All My Children Spoilers: Annie Thinks She Killed Marissa!

Here’s the Scoop!

Liza turns to Tad after sleeping with his son! What? Afraid that she’s turning into her mother, Liza hopes to find comfort from her ex. Tad knows what happened since Damon returns home after bedding his girlfriend’s mother and tells Tad what went down. Tad has some fatherly advice for his son—he is Tad the Cad after all—and tells Damon he shouldn’t tell Colby what went down as it will only hurt her and everyone else. Tad goes to find Liza, while Colby and Damon find one another in the park. Colby tells Damon she talked to her mother, but what did Liza say to her?

Damon fesses up to Colby that he was with someone. Colby quickly realizes that Damon wasn’t having a soda with a friend. Like mother like daughter, Colby turns to Tad and asks him to find out who Damon slept with. Tad tells Colby maybe she and Damon are just destined not to be together. Colby insists they can make it through this. Just as Tad and Damon get closer as father and son, Damon is deciding whether or not he should leave Pine Valley behind.

Madison and Scott? Could this pairing work? A better question is, would it be the answer to Greenlee’s problem? Madison pays her father a visit in prison, hoping he’ll sign over her trust fund. Scott somehow lands in the middle of it all and understands what it is like having an overbearing father. Madison informs Greenlee she hasn’t come up with a plan as to what she will tell Ryan once that baby bump pops out. Greenlee pays Scott a visit, telling him she can help. Remember, Scott having a job will look good to the parole board. Greens wants Scott to date Madison  in exchange for a job at Pine Valley Hospital.

Ryan’s suspicion that Zach was murdered… I mentioned this already, but what has Ryan thinking Kendall’s hubby was murdered? A lawyer tells Ryan that Zach’s deal to sell the casino wasn’t a done deal when he died. Remember, Zach’s partners were originally opposed to the sale. Someone calls Ryan about his suspicions; it’s said to be an “intense” call. Ryan is aggravated with the FAA report on Zach’s plane explosion.

Insecure, Crazy Annie! She thinks she killed Marissa! Annie sees yet another close moment between Marissa and JR, but her paranoia doesn’t let her realize the soon-to-be exes are going over their divorce papers. JR even has a surprise vacation planned for Annie and himself to celebrate his marriage ending.

So why does Annie think she killed Marissa? Annie goes to confront Marissa and knocks her out cold when she opens the door. To cover her tracks, Annie makes it look like a burglary occurred. After setting off the alarm, Natalia, Brot and JR show up to find Marissa coming to and refusing to go the hospital. Annie is more annoyed when she sees how JR and Marissa interact. Annie offers to call Jake, but instead calls Amanda who comes over at her friend’s request. Unfortunately for Annie, Amanda is not paying her a supportive, friendly visit. She tells Annie that she isn’t interested in hearing about her crises anymore. Of course, Annie’s entire plan backfires and blows up in her face. JR tells her about the trip he had planned that is now cancelled since Marissa will be staying at the Chandler Mansion. Amanda is also suspicious that Annie set the whole burglary scenario up.

Natalia and Brot heat up! Why does she pull back? Angie offers some advice to Natalia who realizes that Brot may think she’s not attracted to him. Natalia admits to Brot that her hesitation is due to her being a virgin. Brot tells her he understands and the couple makes love. Afterwards, Natalia tells Brot she’s happy she waited for the right guy.

Griffin tries to keep Cara and Jake apart. He doesn’t want his sister working with her ex-husband. Griffin wants Cara to work with Kendall at her house. Griffin gets a confusing phone call from a government representative about Cara’s paperwork saying that they already spoke with Cara. Remember, it was Amanda they really spoke with. Will Amanda tell Griffin it was her who called and pretended to be Cara?

CRAZY and RANDOM… Ryan pops the question to Greenlee! Will she accept? JR postpones the divorce due to Marissa’s “attack.” Scott sends Madison a letter. Scott follows through on his end of the deal as Greenlee testifies for him. A free man, Scott shows up at the Chandler Mansion to get a painting of his father’s and has a run-in with JR. While there, Scott visits Marissa. Scott and Marissa? Greenlee finds a text from Madison on Ryan’s phone about a trip to California. Greens wants Ryan to forgive himself for Zach dying. Natalia and Brot go public. Who is blackmailing Erica? She goes to Caleb for help and Jackson isn’t happy with Erica’s closeness to Caleb. When is David coming out of that coma? Madison’s new job at Fusion allows her to work at home and away from Greenlee.

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    ^I think a Kendall/Griffin/Amanda triangle would be awesome actually. I think Griffin has much more chemistry with Amanda anyway. It may not be possible though with Crishell Stause being recurring.

    And I WISH Annie would kill Marissa. I wasn’t crazy about the character before, but now with Sarah Glendening in the role, I can’t really take the character. No offense to any of her fans, but Sarah Glendening is just so generic! She seems like an extra or an “under five”. I’m not really engaged by her at all. She was probably brought on because Kreizman wanted her or something, not because she is so much more suited than Brittany Allen.

    On a technical note, AMC may be filmed and broadcast in HD, but the camerawork, the directional choices, the editing, even the music is just bad and adds to the complaint that the show lacks any kind of heart.

    Pacing is a big thing in telling stories, and AMC has horrible pacing, thanks in part to choppy scene writing(characters halfway across town in one scene and then instantly in another place in the scene immediately after), and poor editing choices. Scenes last on average 3 minutes, then CUT to the next scene which lasts for another 4 minutes then CUT to the next scene. If you have epilepsy, then you had better not watch All My Children.

    It’s like they are making a children’s show, where the show has to account for the attention span of children. I was watching old clips of the show, and the camera angles were much wider, the scenes sometimes lasted 8-10 minutes, and then there was a soft FADE between commercials instead of the abrupt CUT TO BLACK. I understand they want to attract young viewers, but this style is really jarring to older viewers…who I feel are AMCs main base. Never alienate your base!

    The producers are trying to keep the show edgy with the jagged camera work and fast cuts, “whoosh” sound effects, and CUT TO BLACK(which I hate on AMC), but in the end it makes an already disjointed show seem even moreso.

    The music is also where the show takes a nosedive. Gone are the days of meaningful orchestral and instrumental music. Now on AMC, all you have is bad songs BLARING in the background which damages the effectiveness of a lot of scenes. I guess if they have to pay bills by showcasing mediocre musicians, then I can cut them a break now and then.

    Sorry for the rant. AMC was my favorite soap, and lately it’s so hard to watch. We are the hardest on our favorite child, lol.

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    I don’t mind Marissa I kind of like her. A hot triangle is Rev Ricky- Kendall – Griffin. The Rev fighting his feelings for Kendall and his devotion God. Griffin getting jealous but not admitting his true feelings

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    Daniel St. John

    [quote=]Madison pays her father a visit in prison, hoping he’ll sign over her trust fund. Scott somehow lands in the middle of it all and understands what it is like having an overbearing father. [/quote]

    What the what? So now Stuart was an overbearing father? When did that happen?
    Or have the two morons writing this crap convinced themselves that Adam is Scott’s father and not Stuart?

    And the Annie/Marissa/JR stuff sounds even worse than last week’s spoilers. This show is doomed until they get a decent writer and Megan McTavish aint the remedy.

  4. Profile photo of troymcclure

    [quote]And I WISH Annie would kill Marissa. I wasn’t crazy about the character before, but now with Sarah Glendening in the role, I can’t really take the character. No offense to any of her fans, but Sarah Glendening is just so generic![/quote]
    She is just awful. I actually thought SG would be better because how could it possibly be any worse?
    No, it’s worse I’d rather watch a bad actress do bad acting than a bad actress thinking she’s good and do bad acting.

    Both Marissas has one thing in common, no chem with JY whatsover which is quite a feat since I’ve seen JY have chem with innate objects and babies.

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    Regan Cellura

    I’m thinking it’s about Adam and how he treated his kids. Not Stuart and Scott.

    I’m not in love with the nuMarissa, she’s just sorta there. I don’t dislike or like her, oh no, I sound like Luke!

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    Courtney fan4life

    Nu Marissa is trying way to hard. Even she knows the character is dull. Just get rid of her. Why force her in Jannie’s storyline. I want Jannie vs Erica and Caleb when it comes to business.

  7. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    I agree. Marissa is just a terribly written character. She’s boring and has no spark or pizazz!!! The only way to redeem the character is to turn her into a bitch and have her try to make Annie/JR miserable. (BTW: I am a JANNIE fan, so please don’t hurl any tomatoes at me…… :bigsmile: :bigsmile: ) Or at least turn her into an INTERESTING good girl like Angie or Opal!!!

    Just because you are good that doesn’t mean you have to be boring!!!

    Better writing/character development can possibly save the character!!!!

  8. Profile photo of felicitygirl22

    It is very dumb angst, even dumber than the Annie/Scott marriage. Because that threw a huge wrench into Jannie and I truly thought that they might be over, at least for a while. But then they did a very strange thing. Abandoned that marriage within 2 months time. I have a feeling that that marriage was slated to last WAY longer initially, but then they changed gears once they realized how popular Jannie had become.

    And now this. Kreizman has to be taking some serious drugs to think that we fans would BUY JR having any residual feelings for Marissa. Maybe friendship/gratefulness feelings, but romantic interest? That was never truly there in the first place for this character, irrespective of the actress who portrays her. She was too ‘good’, too moralistic for JR Chandler. And NO ONE wants to see JR Martin.

    They’d finally found a nice balance for JR — not altogether evil (like when he was drinking and willing to plot murder), but not wholly good. And they only found this balance when Annie entered his life. These two are a wonderful combination together — they make BOTH characters interesting & addicting to watch. I don’t believe that they ultimately have to ‘destroy’ each other, as Kreizman loves pointing out. Why can’t they take PV by storm as the ultimate scheming/strong super-couple??? They can still have angst, but why the hell are the writers SO UNIMAGINATIVE that they have to keep rehashing triangles as their only angst angle?

    I will keep watching, and I will ride this out. This too shall pass. But there are no two more talented, beautiful actors out there in daytime right now who have better chemistry. The writers HAVE to know this — but they seem to be under the misguided notion that to keep things hot between them, they have to keep throwing other people their way. I just don’t understand. Wasting the chemistry like this — even for a short time period — is practically criminal. And especially since I see NOTHING between JY/SG chemistry-wise. NOTHING. The prospect of watching those two even kiss makes my stomach lurch. Pathetic writing. Simply pathetic.

  9. Profile photo of Dariclone

    Thank you for the spoilerss. It’s a pity they have to be so dull. I really wish Annie would kill Marissa. Seriously, who would convict her?
    And why does Kreizman think tha JR and Annie need to destroy each other? They aren’t Rodger and Holly or even Todd and Blair. What happened to scheming but loving couples?

  10. Profile photo of AMCISMYSOAP

    I totally disagree. I’ve noticed a 100% difference in the chemistry between NuMarissa and JR. He even acts differently with her than he did with BA. I had nothing against BA but she and JR were just not physically suited to be a couple…This one is much more believable to be Babe’s twin and someone JR would be matched with. While I DID enjoy JR and Annie together, they lost me when he shoved her in that closet and then left her there with not so much as a “Hey, I’m leaving, Gotta Go, S—W You”…Nothing! I don’t enjoy seeing Annie slowing turning into the paranoid, insecure woman she fought so hard to get rid of either!

  11. Profile photo of AMCISMYSOAP

    I actually like the chemistry between NuMarissa and JR because it seems more honest and fresh. With Annie (Now), it just seems like JR is only saying things that will appease her and to keep her from going off the deep end. I was a fan of Annie and JR until he hid her in the closet and Never bothered to even check on her to see if she was alright even after Caleb left. JR is way too self-absorbed to Really care and Love Anyone other than perhaps AJ. I aslo think This Marissa looks More like JR’s former wife Babe. I’m not saying that they (JR and Marissa) will get back together, for one thing, I don’t think Marissa wants to put her trust back into JR again…but I can see a difference between This Marissa and JR as compared to the first Marissa whom I really didn’t have anything against…but there was just No Chemistry what so ever, IMO!

  12. Profile photo of troymcclure

    JR didn’t throw Annie in the closet for the hell of it and he certainly didn’t leave because he had an appointment or something. His entire world crashed down on him so I don’t really blame him for rushing out of the hotel room.

    Marissa will never be a match for JR CHANDLER because she’s a goody two shoes who’s duller than mudd and JR CHANDLER don’t like the goody two shoes, never has never will.

    What if JR and Marissa get back together, then what? There is no storyline, no drama, no angst, no nothing except how long will it be before JR cheats on her with Annie again.

  13. Profile photo of junebug23

    i dont think im gonna be watching AMC for much longer if they keep on screwing up the writing. i feel kinda bad for MCE and JY because the writing is bad in my opinion, they are 2 of the best actors on daytime in my opinion and deserve better. have marissa die from and accident or something kuz i cant stand her!!!! BTW shes not AJs mother and they way they have that annoys me to no end! ::@

  14. Profile photo of AMCISMYSOAP

    Honestly, I don’t think YOU would blame JR if he had strung Annie up by her toes and had her dangling outside a window! People go through ALL kinds of tramatic experiences but It does NOT give them the right to treat someome like a dog! In fact, I’ve NEVER even shoved my own dog in a closet. JR behaves like an out-of-control child. He REALLY needs somes anger management threapy.

    I agree with you about Marissa. She Really is “Too Good” for JR. But then aagin so is Annie and so was Babe! Just about the Only person I can think of who might even come close to being a match for JR is Lisa Miles from GH because she carries that same hateful evil gene that JR does or maybe Madison but not this version…The Real Murdering, blackmailing, lying Madison!

    I personally, don’t want to see Marissa or Annie ending up with that loser. They deserve Waaaaay better! But since You asked, What IF JR and Annie end up together? How long before he cheats on Annie or rigs up some equipment for her demise? JR is just an accident waiting to happen!

  15. Profile photo of junebug23

    yeah, i kinda agree with AMCISMYSOAP. i think annie is too good for JR. but as long as marissa and JR dont get back together i’ll be happy. i absolutely can not stand her :| JRs crazy and stupid if he thinks annies gonna take this treatment lying down. hes met his match and cant walk all over her!

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