All My Children Spoilers: Will Greenlee Get Madison to Leave Pine Valley?

Here’s the Scoop!

Is Kendall finally turning around? She believes that even without Zach, she can make her way and lets the boys open their gifts from Daddy Zach. When she’s alone, Kendall opens her gift from her husband, a detailed journal with Zach’s feelings for Kendall. She’ll finally forgive her BFF Greens and allow her back into the fold. Is this all for real? Kendall tells Erica that an angel, her angel Zach, came to her.

Father Clarence tells Kendall that she and Zach are still connected. He’ll also tell Erica that her heart is leading her in a direction she didn’t plan. Does he mean Caleb? Does Kendall believe that Zach is trying to tell her that Fusion is the answer?

Erica may be of some help to Caleb and Asher. She’ll tell Caleb about her and Kendall’s rocky relationship in the past offering him some wisdom and hope on mending things with his son. Colby sets it up so that Asher and Caleb run into each other where Caleb apologizes to Asher for giving him up all those years ago. Asher confides in Colby that he may have been wrong about Caleb.

Damon wants to be a lawyer. He’ll tell a shocked Tad and Colby that he wants to go to Law School. Can anyone say exit storyline? Damon wants to patch things up between Liza and Colby. Will he care as much when he catches his girl in a lip lock with Asher?

Madison passes out in the snow! After feeling out of place at the Hubbard Holiday party, Madison leaves, slips and knocks herself out. Greenlee finds an unconscious Madison in the snow and gets her to the hospital where they learn Madison and the baby are fine. Finally making up her mind to keep Ryan’s baby, Greenlee has an offer for her former employee. She wants to help Madison start her life over in New York City. Still firm on not wanting Ryan in her life, Madison accepts.

Crazy Annie is back and I love it! Upset that JR is still spending so much time with his ex-wife, Annie handcuffs JR and makes him swear that he will return to her after meeting with Marissa. JR is pleased that Marissa’s Christmas gift to him is a joint custody agreement. Visiting Scott in the clink, Marissa tells him that she has gifted her ex with joint custody and tells Scott she truly believes JR has changed for the better. JR also pays his cousin a visit who tells him that he is working on himself while locked up and not concerning himself with JR and his shenanigans. Scott does warn JR though that he does not believe for one second that he has changed. Scott fully believes that JR played Marissa like a trumpet to get what he wanted. JR goes back to Annie and tells her they still need to keep their love affair under wraps until Marissa signs the joint custody papers.

Cara wants to prove to her brother that she can handle being around Jake and Amanda… so she attends the holiday party. Her feelings for Jake get stronger the more they work together and Cara will find it hard to work with her ex-husband. Admitting to Tad how she really feels, Cara promises him that she will not act on her feelings for Jake and that she fully intends on leaving Pine Valley as soon as possible. Amanda pretends to be Cara and makes a phone call inquiring about her re-deployment.

CRAZY and RANDOM… What’s wrong with Kendall? Is Madison changing her mind about moving to the big city? Who really shot David? Liza finds Erica in David’s room. Is JR sick? Ryan tells JR to treat Annie right. Are Caleb and JR going to get along for a moment? What is Erica confessing to her attorney? Annie and Marissa have some questions for each other.

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  1. Profile photo of troymcclure

    I love that bitchy Greens is back.
    The Kendall stuff bores me to tears.

    Totally looking forward to Scott vs JR. Jacob Young said upcoming scenes with DC is some of the best stuff he’s ever done which says ALOT.

    I don’t want Annie to go crazy crazy, I just want her to kick some ass and take no prisoners and it sounds like that is what she’ll do.

  2. Profile photo of Dariclone

    I’d love to see Damon as a lwayer. Too bad they’re using it as an exit storyline.
    Why would Greenlee even have to sugest that Madison leave town? Wasn’t she planning on doing that anyway? I am looking forward to watching these two catfight some more.
    I’m also really looking fioward to the Jannie stuff and the Jamanda/Cara stuff.

  3. Profile photo of mandylh

    Love Kendall and Greens back to being friends. I just wish Greenlee would not lie and keep secrets with Ryan. She should trust how much he loves her after what they just went through. I think she’s just going to push him away, but irrationality is what makes soaps good I guess.

  4. Profile photo of HFranklin32

    I found this from inside the soap dish. a columnist or whatever he is named Steve is a lot of fun to read. it turned my head.

    AMC in an attempt to bolster their ratings are rumored to begin swirling a sweeps tornado the likes that has never been seen in daytime. Little elves and stormwatchers are dishing and bubbling with excitement over the fact that the mighty powers that be are throwing caution to the wind and tossing 8 of their best cast members into the eye of a tornado. Don’t take Steve literally about an actual tornado however. A tornado is actually Steve’s metaphor for this daytime first. You have heard of love triangles and quads…how about pentagons and hexagons. In the history of daytime, no soap has ever had a nonagon? Heck, your average person doesn’t even know what to call a 9 sided figure! Greenlee, Kendall, Amanda, Cara, Griffin, Madison, Ryan, & Jake all mixed up and enjoying never before thought up pairings. Steve hears that the cast is ecstatic about the prospect of moving out of regular and familiar orbits! But my friends don’t try to guess the fall out! What you think is going to happen will not, what is being test paired now is a ruse. All is topsy turvey! April Fools day is approaching fast and what could be a more perfect day to begin setting up a month of new pairs for a May sweeps that will be springing with love in the air. But if you counted the names and are coming up with crazy eights and wondering who the 9th member is fear not, rumors abound for this whimsical month and candidate #9 may just be a temporary “bring back” of a very busy and very loved fan favorite! Will he ride in on his transformed zamboni to possibly aid in the sweeping exit of a certain daytime diva. Will this temporary comeback have her leaving with him on blades of fury?

  5. Profile photo of Sara Bein
    Sara Bein

    I notice that Steve doesn’t mention Greenlee. On the heels of her “Skating with the Stars” success, I wonder if she will be moving to greener pastures.
    BTW, I just love Steve’s scoops!

  6. Profile photo of Dariclone

    Wow, talk about crazy stuff! I’m not really sure if I like the idea of a daytime hexagon. Whatever happened to good old fashioned triangles or just chem testing new pairings?

  7. Profile photo of mandylh

    HFranklin32 -9th member is fear not, rumors abound for this whimsical month and candidate #9 may just be a temporary “bring back” of a very busy and very loved fan favorite! Will he ride in on his transformed zamboni to possibly aid in the sweeping exit of a certain daytime diva. Will this temporary comeback have her leaving with him on blades of fury?
    ARE WE TALKING ABOUT LEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????

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