of the soap world he doesn’t cut quite the same commanding figure.

    BTW, Eric Braeden was the one who made age an issue when he sneeringly referred to NPH as “that young man.”

  34. Profile photo of troymcclure

    Kenyon…..what the hell are you talking about?
    That was some of the most assinine ramblings I’ve ever seen.

    Long story short. EB backed out of a gig because “he doesn’t do two lines”, NPH responded and EB being the mediawhore that he is, is now milking it for all it’s worth.

  35. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    Watch who you’re calling a hypocrite, Kenyon. I never once made a comment on EB’s age (neither did NPH, incidentally); not in the four separate threads on this website that are dealing with this story.

    Personally, I would have no problem with you bringing up NPH’s sexuality (which you seem all-too-prepared to do). It would inform me quite a bit about where your mind is, especially considering how relevant that is to this story. I always like to know the mindset of the people with whom I’m debating.

    I now know quite a bit about you.

  36. Profile photo of 6-soaps

    I’d hate to think that anyone takes most of my comments here to heart. It is a site about soap operas after all. We love them, but they are MAKE-BELIEVE when all is said and done.

  37. Profile photo of mll1206

    EB thinks that just because he can bully the actors and TPTB at Y & R he can do it anywhere!

    why do you think Victor never really loses?? because it is part of his contract that is why!

  38. Profile photo of Kenyon


    If you don’t know what I am talking about then maybe you should try and work on your comprehension.


    You replied to some one that this is not about his age. I replied that when some one talks about a persons age in a derogatory way it does imply ageism. As for you assuming that I am ready to attack NPH because of his sexuality well it is no different than you and the racist comments you use to make over at the site. When you were called out on your racism, you gave this long missive and left because you finally revealed what you are.

    To all those who keep talking about EB backing out of the show, people do it all the time and I am sure CBS and the production company has hundreds of replacements in line. Now the issue which you pro NPH people seem to negate is the fact that NPH tweeted a juvenile comment about a man old enough to be his father. Where is the respect? NPH would not want anyone to disrespect his father like that so why would he do that to some one elses?

    It is not about taking these comments to heart, it is about how people have turned right into wrong and wrong into right. In this case it was none of NPH’s business it EB was on an episode of that Friends wannabe. NPH is an employee and his job is to act not casting and he is not an executive at either the production company or CBS. So lets try and stay on topic her and not throw out fallacies to confuse people.

  39. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    WOW this thread got ugly. Havent read all of it, but really in the end, didnt they both act badly? Why is it an either or? And now some of us are adding to it by bringing these peoples age and sexual orientation into it. I wish there was a shaking her head in wonder emoticon because I would insert right here about 20 times.

    My dad use taught me to honor my committments the best I could. He also taught me if I had nothing good to say to keep it to myself. He taught me those things by the time I was about 8.

    While I dont think either man acted in a way that my dad would have approved of, the one thing that I think separates the two is that one man has admitted his bad behavior and apologized for it, the other has not. I cant believe that EB carried this past that point. Kenyon et. al EB absolutely had the RIGHT to back out and he certainly had the RIGHT not to be on HIMYM, but shouldnt he have made the decision not to do the show BEFORE he obligated himself? And NPH had the RIGHT to call him a D-bag, but again it doesnt mean he should have exercised that right.

    I also cant believe that some of us are responding to the actor’s childishness with childishness of our own.

  40. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    What are you talking about, Kenyon? What racist comments did I make? That’s a serious accusation to make. (It sounds to me as though you are trying to divert the argument because you’re losing.)

  41. Profile photo of appleridge

    Ok When someone backs out of an acting commitment like EB did and he did, The producers inform the cast and crew as they try to figure out a solution. Best case senario find a replacement like they were lucky to do with Ray Wise But that doesnt always happen and episodes do and have been shut down which then costs the production & CBS Millons. If That would have happened it would have been because of What EB Pulling Out At The Last Minute

    As For NPH He seems To Care About His Show, Cast & Crew and Took To Twitter to air his fustrations. He is not the first nor will he the last Im sure. The Difference Is That within an hour of his original tweet. NPH apologized. NPH has not said jack since. It is EB who continued to give quotes and this is after Both NPH apologized and EB said it wass Christmas lets Forgive.

    Once again about actors backing out at the last minute should be allowed cause it happens all the time. Im sorry I dont drink that Kool-aid. If any actor agrees to a job and is BOOKED as EB was and then the day before filming backs out because he only had two lines. That is unprofessional and should Never be allowed. I dont care who the actor is. There level of “Fame” shouldnt excuse them from these things. EB should have inquired about the script before making the commitment if he had issues with how many lines he would get. Also Contract V. Verbal Bookings. They Both stand up In court and can get the actor sued. Not saying that will happen but just stating a fact.

  42. Profile photo of glowery

    I don’t post as much as most of you, but I have read all the comments in this thread. So now I will at last weigh in with my opinion and that is all it is, is my opinion, nothing more nothing less.

    If ER was in fact exhausted and recovering from hip surgery, he should not have agreed to do the part. No matter if there is a contract, your word should be your bound. His stating anything about it only being two lines speaks volumes to me as to why he turned it down.

    NPH should not have made the comment he did, it was in fact a juvenile thing to do, but it was not a violent comment as were the comments made by ER such as he should get a spanking, then escalated to him having his teeth knocked out.

    NPH did make an apology of sorts then I am sure he was told by his superiors to just drop it. I am sure Harris has made more comments, they just have not been public like ERs.

    The fact (really not a fact, again just my opinion) is NPH will come out smelling like a rose on this whole deal and ER will come across as a cantankerous old fool who people will think twiice about hiring if he doesn’t have the amount of lines he wants to do a show. ER’s tirade is doing nothing to endear him to his fans, nor to anyone that may have thought about hiring him for anything else.

  43. Profile photo of thecourt99

    My issue is that many seem to appear as if they know the details. If you do…then great. Otherwise, we are all making assumptions. Based upon articles and posts..there was no contract, just an agreement.

    My question is..when was that agreement made? Is it possible that when he agreed to appear the first time that he also made an agreement to recur dependent upon both the needs of the show and his schedule? Is it possible that he didn’t receive a taping date until recently…just like receiving the lines recently?

    So let’s assume that the answers to my questions are yes, and he found out about the taping date and lines at the same time…all of which happened to be while he would be recovering from surgery. Wouldn’t he have the right to pull out without being called a D-bag?

    How can we assume that he broke an agreement without knowing the terms of said agreement? I doubt NPH know those terms either.

    This thread got really negative really quick and a lot of people jumped on EB without any facts…and still are. NPH has apologized. EB gave multiple interviews because he probably doesn’t have twitter…but I haven’t seen anything new from him. In the end, no one really knows what happened and continued bashing a man’s character and reputation.

  44. Profile photo of appleridge

    EB Made The Agreement Recently He Even Said That, Contract Or Not He Agreed And Was Booked and backed Out That is Unprofessional

    EB said He Doesnt Do Just Two Lines For anyone which means it Had zero to do with the fact he is recovering from surgery

    EB Is Trashing His Own Rep IMHO

  45. Profile photo of thecourt99

    Okay…if he made it you know the terms? He wouldn’t have been booked unless terms were discussed? Do you know if he had an out? He obviously didn’t know the number of lines prior to making the agreement, because he said in an interview that he just found that out. Maybe it was an agreement in principle, with the details to be worked out later..and the details weren’t there.

    But again, no one knows the details..which is really my point in all of this. So assumptions shouldn’t be made. But why am I surprised? I constantly hear that his contract says he must win every argument, yet I haven’t met or heard from anyone that has actually seen that contract…and if that clause does exist, it reflects badly on TPTB, not EB since TPTB allowed it.

  46. Profile photo of timepass

    Wow EET for once we are on the same page.

    For me name calling NPH d-bag = EB you’re a nobody.
    The end.

    They were both in the wrong and EB needs to stop milking that stalemate!

  47. Profile photo of tedew

    This is basically a non story that most of us are simply having a bit of fun with; but it has gone on too long and far.

    bandbfan is not a name I recognize but (like all of us) is entitled to an opinion. I do feel though that those remarks are rather insulting to the posters and to the subject of the thread and are not in keeping with the general good nature of this site. We are all hiding behind our keyboards but most of us are sensible and actually can see or think there may be two sides to a story. It is just that Mr. Gudegast usually tends somehow to bring out our more suspicious side.

  48. Profile photo of appleridge

    Court My Issue Is That Since EB Was Already booked If Hew Had issues of not Only do Few Lines, He should have asked that before he committed. Given EB’s 50 years in this business, I find it hard to believe that he wouldnt have asked or have known what the story was. Why Didnt EB Ask These Questions or his reps. Its not just on HIMYM To Tell Him. He Has a mouth. He Could have asked as well.

  49. Profile photo of appleridge

    One Of My Unanswered Questions is why Didnt EB ask HIMYM Hey Guys What exactally Do You Want Me To do? I Know as an actor, I dont Just assume stuff will be figured out, i ask before we even talk bookings, commitments, contracts etc

  50. Profile photo of henry007

    Well now you guys have egg on your face now. EB had hip surgery, said said didn’t want to fly. As said on Inside Edition NP said wished he said that now. This tweet shit has gotten out of hand. Who’s the douche bag now.

  51. Profile photo of glowery

    I have read a lot of comments that people have made about ER in the past saying things like… He thinks he is Victor Newman. Did anyone ever think that maybe ER is playing himself in the role of Victor? LOL Maybe ER is the real Victor Newman and he is patterning the character after himself.

    The way he throws threats around like he did in this instance, and much the same way he did after being asked to take a pay cut, I am wondering as we watch Victor on the show if we are not getting a glimpse into the psychy of Eric. Kind of a scarey thought, and one, that if I was a producer, would give me pause about ever hiring the man.

    If I was in a position of power, both of these guys would be punished in some way for making such spectacles of themselves in the media. Is there a fine that could be imposed for being complete idiots. LOLOLOL

  52. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    [quote=Kenyon]Gord, You replied to some one that this is not about his age. I replied that when some one talks about a persons age in a derogatory way it does imply ageism. As for you assuming that I am ready to attack NPH because of his sexuality well it is no different than you and the racist comments you use to make over at the site. When you were called out on your racism, you gave this long missive and left because you finally revealed what you are.

    I would just like to point out that Kenyon seems to have cowardly thrown this accusation-bomb and run away. It’s been several days since I asked for evidence, and there hasn’t been any response. I’m offended that the accusation was made and left hanging in the air.

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