General Hospital Spoilers: JaSam Baby RUMORS!

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More Wedding Details…It’s like the royal nuptials with more wedding news hitting the press. Brenda asks Jason to give her away and despite his apprehension towards the actual marriage, he agrees! Brenda and Sonny have a wedding planner Carol, who is a little over the top. RUMOR has it that Sonny and Brenda ask Dante to stand up as Best Man. Is the reason he accepts because he can’t say no to Brenda? Lulu wants her man to say no to protect the pint-sized model. She’s over his assignment with the beauty.

The JaSam Baby RUMORS… You all know A. that I am not a JaSam fan and that B. I am not a fan of the miracle for any character. So here is what I could dig up. Maybe we should cover some important history first. As I remember it, it’s not that Sam can’t get pregnant; it’s that she shouldn’t since she is unable to carry a baby to term without some serious health problems for mother and baby. Every woman has her annual check-up with the gynecologist and if you don’t go, you should! Sam goes to hers where she finds out there has been advancement in medicine that could allow her to have a child. For reasons unknown to me, Sam is not examined after learning about the fancy new procedure. Will she tell Jason about possibly being able to start a family of their own? SPOILER has it Sam confides in her latest BFF Abby.

I mentioned Molly and possibly suffering from PTSD… could it be something else? SPOILERS say Molly and her Uncle Sonny have a conversation about his bi-polar disorder. Molly scares Kristina when she freaks out.

Michael’s secret is coming out… SPOILERS are pointing to Michael disclosing what happened behind those prison bars and that it will have a profound effect on the adults in his life. Especially, since they ALL played a role in why he ended up in Pentonville. RUMORS say it’s his relationship with Abby that finally has it coming out. When these two just can’t make it work between the sheets, Michael tells Abby why he’s gun shy.

Speaking of Abby… As I mentioned, Carly wants her GONE! She’ll even deliver a threat towards Sam who is not interested, at all.

Johnny warns Lisa that Patrick is on to her. How long will Dr. Niles make everyone else look so stupid? I mentioned that Patty boy sees Lisa and Johnny together leading him to wonder what is going on between the two. Dr. Drake confronts the Mob Prince and tells Johnny to watch out where Lisa is concerned. Johnny stands up for Lisa to Patrick and then continues to blackmail the crazy doctor.

Dr. Terrell Clark… We know he and Lisa have a past. We know Lisa will attempt to play Dr. Clark and Dr. Drake off one another. He’ll also mix it up with Robin, much to Lisa’s delight, who overhears the two connecting over Terrell telling Robin about his friend succumbing to AIDS. When Lisa compliments Terrell on his tactics with Robin by using HIV as a way in, he tells her he wasn’t lying. RUMOR has it that we may also see some chemistry testing with Terrell and Elizabeth.

The money Steve offers Elizabeth… SPOILERS say it is for Cameron’s therapy. Not sure what type of therapy he needs. Regardless, isn’t that what Health Insurance is for?

CRAZY and RANDOM… Brook and Nikolas kiss! Will Brenda and Sonny not be together on their wedding night? How does Lucky really feel about Siobhan? Someone or some crisis always seems to get in Sam’s way when she tries to talk to Jason about the new procedure. Will she ever come first in his life? Nikolas and Brook almost do it, almost. Who else does Dr. Clark know in Port Chuck? Is Jason worried about Siobhan? RUMOR has it he wants Elizabeth to keep her away from the boys. Will Carly let Sonny and Brenda say “I Do” only to reveal the baby news at the couple’s reception? Lisa has something on Terrell. Are Brenda and Dante disappearing?

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    Oooo I’d like to see the chem between Liz and the new doc. It’d be refereshing seeing Liz we someone new on the canvas, esp a pediatrician who genuinely is good with kids. Even though in the distant future, I hope Lucky discovers Siobhan is evil, and Aiden is his, and I get my original L&L2 back with a fresh start. But until then, I’m totally on board with a new guy for Liz. I hope they have good chemistry together and we get to see more of Cake with them.

    If Jasam really has a baby, how much you wanna bet that something will be wrong with Jasam’s baby or with Jake which will require blood work and then Jake’s paternity will be outed.

    Why doesn’t Jason tell Lucky that he doesn’t trust Siobhan and that he should keep her away from the kids? If Liz takes Jason’s advice and tries to do that, Lucky will think she’s just doing it out of jealousy.

    Time for crazy Lisa to go already. This whole JoLisa thing is stupid.

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    I figure he’s Mr. Jackson if you’re nasty? :lol:

    I’m not surprised that Brenda asks Jason to give her away, given that Ned isn’t around anymore. Though, I find it funny that just a few years ago, he was doing the same thing for Carly when she married Jax.

    When Sam was shot (in the back, right? I don’t really remember) the time she ran into Jason’s arms at the MetroCourt, I thought that was where the whole idea that she couldn’t have kids came from. Bullets always rupture female insides on this show, but I could be wrong. My memory is not too up on it, so again, I really don’t remember.

    I’m not surprised about the whole Molly PTSD thing. She was acting more calm than most about it all, so it only makes sense that the trauma would come later for her.

    So GLAD they are finally letting this Michael thing come out. It’s about freakin’ time.

    Wouldn’t mind Liz getting some loving from someone else for a change, especially a new doctor! And I’m sick and tired of Lisa. Don’t care anything else about her, and I CERTAINLY don’t care for her backstory. Can’t say that enough.

    Not surprised about Brooke and Nik.

    “”Are Brenda and Dante disappearing?””

    I’m trying to figure out which posters are having a party because of this news. Frozen margarita’s and daiquiris? Am I invited? :beer:

    Thanks for more spoilers, Regan! :)

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    Regan Cellura

    I’m going to need to look into this whole Sam baby thing more. I could have sworn it was that she couldn’t carry a baby to term. I do remember something about scar tissue though when she got shot. Also, there is still that whole Jason’s life is too dangerous for kids thing. Nothing has changed. 

    Dante-Brenda disappearing…. The Balkan has plans for Brenda on her wedding day that involves kidnapping her. Carly has her plan to expose Brenda and Dante. 

    I have to say I am all for some new blood, like the new Doc, but I feel like he’s not soap hunky enough. Is that terrible of me? Yes! I think we’ll see more of Terrell and Robin then we will of him and Liz. 

    Lisa… I’m 50/50 about her. I like Brianne the actress. Not 100% on board all the time with the storyline. I do feel that she’s here for foreseeable future so it makes sense to learn a little more about her history. The new Dr. may also be tied to someone else. 

    Tune in tomorrow for more GH Spoilers! 

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    Regan Cellura

    I suppose I should mention that I will agree to the fact that if a medical procedure aids in Sam becoming pregnant, it is technically not a miracle baby. ALTHOUGH, some RUMORS say she might be preggers before she has the procedure. We shall see. 

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    The way it was left I thought was that she could get preggers but would have an extremely difficult time carrying the child and she was going to tell jason and then revisit Dr. Meadows but then she overheard the Jake secret. I cant say I am certain though.I thought they left the door open.

    I just hope that IF she turns out pregnant, she actually has the child. If they kill off the baby at any point I would be beyond disappointed. There are some rumors on DD that they want to redo the Alexis/Sam story only with Liz/Sam, that Jake needs stem cells and sam is near delivery. Rumor was the doctor says theres only a small chance that her child will survive, but she wont induce because that means the baby def. wont make it. If they go there, that really might make me reconsider watching – to watch her baby die again…especially if Jason then started spending time with Jake because his secret is outed. Lots of possibilities many of them stomach turning to me.

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    If we see more of the new Doc and Robin, then it makes sense that Lisa would meddle. And I like Brianne as an actress too–she plays a great crazy, which is what I think you would consider, ahem, ‘popping’ on screen, as opposed to Miss Zima? ;-) –but, oy, am I tired of Lisa being obsessed with one Patrick Drake. Was the WHAM-BAM Thank You Ma’am THAT good? :lol: Her antics are becoming redundant if it is still all about him.

    I can’t believe Carly has kept something about Dante/Brenda to herself for as long as she has! She’s always the first one tossing out someone else’s dirty deeds. And I’m not surprised the Balkan would have a hand in this. So I’m assuming that once again, Sonny/Brenda don’t make it down the aisle? I may be disgusted with the writing for both characters as of late, but I still love my girl, and it would be nice if Brenda actually became a real bride since her marriage to Jax all those years ago was invalid. And we all remember Sonny/Brenda’s first go round.

    But speaking of the Doc again, I got a glimpse of him today. You were right, Regan, they changed his name from Clark to Jackson; someone mentioned it on another board. It took me a minute, but I remember seeing him on a rerun of Criminal Minds. For some reason, I can’t stop thinking Corbin Bleu from High School Musical everytime I see him. I’ve seen other opinions of him on other boards, calling him everything from ’hunkalicious’ to ’ehh’. Like you, I don’t see him as too ‘soap hunky’ either, but maybe he’ll have chemistry with someone… who isn’t Lisa, mind you. :lol:

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    If they recast this man otherwise let him go to Maya
    I do not want this man for Elizabeth. Enough of these newbies now they are rumors Abby boyfriend comes to town newbies for the newbies…

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    I like the new doc.. and I loved Liz yesterday She seemed to grow up a bit.. So I want her to go with that road and find someone new…

    About JaSam baby,Miracle baby is classic Soap story and with Jason&Sam history it could be great S/L with many Characters involve family&Love..

    I just hope they will be some closer to Jake..I never bought the too dangerous things..and now I really don’t buy it when Lucky is working in the Bulkan stuff he is just as dangerous as Jason!!
    So if they are getting a baby I just can’t be Ok with it if not have Jason co parenting Jake..not taking Jake completely from Lucky because they have a connection but be more involve..

    I do hope when ,if that is true ,that Jason has big concern for SHivone he will talk with Lucky first and not just talk with Liz making her seem that she is envy in Lucky&SHivone.. But If Lucky is too interested with her,and He does not really listen to Jason’s fears I can see Jason going to Liz to warn her for the sake of Cam Jake and Aiden..

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    I thought when Sam was shot, they told her in the hospital she could never have children. I guess we’re all supposed to have bad memories, huh?

    OK, who else besides me does not care about this wedding?

    I just really enjoyed the whole ski trip story. There were characters we haven’t seen in a while, and it was nice seeing them.

    Bob Guza focuses too much on Sonny/Carly/Brenda. I used to love the old Carly, but in the past six months she’s turned into a shrew, and I don’t like her. Sonny just wants to blow up too many things, lately that’s been his answer. There used to be a vulnerability to Sonny, we felt sorry for him because he was abused as a child, his first wife was blown up carrying his first child. Not anymore. They’ve changed his personality, so he’s the one that blows things up, shoots his own son, etc. I used to think it was funny that Sonny was the mobster that didn’t carry a gun. All of a sudden, he always has a gun. Stop trying to put him in jail. We know it’s not going to happen, so why waste our time, and treat us like we are dumb. Also, stop pairing him up with the young girls. It’s starting to get creepy.

    I like Abby. Obviously Carly doesn’t. But has she and everyone else forgotten what a home wrecking tramp she was when she came to PC? Abby is working her way through college (nice line by the way) as a stripper. She’s not wrecking anyone’s marriage. Let’s see more of Abby.

    Bottom line, Bob Guza, use more characters that you already have on contract. No need to “bring in” the guns. That’s when I tend to tune out because the program will focus on those people.

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    From SOC archive:

    Sam had received some heartbreaking news. Frustrated that she wasn’t conceiving right away, Sam went to see a doctor and learned that her uterus had been severely damaged when she was shot the year before. There was extensive scar tissue that would make conceiving or carrying a child full-term impossible.

    So it’s not only carrying that is a problem but conceiving. But no pesky detail like that, will stop GUZA and Cie.

    Since Jason does not want children in his life because of danger; I don’t know why he would change his mind with Sam.

    his life is still dangerous; his enemies will still try to take the child as they do with Sam. Frankly, I don’t wish that one on Sam and I am not a great fan, BUT I know for a fact that she deserved better than be priorities number 13 in Jason life.

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    what Jason different than anyone else???
    The bus crush is example of how life is dangerous!!! you can’t control them!!!

    I Think when Jason&Sam will have a family he will start to focus on his family!! Michael is already is,so when he went to prison there was no question… I just wish he would be less in Brenda S/L Blah

    And I hope Jason will co parenting Jake!!because when You have Lucky working in the Bulkan as mobster what is the difference from Jason???

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    JS :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:
    All I will say I want Jason to be co parenting of Jake w/Lucky&Liz and have his baby girl with Sam…

    I never bought the dangerous stuff with Jason!!II just don’t see Liz has the one for Jason.. But for me the dangerous stuff was Nonsense :8)

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    Regan there is a rumor on DD that after Jason finds out Sam is pregnant, he has a discussion with Liz and she tells him to have the baby with Sam, basically gives it her blessing. What are you hearing?

    Also a rumor that suzanne is jax’s sister?? seems a bit old for that?? and that makes Brenda’s baby a family member??

    THe third rumor is that the scenes where Michael tells Abby he was raped in prison have been filmed at they are both powerful and graphic.

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    In SOW, Steve Burton hints that, “2011 is going to be a controversial year – I’m going to tell you right now. It will be good for some and not good for others [referring to Liason vs JaSam fans]. I don’t know what else to say. Something good’s coming: something dramatic. I’m not answering any of your questions about babies right now, because there’s going to be controversy coming.

    From what I understand and read is that Jake needs a bone marrow transplant and sam is already pregnant without knowing that she is and Robin tells her. Liz and jason are crazy with fear and Liz begs Sam for the stem cells for lil jake this brings jason & Liz closer how will Sam feel by putting liz first will he lose sam, or will sam understand that he’s just worried for his son Jake….. interesting news

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    [quote=lilyfoxylady] From what I understand and read is that Jake needs a bone marrow transplant and sam is already pregnant without knowing that she is and Robin tells her. Liz and jason are crazy with fear and Liz begs Sam for the stem cells for lil jake this brings jason & Liz closer how will Sam feel by putting liz first will he lose sam, or will sam understand that he’s just worried for his son Jake….. interesting news[/quote]

    I’ve read that elsewhere as well. And all I can say is this: Even as a Liz/Liason fan, I couldn’t accept this. They already did that with Sam the first time around with Alexis, and I admit, I was *gulp* a JaSam fan that go round and cried when she cried and fell into Jason’s arms when she just couldn’t accept that her baby was dead. I’m sorry, I don’t want a repeat.

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