Frost Bite: Skating With The Stars Wipes Out In The Ratings

 Not a lot of eyeballs saw All My Children star Rebecca Budig take home the win on the finale of Skating With The Stars. According to Deadline, the show’s finale netted 3.7 million viewers, up 60 percent from Monday’s airing which brought in 3.4 million viewers. I hope many soapers didn’t run out and sign up for ice skating lessons in preparation for a second season!


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    Hands down the worst show we’ve stolen from the British to date…just horrid.

    And there goes ABC, yet again, Pimping Out the Real Greenlee. But she wasn’t even the worst thing of this crap fest (I’m looking at you, Carrie Ann Inaba, wannabe at the “judges” table)

    I watched the first episode cuz I love Bethenny, and they kinda ‘trapped’ us into watching as it went riiiiight into Crapping with the Stars after DWTS. Terrible, Terrible, Terrible. Never tuned in again. This is actually the first I have heard that it (thankfully) is over. No one that I know watched this. Not even my mom. And she watches EVERYTHING! LOL.

    ABC deserves the lousy ratings. Their honcho’s in charge of creativity deserve it. Can’t come up w/their own stuff? Clearly, it’s gotta be better than this garbage.

    Am I bah-humbug today or WHAT? :)

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    I never watched one episode of this show. Not even one nano second of the first show. It held no appeal for me on any level, not even Bethany, who I find to be very irritating.

    Other than Rebecca and Sean Whats-her-name, I have no idea who the other stars were that skated.

    I don’t mind so much that shows are supposedly stolen from Britain because I don’t see British TV, so if it is a copy cat, I really have nothing to compare it to.

    But when the copy cat is as obvious as this one, well…. I just shake my head and never tune in.

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    Why did she do this anyway? Fronsie must be low on the totem poll at ABC if he couldn’t get his favorite onto Dancing With the Stars. I guess this was the next best thing. Or maybe he thought the all powerful Real Greenlee would draw viewers in. Guess he was wrong again!

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    Rebecca was actually approached to go on “Dancing With the Stars,” but she declined the offer because the timing wasn’t right for her. She did “Skating with the Stars” because she has been an avid skater for most of her life and because she is a fan of the sport.

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