Daniel’s Life Hangs In The Balance On The Young and The Restless

Seems like Daisy (Yvonne Zima) escapes to see another day yet again (damn it) on The Young and the Restless, but will Daniel (Michael Graziadei) live to see another? Watch the promo after the jump!

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    They BETTA not kill off Daniel!!!

    First Cassie, then Colleen!! I can’t take anymore of Maria Bell’s itchy trigger finger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S- I know Maria didn’t kill Cassie, but I am pretty sure that if given the chance she would have!!!!

    Enough is enough!! Maria, put down your gun and come out with your hands up!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Daniel might have need of a story but the actor is pretty good compared to most of the rest of the cast right now. He seems to actually want to act in his scenes. I hope that they keep him alive and actually use him. As for Daisy, can daytime just put a moratorium on babies? And just forget this whole current thing happened? And no more Daisy…..

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    If Daniel died (which he won’t), it would serve Phyllis right. When Lauren is yelling at her in the promo, Phyllis just stands there with that look, like no one understands her. God, I hate Phyllis and want to see her life destroyed. I hope she ends up living in the dumpster where she humped Deacon!

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    No offense to Michael Graziadei (Because I do love him) but I hope they kill Daniel off, or at least put him in a coma and send him away.

    Michael Graziadei hasn’t been all there for awhile now. He walks through his scenes like he’s bored and wants to go home. I hate that, either act or go home! I hate to say it, because I’m such a huge fan. I loved the Daniel/Lily pairing, and the Daniel/Amber pairing. I have seen Michael Graziadei bring it in a storyline. He is a great actor! But he just looks like he doesn’t want to be there anymore… I think he would do great in primetime!

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    Daniel just seems to be bored in his scenes and this maybe an overused phrase but it works “phoning it in”. MG just doesn’t seem interested anymore. The last time I was interested in Daniel was during the sex addiction storyline. Granted, the storyline was stupid as hell, but MG pulled off some great scenes. He has done nothing since. Good actor, but I just don’t think he is interested anymore.

    I would add Gregg Rikkart to the list. An actor who has done great work in the past, but seems to have lost his charm. He seems bored, therefore, making any scene boring. I think GR and MG are both great actors, but unfortunately are resting on their laurels.

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    I do agree that Michael seems bored and as if he doesn’t want to be there any more…and since he has been dabbling in prime time roles…that is where I expect to see him next.

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    I think that, considering the crap material he has been handed and the insta-relationship with Abby, Michael Graziadei has been doing a bang-up job.

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    Wha? Daisy and her minion escaped? Rats – the worst character, the worst actor and the worst storyline since… well… since… ok, most of MAB’s stories have been stinkers, so it’s hard to pick one… but still.

    We have to be subjected to that no-acting, wooden marionette AGAIN at some point?

    With that being said, I would not shed one single tear if Daniel dies. Phyllis kind of had this coming for refusing to consider anyone else’s point of view, except for her own.

    And, at the end of the day, I hope the baby is not even his.

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    Well, Your feeling is wrong this time. Daisy is going to leave that baby with strangers to hold for her who will sell the baby to Billy. Daniel wakes up next week.

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    The baby storylines being written by soap writers today could well have been written 20, 30, or even 40 years ago. There’s not an ounce of originality in any of them.

    What about topics like that of older women getting fertility treatments that result in multiple births and having children at an age when we used to expect they’d be grandmothers, or surrogacy issues, or gay adoption?

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    I think Daniel right now is more tolerable than he’s been in some time. Frankly, being paired with Abby has re-energized him to some extent; the Daniel/Lily coupling was bearable, but putting him with Amber nearly destroyed the character(primarily because Amber is a complete waste of screen time).

    As for Greg Rikaart, I would’ve been inclined to agree with you whole-heartedly about his lack of commitment until I saw this week’s episode where he confronts the Daisybot–he was fantastic. It’s too bad that that kind of acting has become the exception and not the norm for him of late.

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    I’m with ChrisGa on Rikaart’s work this week. When Kevin leaned in on Daisy and threatened her, it reminded me of the old Kevin, who slept with St. Lily and did the books for Bobby Marsino’s strip club. Ah, those were the days…

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    I am with Alstonboy4315 about Daniel. I think this phoning in idea is that he kind of underplays it sometimes. I think he has been totally convincing lately as kind of an asshole. He doesn’t want responsibility and by god he won’t accept it either. He has lost relationships over it. I find it refreshing that a guy his age on daytime is acting like this. Most of the time, they are diving into marriage and kids at his age. It is not at all realistic. I too love Eric Braeden to death and love that he has such a big ego. That is why he can play this huge iconic character. And if he beats Jack every time, that is a game they have been playing for years. Jack was always a player. He got by on his smiles and charm. He always thought this would be enough to play with the big boys. But he was wrong. Yet it never quite stops him from trying.
    And Michele Stafford is a goddess and I will go to fist cuffs over that one!

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    I have to disagree with those of you who think that Michael G. has been phoning it in!!

    I have found his performances to be VERY convincing and realistic. I was particularly impressed with his scenes with Michelle Stafford last week.

    And YES he’s drop dead gorgeous, so that does add to my schoolboy crush, but at the end of the day, I do think he’s bringing a suitable amount of emotion and commitment to his scenes!!!

    But what do I know??? I am also an Eric Braeden fan…….and I know that feeling that way on this website is a form of BLASPHEMY in itself—right up there with cursing in church. ;) ;)

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    Speaking of actors losing their edge, I am starting to wonder if Michelle Stafford should go in that category. For years I thought she was the best actress on the show, but she is starting to become one-noted (screaming all the time and basically chewing scenery). She is starting to remind me of Stacy Hadiuk (and that ain’t good folks, lol). She is still golden, but she needs to do something different, maybe this storyline will do that.

    Daniel and Abby are the same thing as Daniel and Amber. I really can’t stand Abby. I think MR overacts and is just annoying. Daniel became a waste about 5 months after he got paired with Amber. Granted, he has been more interesting this week, but I credit the storyline more than the acting. I still can’t think of one scene in the past 6 months where he “nailed” it.

    MAB needs to try to motivate GR by threatening him with a pink slip. Maybe he will start actually “acting” again. However, that scene with Daisy was one of his better ones in about a years, but still, he has been flat for about a year and half and that scene was not that great.

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    I thought I read that Daniel is leaving Y&R in early 2011. I think it will be good if Phyllis ends up feeling that she killed Daniel. If she would leave the baby alone, much of this mess could just end.

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    First, I agree–MG should def cut the hair! He’s gorgeous and he’s ruining it with the hair! LOL

    On a more serious note, I too will go down in a fight regarding Michelle Stafford; she’s the only actress in daytime that I find completely mesmerizing day in and day out, no matter how good or bad the material may be(and I can’t say that about alot of actors in general e.g. I LOVE OLTL’s Susan Haskell, but she’s had some weak material for about a year and a half now; of late, however, she’s once again firing on all cylinders and blowing everybody over there out of the water–in this case, I think, because of the material). Simply put, Stafford’s day-to-day one of the top two or three actresses in daytime right now. Just sayin’.

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    [quote=Scout]If Daniel died (which he won’t), it would serve Phyllis right. When Lauren is yelling at her in the promo, Phyllis just stands there with that look, like no one understands her. God, I hate Phyllis and want to see her life destroyed. I hope she ends up living in the dumpster where she humped Deacon![/quote]


    Don’t be so sure. The 2011 previews stated that a beloved character will die and another will meet a fiery end. The fiery end was Skye and I would not be at all surprised if MG is the next to go and I also wouldn’t be surprised if it was his decision to go. This could essentially bring Michael Damian (Danny Romalotti) and Patty Weaver (Gina) back for a couple of episodes in which I’m sure they’ll both read Phyllis the riot act for recklessly putting her son, Daniel’s life on the line like she did by allowing Daisy to stay with her and eventually Daniel.

    This entire storyline was going to end badly whether we like or not.

    Just my two cents!

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    Michael G. has been phoning it in since Amber left, but then he did not have much of a story. I saw glimpses of how great he can be as an actor, and I hope he will continue that way.

    Otherwise, it’s better for him to leave.

    Too bad even that promo does not excited me, I just don’t care about that storyline.

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    Should Daniel cease to exist it really would send Phyllis into another dimension. But he’ll probably recover and then we will still have supercilious annoying Phyllis around for at least a bit longer until her own past starts to unravel (hopefully). However, non of this sudden interest in Daisy’s baby by Phyllis made much sense so the whole thing maybe was leading to a surprise demise.

    I think Michael Graziadei is doing a perfectly fine job for his character plus I am liking the longer hair. Same goes for Gregg Rikkart who is always good in my books as well as being at the upper end of my thermometer.

    Rebecca … your thought that Janna would kill Daisy is logical (or was) but not after you’ve seen the promo nor after last week when she gave Daisy her freedom. And about that freedom … why would the monitor need to be turned off anyway when she was going to the hospital? I just so hope that Daisy does not escape and hang around in the wings for her next terror campaign toward them and us.

    I think Michele Stafford is a good actress as well but she has been so annoying and one note for so long now that it’s getting hard to watch her. I just wonder if there is something more in store for her. Plus; do women in Wisconsin in winter really dress the way she seems to all the time? With Laura Lee coming back again maybe Chris will have one of those dreams of remembrance which will start a chain reaction causing Phyllis much grief.

    Hopefully Victor also will not get away with what he has already done this year and seems poised to do next. He needs to be found out and appropriately dealt with. By the way … where is that interesting new DA who seemed like he could be a viable foil?

    Are we going to stay tuned?

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    Seriously is Maria Bell getting advice from Chris Goutman? C’mon Maria! You’re pissing off too many faithful Y&R viewers, especially me and the majority of the people who have a Daytime Confidential account!

  22. Profile photo of Scout

    Daniel’s not going to die. If anything, it’ll be Tracy or someone else I still actually like! Or Deacon. There’s supposed to be tragic results with Victor messing up his relationship with Nikki or some such crap.

    Hey, how about Phyllis biting the dust? That’s one soap death I could definitely get behind. :)

  23. Profile photo of tedew

    Scout … your Death Pool is rather unrealistic.

    I really doubt that any major character (and that does include Tracy) will say goodbye forever. I could be wrong or missing something but spoilers quite often tend to be red herrings.

    Phyllis biting the dust? That is your most bizarre scenario. I just hope the current incarnation that has been haunting us for the past few months goes soon. Her supercilious attitude needs to go fast. And maybe it will if we get the chance to see her checkered past come back to haunt her.

    The same goes for Nick with his hypocrisies toward Sharon, Victoria and Billy. Get rid of those two-faced attitudes and think before you speak.

    It’s a new year and we could be in for some jolts and surprises (except of course when it comes to that iron clad contract signed by Hans Gudegast).

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