Montel Williams Busted by TSA For Drug Pipe

Former talk show host Montel Williams was busted by the TSA at the Milwaukee airport for packing a marijuana pipe in his carry-on bag. According to TMZ, the pipe set off a metal detector as Montel was going through security and led to Montel paying a $484 citation for possession of drug paraphernalia.

Not to get on a soap box, but I’ve said it on the Pop Confidential podcast and I’ll say it again. With so many states running budget deficits, wouldn’t it be better to legalize marijuana and tax the hell out of it? Not only would it provide much needed revenue to cash strapped states, but its legalization would also undercut the illegal marijuana market and reduce the pressure on the prison and court systems, allowing them to focus on more serious crimes.

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    Poor Montel Williams~!! This man has been through soooooo much and this is only going to add to his troubles. Sigh. I truly can empathize with him and his plight.

    I agree that marijuana should be legalized, especially for medical/medicinal purposes, although I have never used it and have no intention of using it.

    Poor guy.

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    marijuana should not be legalized it is a drug a addicted drug and does not help anybody with there health problem it all in the mind.Do not legalize marijuana. I live in rented Apartment, I had to move because the person in the next apartment smoked marijuana all day and nothing I could do to prevent the smoke from coming into my apartment.

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    I’m on the fence about the legalization of pot for recreational drug use. However, in a case such as Montel’s where a person is trying to manage the agonizing effects of an incurable disease, there ought to be immunity from prosecution.

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    There is a scientific, medical reason to use marijuana. Many people with cancer and other diseases use it to counter the nausea and loss of appetite their illness may cause.

    Montel Williams suffers from M.S., a degenerative neurological condition. Could he be using marijuana to cope with his condition’s debilitating effects?

    People who are gravely ill deserve access to medication that has been proven to alleviate suffering as long as a doctor approves its legitimate use.

    As for your scumbag neighbors, did you call the police or complain to your landlord?

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    My mom suffers from chronic back pain from being a nurse for so many years. Doctors tell her now that even if she has surgery she is still going to be in pain. She doesn’t smoke weed every day, but every once in a while when her pain meds aren’t enough and she can’t tough through it like she usually does, she tokes up.

    Should marajuana be legalized? I too am on the fence. Medicinally, I think that anyone who needs it should have it, but, on the other hand, how easy would it be for some one to get their hands on it who didn’t need it for medical reasons? Look how easy it is to get your hands on it now.

    Maybe Luke is right, legalize it, then tax the hell out of it. Who knows.

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    Part of the problem with the idea of legalizing and then taxing marijuana is that it’s very easy to grow. Tobacco cigarettes involve much more processing and can be taxed easily because your average joe couldn’t go about manufacturing them at home, but anybody could grow their own marijuana, making it a market that can’t easily be controlled and taxed. That said, legalizing it would have a drastic effect on the connection the marijuana market has to other illegal industries, and would allow authorities to focus on drugs that actually pose a threat.

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    As someone with FM I say legalize for medical use unless Sativex proves effective – which is coming on the market hopefully soon. I also think they should monitor how many scripts doctors are writing to look for abuse. I read a piece in Time that said 80% the medical marijuanna scripts were being written by the same 5 doctors – that sounds fishy to me.

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    I never knew Montel had MS. Airport security is getting ridiculous! If Montel has MS then he would’ve needed that marijuana they took from him.
    Legalize pot now!

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