Top 10 Babies Who Didn't Know Where They Were in 2010

No. 7: Denise Vasi, All My Children

It really must suck to be All My Children's Denise Vasi. Last year her character Randi had a partner-in-dullness in Madison (Stephanie Gatschet), however in 2010, Madison ditched the distinction of being Tweedle Dee to Randi's Tweedle Dum by sparking in a promising pairing opposite Cameron Mathison's Ryan Lavery. As for Vasi, she was left to drag poor, talented Cornelius Smith, Jr. (Frankie) down in scene after scene. We keep saying this, Vasi is a strikingly-beautiful woman. We want to root for someone that gosh darned pretty, but until she get's herself enrolled in an acting class or three our blog-typing fingers are tied.


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Hey speaking of Joshua Morrow (although I don't have as much problem with him as other people do), what about an article totally seperate as to which soap vet was calling it in the most in 2010! At different times in the year, I would have nominated different people. For instance EJ before he got shot on Days, seemed to have forgoten his acting chops. Half of the cast of Y&R is currently taking a nap in their dressing room as we speak. I am sure there are others out there....

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Wow, what a thread!

While I'm not in total agreement with the panelists regarding the actors who rounded out the top 10 list, I appreciate the panelists' bold move to post it, even if doing so means going against the grain of general sentiment. I'm excited to see that this list has made for a really lively thread and discussion!

Meanwhile, after reading some of the many comments, I realize that I'm in the minority here when I say that I truly do not understand the hype surrounding Jessica Leccia. I have major gripes with this actor's performances and feel that she is one of the most uninspiring actors in daytime.

My problem with Jessica is that I find she lacks fluidity in her speech. I initially noticed this jerky pattern during the Otalia days when she often stammered through and stumbled over her lines. Her awkwardness very effectively distracted me from enjoying her scenes. I continue to notice it today, however, not as much.

It seems with both GL and OL, Jessica's performances have typically consisted of short and fluffy lines, and two-bit phrases, many of which have flopped opposite fellow actors' lengthier and more dynamic performances. Of course, it's easy to blame the writers for giving Jessica limited dribble to recite, but perhaps they are writing scripts that Jessica is most capable of handling.....

Anyways, Happy New Year and back to work I go Sad

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But the real problem is that I think none of the stories these actors did were setting the world on fire, and I doubt the best actors making lemonade out of lemons is any better (going back to Maura West, where you essentially sympathize with the actor rather). But I've never seen DC do a list of the worst storytellers/writing. Over the years I've seen bias coming out of the wazoo from DC, and that makes me sad because is a pretty credible site family.

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Katheryn71 wrote:
I don't have a problem with Jessica Leccia being on the list, although I don't agree, only because I feel there are many more people who should be in her spot. What bugs is the assessment that she did nothing in the Otalia storyline and Crystal Chappell made it all work. Crystal Chappell is an excellent actress, but she can't perform in a vacuum. Just take a look at her work on Days since she came back. I haven't heard anyone lauding her performances opposite the likes of Molly Burnett, Shawn Christian, Nadia Bjorlin or even Peter Reckell.

Why would anyone be lauding Crystal's perfomances on Days? She has played prop all year long.

Days pulled the table out from under the Bo and Carly storyline for reasons know only to, well perhaps Kristian Alfonso? I mean really why else would they not have milked this for all it was worth? The happiest couple not to share screen time. Peter Reckell and Crystal Chappell were hot back in the day.

The Danloe storyline was/is painful in the extreme. But again, this was not Carly's storyline. She was just dragged along, through the mud, for the ride. I really hope they remove Carly from the sphere of both Daniel and Chloe in the coming year.

Crystal is certainly one of the best, if not the best, actors Days have on their cast. Their failure to use her effectively has been plainly embarassing.

I guess she just lucked out and landed back as Carly in the year of the 45th and the year of Francis Reid's death, leaving the show scrambling for some unknown reason to prop up the glorified hair model. Kristian Alfonso has been such a waste of space this year and yet she has had arguably three storylines marketed as tales of Hope.

I was half hoping to see Days cancelled for their sins. No, not just because of the Crystal Chappell mismanagement. After their performance the last 12 months generally I don't think they really deserved the two year deal.

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I agree that Jessica Leccia's turn on OLTL has been a let down. She is a fabulous actress if given decent material to work with. Just look at her work on Venice opposite Nadia Bjorlin, she been rockin' it there.

The only other one I want to comment on is the number one pick...The character of Daisy. This was a convoluted storyline to begin with. When Kimberlin Brown wasn't available to reprise Sheila as originally planned, the storyline should have been scrapped. I don't think the actress is very good. I don't want to be anymore negative than that. But I agree that the Ryder character should have been kept over Daisy. I so totally hate that we have now been subjected to her twice with this who preggers with Daniel's baby mess.

I hope this story is wrapped up soon and the character gone. My fast forward button has been working on overload between Daisy and Sharon/Adam.

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I just skimmed thru all the posts on here about this column/subject whatever. Anyway, it still stands I think it is dumb.

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I liked Sean Young's brief stint on Y/R didn't exactly get with the writing of her character she didnt seem so diabolical at first but her best scene for me was with Murphy inside the car withholding his medication..

I liked the character Chance but I just think they hired
the wrong guy for the role.

As for Yvonne Zima she's too horrible to even comment much more she is just an actress wanna be I won't even classsify her as an actress. And I don't care but damn use your salary for a "coach" lessons something maybe they don't know she's a bad actress wanna be since she's back. I really can't comment on much else I don't watch the other shows.

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With regards to Jessica Leccia being on this list - I totally disagree.

First of all the character of Inez is rather new and the writing has been lacking. Secondly, it is obvious that staff at D.C. do not watch any web-based soap operas. If they did, D.C. would find a fantastic performance by Jessica on Venice the Series.

The last time I looked, it takes two actors/actresses to make a coupling work. I totally disagree with the comment that Crystal Chappell had to do the "heavy lifting" during the Otalia storyline. If Jessica was not part of the Otalia storyline, the storyline may not have worked as well as it did. The character of Natalia is vastly different from Olivia and both actresses played their respective character perfectly.

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What does previous or other work has to do with this list? The post wasn't about Jessica Leccia on venice but it's about Jessica Leccia on OLTL. I don't even know if she's good or bad, I've seen maybe two clips but the people who put together the list thought she was bad and they have they right to think so just like people have the right to think she's the second coming.

I also take offense to the posts that us "jahoo soap fans" don't understand subtlety in a performance.
There's subtle and then there's phoning it in or looking lost and I think REAL soap fans can distinguish the difference better than anyone.

Anyway since this is still going strong, I need to nominate Adam Mayfiend (ex-Scott) on AMC. BA was bad but AM was LOST. Dude didn't know where the hell he was most of the time, it was embarassing to watch.