Shannon Kane Opts OUT of All My Children!

Soap Opera Digest is reporting Shannon Kane (Natalia) has decided to not renew her contract with All My Children. According to the mag,  the starlet’s "budding film career" took her away from filiming the sudser often. Kane’s last air date is Feb. 4.

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    She is very beautiful and I wish her luck. I really don’t think she will be missed on the show because her character never took off really. I wonder if they will write Brot out as well? I don’t think he really has much of a s/l anyway. I wish they would both leave and take Madison and Marissa with them.

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    I saw this coming a mile away! She did an interview with ABC Soaps In Depth last year in which she stated that she didn’t plan on staying with AMC for long, and I totally agree with her. AMC is a HOT MESS right now. It’s the WORST soap in daytime, so why should she stay aboard a sinking ship???

    I always felt that she should have gotten more storyline and that they should have focused on HER instead of Denise Vasi, who has never been able to truly shine in ANY storyline she’s been in.

    Another wasted opportunity added to AMC’s increasingly long list……..

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    SID has a quote from Donna Swajeski saying that Shannon Kane is leaving, but she will be coming back and forth to the show and they will still write for her. I think she’s recurring now. I’m glad because I love SK and the character of Natalia and will take any of her I can get. I love seeing her on-screen! I’m sad she’s not signing a new contract, AMC really wasted her, she is amazing!!

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    So sad to see a talented black actress go, but I don’t blame her. AMC is in a mess and I don’t know how long the ABC soaps have left, just being honest here and AMC bosses was not using her like Kendall, Greenlee, Ryan and the other folks so I don’t blame her for bouncing. Good Luck, Shannon.

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    Its time for Brot to be with Randi cuz he eyeballs her like crazy when they share a scene and Frankie to be with Madison. Frankie will be the real father of Madison’s kid. We never truly saw what happened between them the night “David died”. I don’t want Madison written out. I have always liked her from her GL days. The new Marissa I will give a chance. I just wish AMC would do something shocking and kill of Ryan.

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    A beautiful and talented actress in an poorly conceived character. Truly Natalia is like a companion piece to GH’s Ethan: both did such damage to historic romances.
    I wish Ms Kane well but will not miss Natalia.
    I would much rather see a return of Angie’s adoptive daughter Cassandra.

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    I don’t blame her though I’ll miss her alot. I wish AMC had written a decent storyline for her when she was on the show. Even on recurring that won’t be possible now.

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    A great way to put it b/c even though I like Ethan all I can think of when he’s with Luke & Lucky is that Luke had the audacity to cheat on Laura. Especially after he raised hell when he found out about Nikolas.

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