New Jack in Llanview City: Andrew Trischitta is Todd and Blair’s Son

One Life to Live has found its new Jack Manning. According to, Andrew Trischitta will take over for scene stealer Carmen LoPorto when the character is SORAS’d to the age of 15. Personally, I’ll be sorry to see LoPorto exit as I hoped to see him grow up in the role just as his on-screen sister Starr (Kristen Alderson) did.

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Photo credit: CP Talent

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    Andrew is 15, Carmen just turned 14. I’m not looking forward to this recast even if he is good. I like Carmen!!

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    To be honest I don’t think TPTB were considering how talented Carmen is or the chemistry that he has with the other actors but instead were thinking of his height and that he doesn’t look like he’s 15. OLTL is all about shirtless boys/men these days and this is one more actor hired in the same vein as the Ford brothers. It’s a shame that talent doesn’t count for much these days! :(

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