Sherri Shepherd Gets Engaged to Lamar Sally

Congrats to The View’s Sherri Shepherd. On December 26, the funny lady became engaged to TV writer Lamar Sally, according to People. Reportedly, Sally asked Sherri’s son Jeffrey for permission before getting down on bended knee.

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    I saw him on a HGTV holiday special, and she was hoping he would propose during the holidays.

    Don’t worry, Tyler, the fact that she kept the relationship hush hush for so long, we don’t have to worry about Sherri becoming Starzilla.

  2. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    I just hope she doesn’t follow Star Jones’ TACKY, TACKY example and start trying to finagle FREEBIES out of various businesses to help furnish her wedding!!

    That was sooooooooo incredibly ghetto, and NOT the kind that ends in FABULOUS!!!!! Proving once again that money doesn’t equal class!!!!

    Sherri, please have the decency to pay for your OWN wedding without asking for handoutt! After all, I am pretty sure that the people of “The View” pay you well enough!!!!!

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