General Hospital Alum Drew Garrett Snags The Mentalist

ABC Soaps In Depth is reporting former General Hospital star Drew Garrett will guest-star on the CBS hit show The Mentalist. No word on when Garrett’s episode is slated to air, but the actor stars filming next month.

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    [quote=BrendaBarrettHospital]Never cared for Drew. Or that other little red headed kid.

    LOVE LOVE Chad!!! ;) :*[/quote]

    I always loved Michael character I think each actor took Michael to the place where Michael was Dillon was the brat Michael who was spoiled by Jason Sonny and carly and wanted to be a mini mobster..
    Drew was the angry Michael that woke up from the coma like his uncle Jason was, and wanted to find his place in the world..
    Chad is the Michael that after the anger after the killing of Claudia after being in Jail has evolve to be mature and more and more like his uncle Jason these days..

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    Drew’s Michael was so one note anger boy. I am very happy that he is working and I get to see if he is capable of anything but anger. Too bad it is a show that I have never watched. Do I need to watch every episode to watch one? What kind of show is The Mentalist?

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    [quote=GHvetfan]Drew’s Michael was so one note anger boy. What kind of show is The Mentalist?[/quote]

    Drew was a punk. Sorry. And Dylan Cash….ohhhhhhhhh he drove me NUTS!!
    Very happy with current Michael. I just wish they would write some happiness for him.

    The Menatlist is an excellent show. I don’t watch it anymore because of time. It is about a guy who has visions of what happened at a crime scene.

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    I loved Drew as Michael, but Chad is more fitting for the role. When Chad got the role of Michael is when Michael stopped being angry 24/7.

    Although i’m glad he got a role on the mentalist and i hope he gets a lot of roles in his future.

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    Congrats to him! I don’t watch GH regurlarly but I know he’s a great actor. I love the Mentalist too and no, you don’t need to watch the entire show to get it. It’s a procedural that has an over-arching storyline, but they do plenty of stand alone eps too and the major plotline is fairly easy to understand.

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    I now understand why the change was made at GH. Drew was very good in the role, bu I am not sure if he had the vulnerability that Chad give in spades. Thankfully the uproar about the recast has pretty much died down.

    But I am pleased to see Drew still getting work. Hopefully he will get a recurring role in a series soon.

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    I thought he was fine in the role. I couldn’t believe that the writers/producers didn’t take advantage of the fact he resembled SB who plays Jason. I don’t know backstory but they missed opportunity there for story. I dropped GH anyway, just sayin……..

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    Sassy and Jlafferty23~~~ :beer: :beer:

    Cheers. I just chalk it up to yet ANOTHER head-scratchingly bad decision that Phelps and Guza made in 2010. Right along with Brenda’s HORRIBLY written return.

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    Far be it for me to beat a dead horse: Yeah, I know that’s TOTALLY out of character for me…….LOL!!!

    But I STILL don’t understand why they recasted the role of Michael, other than their possible desire to age the character AGAIN. Drew showed ALL facets of Michael, not just the angry side. He also displayed deeply convincing levels of vulnerability and sensitivity while in the role.

    And while I have grown to ACCEPT Chad, what other people see as “vulnerability” coming from him STILL often registers for me as lazy acting and/or unsureness.

    But then again, call me crazy- because I like a little bit of well- executed SCENERY CHEWING from my leading men.

    I’d rather see too much emotion than not enough. Just my humble opinion.

    Again, I still miss Drew and thought he would have been PERFECTLY capable of playing whatever storyline that writers/producers placed in front of him!!!!

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    LOL! You are DEFINITELY in the minority there, my friend! I found it to be boring and uninspired/uninspiring!!! It’s the type of story that I would expect from a FIRST YEAR UCLA screenwriting student, not a man who has been a part of the GH writing team on and off since 1983. Guza had SO many years to write an EXCITING comeback story for what appears to be his FAVORITE female character EVER…….but he dropped the ball for me, and he could have done MUCH better!!!

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    I am happy for Drew. He deserved much better than how he was treated an summarily dismissed. I hope he finds much mainstream success. I don’t watch this show, like everything else on CBS prime-time save for The Good Wife, but I would make an exception to see Drew in action again.

    What I do not get is the when they say they FIRED Drew because his Michael was too angry and Chad plays the softer side of Michael better. That makes NO sense to me. First of all, if they wanted Drew’s Michael to play softer, then all they had to do was write the same exact dialogue and direction for him that they do for Chad. I’m going to guess since he is a far superior actor, it would come off better. Yes Chad had vastly improved, but even on his best day, he is no Drew. Second, there was a reason that Drew’s Michael was so hard and angry. If they wanted to do away with or soften that, then what they should have done was write a story of character growth or him dealing with what was wrong with him. Changing the actor so that one day he is an angry confused teen who has been in a coma for a year is suddenly one day just a big wounded sensitive damaged teddy bear of a teenager was not only bad casting, it was lazy writing. There should have been a metamorphosis in the character if they wanted him to be believably nice, soft, and a sage like his uncle Jason (and a maybe/maybe not prison rape is NOT a convincing catalyst for him to be so sensitive, intuitive, and understanding all of a sudden). The FEW scenes where Drew played “softer”, I thought he did a great job, and they were more memorable than his angry stuff, so that garbage about him not being able to convey that, I am not buying.

    As I said Chad has gotten better, and I no longer hold his first few weeks against him (they were still better than anything James Franco ever did on the show), but anything he can do Drew could do better.

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