Daniel's Life Hangs In The Balance On The Young and The Restless

Seems like Daisy (Yvonne Zima) escapes to see another day yet again (damn it) on The Young and the Restless, but will Daniel (Michael Graziadei) live to see another? Watch the promo after the jump!


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Seriously is Maria Bell getting advice from Chris Goutman? C'mon Maria! You're pissing off too many faithful Y&R viewers, especially me and the majority of the people who have a Daytime Confidential account!

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Daniel's not going to die. If anything, it'll be Tracy or someone else I still actually like! Or Deacon. There's supposed to be tragic results with Victor messing up his relationship with Nikki or some such crap.

Hey, how about Phyllis biting the dust? That's one soap death I could definitely get behind. Smile

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Scout ... your Death Pool is rather unrealistic.

I really doubt that any major character (and that does include Tracy) will say goodbye forever. I could be wrong or missing something but spoilers quite often tend to be red herrings.

Phyllis biting the dust? That is your most bizarre scenario. I just hope the current incarnation that has been haunting us for the past few months goes soon. Her supercilious attitude needs to go fast. And maybe it will if we get the chance to see her checkered past come back to haunt her.

The same goes for Nick with his hypocrisies toward Sharon, Victoria and Billy. Get rid of those two-faced attitudes and think before you speak.

It's a new year and we could be in for some jolts and surprises (except of course when it comes to that iron clad contract signed by Hans Gudegast).