Neil Patrick Harris Takes Mini Pot Shot At Y&R’s Eric Braeden

I smell another media tour coming… How I Met Your Mother’s Neil Patrick Harris  made his New Year’s resolution on Twitter and made a little reference to his war of words involving The Young and the Restless’ Eric Braeden. Harris stated:

Neil’s New Year Resolutions, Part 3: Try not to insult aged soap stars, especially when you’re on the same network.

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    Now when EB replies all over town, will that be his fault too? EB may have a huge ego, and yes he took it a bit too far; but, NPH (who I kind of like) started last time, and he will have only himself to blame for a second go around.

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    Give it a rest, put the finger nails back in, this is the stupidest story of the year. I never watched How I met your mother. I thought EB had hip surgery Who’s the douche bag now. The country in the crapper, they can attacks us now. Two douche bag millionaires cat-fighting, just what we need to start off with the new year.

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    TV Gord

    Hilarious! It’s all part of the performance art of it all, including the part where soap bloggers blow it all out of proportion once again. Ha ha ha!

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    NPH was tweeting his new year’s resolutions and a guy from tv guide canada tweeted that one of them should be not to pick on EB or something of the sort. Shortly thereafter came NPH’s tweet. Personally the fact that Michael Logan from TV Guide, the guy from Canada’s tv guide and SOD all don’t seem to recall that EB has taken this so far as to say things like “Hope he doesn’t cross my path” and something about NPH getting his teeth knocked out, is disgusting. NPH said “douche” apologized a couple of hours later and EB well acts like a douche. NPH probably wouldn’t even have said anything again if it wasn’t for the Canadian guy. But I thought it was funny.

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    That is if Eric can catch NEIL. Maybe Neil needs to send veiled threats to EB and that would be fine. Sorry, a man who has been in fist fight with a co-worker and needs to act all blustery when insulted.. after the unsultee apologized.. is a douche. It actually pathetic on EB’s behalf that he, as someone who is older and “wiser” just didn’t shut up.

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    Alright now, Neil!! Don’t get your behind whooped messing with TGVN!!!!!!

    I am a NPH fan, as well as an EB fan, but let’s face it: Eric could mop the FLOOR with Dougie Howser with one hand tied behind his back!!!

    Neil just needs to stop taking pot shots and move on!!!

    P.S— Not to take sides, since I believe that they were BOTH equally as wrong and childish, but this comment pretty much NEGATES his previous apology!! Just sayin…….

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    Bob Lamm

    I love the way Eric Braeden’s fans never address the fact that he publicly threatened violence against Neil Patrick Harris. Yes, Harris started all this (though he apologized), so Braeden had every right to respond. But his repeated threats of violence are absolutely outrageous.

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    Kind of think they are both are being absurd, but honestly if I do wrong and apologize but the person I did wrong by continues to go at me long after I said I was sorry, then game on.

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    Did anyone notice that 5 minutes after NPH posted this, he took it down? I saw it as soon as it came up and retweeted it. Wasn’t long before the original post disappeared.

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    I am a NPH fan, as well as an EB fan, but let’s face it: Eric could mop the FLOOR with Dougie Howser with one hand tied behind his back!!![/quote]

    Maybe, but could Barney Stinson (NPH’s HIMYM character) take on Victor Newman?

    I wonder if the ladies of The Talk will comment on this, as NPH was one of their first guests. Nope, still not enough to get me to watch. ;)

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    So what happens now? Does EB set into motion a plan to destroy NPH and somehow ends up with Allyson Hannigan’s transplanted heart?

    Jessica Leccia, take the wheel!

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    Restless Vixen

    [quote]Jessica Leccia, take the wheel![/quote]
    Scout – For The Win!

    See, in the context of NPH’s recent tweets, I didn’t consider this an insult. All of his new years resolutions on his Twitter were tongue-in-cheek, but weren’t mean in nature. Maybe “aged” wasn’t the proper word choice; “elder” would have propably been a more respectable word. But let’s be honest, EB is old, and he is mostly known for being on the soap Y&R. I think NPH’s intentions were good (this time), but it’s not uncommon for a bit of levity to be misconstrued when typed on the interwebs. Real easy for things to seem harsher than they were meant to be.

    Perhaps it’s time for NPH to make another resolution to practice the fine, ancient art of STFU!

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    For some reason folks feel that because a person is famous or semi-famous they should be immune to foot in mouth disease. They are not. Nobody is. We all say things we wish we could take back about three seconds after we say or tweet it. We all get our comments misinterpreted or interpreted exactly how we said it but wish we hadn’t. If people would stop asking these guys for comments, they might stop making them.

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    Restless Vixen

    [quote]For some reason folks feel that because a person is famous or semi-famous they should be immune to foot in mouth disease. They are not. Nobody is.[/quote]
    I think with social networking sites like Twitter, TMZ and gossip blogs, it’s safe to say no one is operating under the assumption that the famous and infamous are infallible. Maybe the takeaway for NPH is that sometimes a simple “Mea Culpa” or “I’m sorry” goes a long way.

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    Oy. So is he going to make the cover of SOD again this week, in the form of ANOTHER rebuttal against NPH? Maybe How I Met Your Mother will turn into How I Met The Foot Up The Arse. This entire thing was just downright silly on both ends. If I hadn’t seen it for myself, I wouldn’t have believed it.

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    *snicker* Go NPH!!!

    On the other hand, this just gives Mayor McGasbag another reason to run to every entertainment site that will listen to him and ramble on for another few days, so maybe not so much. But NPH still rules!

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    HaHaHa, NPH is having fun with it, he made a mistake and just making light of the blowup, people stop taking things so seriously on twitter. Eric, please don’t respond. Let it go. He apologized. Still a fan of both guys.

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    Not sure who could mop the floor with who in that scenario.

    Not really a fan of either but EB has been around much longer and has had more variety in his career. I don’t watch NPH on purpose but that is because I just don’t find his shows interesting. When I do stumble into him it’s because he happens to be in a certain movie I’m watching. Neither man is my type so I don’t seek them out.

    I thought this was long over and have to wonder if it is just the two of them having quite a bit of fun.

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    EB has been around much longer but as for “variety”, don’t think so. NPH was a child actor, who didn’t succumb to drugs, robbing stores, doing porn etc, and has been on broadway. He sings, has hosted the Tony’s and Emmy’s and done both dramatic and comedic roles. That is variety.

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    TV Gord

    One has a huge future ahead of him. One will always be revered by his soap fanatics, but outside of that group will be…”wasn’t he on The Rat Patrol back in the 60s?”

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    NPH said *his* New Year’s Resoloution was not to make fun of any soap stars. He wask making fun of himself, not taking another potshot at Eric Braeden.
    Meanwhile, I’m loving Scout’s humour.

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    I have nothing against NPH at all.

    However, I have not seen any variety in his work, be it comedy, drama? or even hosting award shows. In fact his award show stints were rather iffy. Not sure why he was hired and he seemed rather annoying to my mind.

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