Guiding Light Alum Robert Newman Lands NCIS Guest Spot

Hot on the heels of landing a guest spot on the CBS crime drama Criminal Minds, former Guiding Light star Robert Newman has booked a guest spot on another CBS series, NCIS. According to CBS Soaps In Depth, the episode will air February 8.

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    Robert Newman has been getting a lot of episodic work lately. Last season, he did “Law & Order: SVU”, he has also done “Criminal Minds” (which will sort of reunite him with two former daytime stars, Shemar Moore, ex-Malcolm; Y&R and Thomas Gibson formerly of ATWT way back in the 90’s). Now he teams up on “NCIS” which also has a former daytime star in Michael Weatherly (who was on one of the ABC soaps, sorry, can’t remember which one it was since I don’t watch ABC soaps). If Robert Newman keeps this up and casting directors start noticing what a great actor he is, he may just land a full time gig on a prime-time show while he still does his theatre as well.

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    Michael Weatherly started on Loving, with Laura Wright (Carly, GH), Amelia Heinle (Victoria, Y&R), and Paul Anthony Stewart (ex-Danny, GL). They all started around the same time, I think, in the last two years or so of Loving’s run.

    As far as Robert Newman, glad to see he’s getting work. He’s a good actor; I hope he comes back to daytime, maybe as a romantic interest for Y&R’s Jill, or as Madison’s father on AMC.

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    *sigh* I miss Bud.

    Hell, I miss everyone, but I atleast get to see several GL alums on AMC and Y&R – not often enough on the latter(I’m talkin’ about you, Mr. Branson lol).

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    Congratulations to Robert Newman. He’s a fine actor.

    I think all soap actors should be trying to get guest starring gigs in primetime or cable. They have to face reality and get a name out there to non-soap casting agents.

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    We soap fans know that Robert Newman is definitely leading man material…but it is wonderful to see himself stretch as an actor and lean more towards the character actor side of things. I hope these prime time gigs lead to him catching the eye of someone who is looking for a multi-layered and multi-talented actor who could easily anchor their new show. Since now cable is the new prime time…and they seem to truly appreciate a well-told story…I can easily imagine Robert landing a steady gig with TNT or USA…or AMC.

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