Ellen Greene on Y&R Character: “Primrose Will Bring Happiness Into Billy’s Life”

TV Guide’s Michael Logan spoke with veteran actress Ellen Greene about her upcoming role on The Young and the Restless. Greene, who will play Primrose on the soap, revealed she nearly passed on the job and dished what ultimately what made her rethink her decision.
TV Guide Magazine: So what changed your mind about playing Primrose?

Greene: I read the script. It was so good I was shocked. I just had to do it. I can only tell you this much: Primrose will bring happiness into Billy’s life. Anything more and they will have to annihilate me. That Billy Miller (Billy) is a very good actor, by the way. So much fun to work with, and such a dear. In fact, every single person at Y&R was kind to me.

To find out who Primrose is related to click here!

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    Oh it’s brilliant that she’s Rose’s niece. Perfect!!! I hope she will end up doing more episodes than five. Love that woman!

    And I really hope that Y&R is listing to it’s fans and doesn’t make that baby Daisy’s. Just be done with that nonsense! Don’t need Yvonne Zima back for a third round terrorizing Billy and Victoria.

  2. Profile photo of

    Rose’s niece? I sure hope she shares scenes with Nina, for God’s sake!

    uhhh….soapjunkie88, OF COURSE the baby is Daisy’s. That’s why we had this entire Daisy pregnancy story in the first place!

  3. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    What a great nod to the late great Darlene Conley!

    However it wasn’t THAT long ago where we had the baby switch with Sharon & Ashley. Let’s cut the cord on these types of stories. Pun intended.

  4. Profile photo of AHeart4Fiction

    I know that baby is Daisy’s b/c there is no way the writers will let YZ go anywhere since in there eyes she popped. But what really boggles me is why Billy is of a sudden so baby crazy? The s/l would have been more effective if Billy & Vic would have gone through a process where they couldn’t conceive for maybe a year or so and decided to adopt…But of course the ILLEGAL route is easier and less plausible.

    I hope the ptb at least give Nina a scene with Primrose. Maybe she can find out what happened to Rose, where she is and what happened to her racketeering business. But I know the writers only see Silly & Icky so I won’t hold my breath. *Sigh* and I use to love me some Billy.

  5. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    I am convinced that Megan McTrashy is a part of this writing team!! All these baby stories being written–and so close together!!!

    Surrogacy tales, baby switches, stolen babies……..OH MY!!!!

    This reeks of McTrashy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Evangeline, it was revealed that Rose DeVille was dead when Paul and Nina began to look into her missing son last summer.

    Here’s what I hope happens:

    Billy and Victoria are happy with the stolen baby until the REAL Sheila Carter returns to take her grandchild back!!! I would love to see Kimberlin Brown’s Sheila torment Amelia Heinous’ Victoria. Now THAT would be good soap opera!

  7. Profile photo of Carol2

    Not that there’s a point to anything in Y&R’s writing today, but why make her Rose’s niece if they aren’t going to involve Nina? Otherwise this is yet another self-conscious wink which goes nowhere. Why is it that Y&R can ‘honor’ history like this yet can’t even remember that Kyle and Abby are the same age?

  8. Profile photo of Duchess

    Can’t wait to see her! Love the actress and love that she’s playing Rose Deville’s niece. I also love what Ellen Greene said about Billy Miller. I knew I liked her! I’m really looking forward to this story since it will tie together a lot of characters especially when the truth comes out. Hopefully Villy will get their miracle baby after they’re forced to give up Daisy’s baby. Oh and I’m all for some Billy Miller shirtless scenes as someone else suggested. Villy never had a honeymoon so I say bring it on!

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