If Sonny Leaves Her Standing in The Rain Just One Mo’ ‘Gain…

Remember back in the 80’s when all the men on The Young and the Restless were lining up to make Cricket’s (Lauralee Bell) wings sing for the first time? Well, we all know Brenda (Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo) ain’t a virgin, but her milkshake still has half of Port Charles braving lactose intolerance.  Heck, I think I saw Uncle Mac (John J. York) checking her out in one eppy!  

Be sure to check out the latest edition of ABC Soaps in Depth with all the dish on BrenSon’s upcoming nuptials, but before you do, check out the teaser blurb below!

As GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Sonny and Brenda make plans to walk down the aisle, the groom-to-be keeps having premonitions of something awful happening to his betrothed! Both The Balkan and Carly are determined to prevent the marriage from taking place… but will one of them actually make Sonny’s nightmares become a twisted reality?

Only Soaps In Depth has the scoop on what could be a wedding day disaster! Plus, we join GH’s Laura Wright (Carly) for a tour of her vineyard, ALL MY CHILDREN’s Rebecca Budig ponders Greenlee’s romantic future, and take a walk down memory lane as we review the failed romances of ONE LIFE TO LIVE’s Blair. It’s all in the new ABC issue of Soaps In Depth, on sale now!

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    I don’t think that Carly will liked the repercussion on her telling all.

    Michael love his brother and they became friends; he won’t like what his mother did.

    Jason told her numerous time to let it go, and I think that this time she is crossing a line and she won’t like the result.

    I don’t like the kidnapping shenanigans I thought that the Balkan suing them was way more clever; but truth be told, how long can Guza stay clever, this measure of time always stay in the nanosecond range! Just saying!

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    I SO hope that Greenlee gets away from Ryan. I think she has chemistry with the Dr. Castillo. That could be fun!!

    Don’t really care that much about Brenda and Sonny. My main interest is Dante and Lulu!!

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    I have to wonder why Sonny would not just whisk Brenda away to be married. Why would he risk it with his track record? Also, why did the writers rush this, so we could be treated to a bloodbath yet again?

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    What I find really shocking about this story is the identity of the gunmen (sic) who shoot up the wedding: It turns out that Liz, broke and desperate for money, teams up with Lisa, who is the Balkan’s daughter and hates Brenda, to do the dirty deed. Afterwards, Liz realizes that she likes the rush and she and Lisa end their day of mayhem with a steamy romp between the sheets. Cut to a windowless room and who’s watching them on closed-circuit video? Spinelli, the REAL Balkan.

    Can’t wait!

    The preceding was made up.

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    Jamey- If Sonny leaves Brenda standing in the rain again, all I can say is that I hope Jax is there to pick her up again!

    Honestly, I PREFER Jax/Brenda to Sonny/Brenda but at this point I would rather see her with Jax, Jason or Dante rather than Sonny. Is it just me or does he seem to old for her now?

    Here’s my hopes for Brenda pairings IN ORDER:


    I think the whole Brenda/Sonny repairing has been shoved on us and a bit rushed and forced. I think it would’ve played better had she been in town for a while before just realizing after 2 seconds that they had to be together. TPTB seem to be forgetting that the last TWO times Brenda was involved with anyone in PC it was JAX that she was in love with and wanted to be with. That has been completely ignored and we are expected to believe she has been pining for Sonny for all of these years? The time that Brenda was last to marry Jax (when Carly spill the kiss heard around the world news), Brenda had finally admitted she was saying goodbye to Sonny and was truly in love with Jax, and had CHOSEN JAX. So, now we are supposed to think what? That she really wanted Sonny all along? They are re-writing history and when will they realize that this is what turns fans off and makes them tune out?
    IF IF IF the Sonny/Brenda rush to put them back together was about VMarcil’s return being on a time limit then don’t do us any favors. If TPTB and VM knew that she wouldn’t be on long enough to do the story right, then don’t bother bringing her back at all, or making us invest in her reuniting with anyone. And if they are rushing b/c she’s leaving, then why tell us she was here for 2 years?

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    Oh bishbay, I’d take your writing over Guza’s any day! :bigsmile:

    That said, I pretty much agree with beans4metoo. I would have bought this more had she not kept saying over and over again since the beginning that she didn’t want to be with Sonny. Then BAM! She’s all in love with him again, when last time she kissed him goodbye and it was all about JAX. Again, IMO, the writing for her character return has been sloppy from the get go. It’s hard for me to believe that this is the same ‘team’ that penned her return in 2002. They knew she was popular to the fans, especially when she raised their ratings to over the 4.0 mark, and they knew that Sonny/Brenda was her most popular pairing, so they did what they could to amp up the angst by keeping them apart and having her pine for him, all the while telling him to stay away. Coming from an UBER Sonny/Brenda fan from their first go round–can’t say it enough that I skipped school to watch them–it didn’t make me ache for them to get back together this time. It only irked me because I knew EXACTLY what they were doing and why.

    I’d also buy their second time around more if the real Brenda would return. I’m sorry, but this girl who has become Sonny’s apologist, stating over and over again that he’s a good father when the old Brenda would have reamed him for shooting his son in the chest, no matter if he knew or not, she would have told him what was what, is not the girl I grew up wanting to become as an adult. Brenda was impetuous and feisty with everyone–I only see those characteristics in scenes with Jason nowadays (their chemistry is obviously unchanging). Sonny was always Brenda’s weakness and vice/versa. I remember that car scene when he told her she was like a drug to him, but she still knew what he was about. She didn’t care who he was or what he did. And the reason I accepted it is because she did, because she loved him and would have done anything and followed him anywhere, but she never made excuses for him or his lifestyle and if you look at old tapes she was always first to call him on his shiz (even in 2002). The continuous excuses are what I have a real problem with these days.

    Oh, oh, OH! And I also agree that IF she is not sticking around, this wedding is nothing more than a ticking-tease. And I ain’t laughing.

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    Great Comment! I completely agree… I also used to skip school to watch GH lol S and B were phenominal back then, I think they could be great again… if they were EVER actually in a scene TOGETHER! geez, i see them with everyone except each other!

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    [quote=GHfan-4now]I’d also buy their second time around more if the real Brenda would return. I’m sorry, but this girl who has become Sonny’s apologist, stating over and over again that he’s a good father when the old Brenda would have reamed him for shooting his son in the chest, no matter if he knew or not, she would have told him what was what, is not the girl I grew up wanting to become as an adult.[/quote]

    Your whole post is fantastic GHfan but this above paragraph is exactly the reason why I can’t support Sonny and Brenda this time when I was dreaming of their reunion. Brenda condoning the violence of SOnny and finding excuses for him is NOT Brenda.

    And Dante has really zero self esteem. He keeps dreaming about Brenda and was obviously mad when he learned about the wedding (announced in such a classy way) and of course he is nevertheless going to accept to be the best man of a man he says he despises? Please …
    He should have proposed Michael who always think that Dante is coming first for Sonny (and Sonny should have insisted for Michael to be his best man) or Jason who has been doing everything he can to protect Brenda and is the one who brought her back to PC.

    NAN, I strongly disagree with you, Dante is eating the show alive, sucking all the blood and the life of it like the little Corinthos vampire that he is.
    He is not “by far the best part of the show”. he is by far the worst and one of the main reason people are giving up on this show which has become the Dante show (DZ only missed 16 shows in 2010, 9 of them being reruns !!!! UNBELIEVABLE! He has been on 21 shows more than MB!).

    He lies, has double standards, is making his supposed love / girl friend look like a complete fool, is selfish to the core and obnoxious and is really his Daddy’s son.
    Get that airhog out of my screen and get more balance to GH which is what this show desperately needs.

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    Thank you, aramis! :beer: :beer: Let’s me know I’m not crazy in thinking just how sloppy this has been from the very beginning. And I definitely agree with you about Dante on all points.

    But this: [quote=aramis270]Dante is eating the show alive, sucking all the blood and the life of it like the little Corinthos vampire that he is.[/quote]

    That quote alone should be on a T-shirt. I couldn’t help but chuckle aloud. :lol:

    And the 21 shows more than MB??? Gah! Didn’t think it would ever be possible. I really have no other words for that, just :puzzled: .

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    aramis, I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree. I’m not happy with they way they are writing him since Breda’s return either. But DZ’s talent always shows through. I don’t think he’s selfish at all. IMO he’s a loving, caring guy. But must admit, I’m not counting this Brenda mess. IMO this is not the real Dante at all. They’ve written him totally out of character. Just holding my breath until he returns to his old self.
    Still Dante and Lulu have become my reason to still watch this show.

  11. Profile photo of aramis270

    No problem NAN :)

    Personally the day Lulu will wake up and kick that jerk who holds her in his arms but dreams about another woman out of her life for good, I will open a bottle of champagne, :bigsmile:
    They are so forced and boring to me that they are unwatchable. I am no fan of Lulu (especially since she has lost her brain by being paired with Dante) and wish Brook for Johnny but I have joined my voice recently to the growing group of the JoLu fans as I will take anything which will break the Lante nightmare ;)

    My dear Ghfan, you know I love your posts so I am happy if you appreciated mine and loved the sentence you quoted. LOL about the tee-shirt :beer: :love:

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    aramis, no problem! I love and agree with many of your posts too!

    GH Lover :beer: Agreed that Brenda is working much better with Jason. That’s the Brenda I really remember. As you said, with Sonny, her scenes are just not working this time.

  13. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Aramis GHfan :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

    I think after Dante’s shooting his character became unwatchable.. since that point ,he started to annoy and annoy..
    I don’t know who is the real dante??? because since the shooting he does one thing&then does the opposite…if they want us to like him&or to be a lead like Sonny&Jason they need FIRST to deicide who is he??? because I truly don’t know..two tone him down!!this week I couldn’t even care about him&his mother..

    SbFan forever. sadly we do see Sonny&Brenda together plenty times!! BUT ITS STILL NOT WORKING!!
    something is missing,this is not the Brenda that was!!the Brenda that even when she loved Sonny w/her all heart still took a stand against his doings!! she only does it with Jason these days..and believe me I am JaSam fan&S&B fan while I love JaSam scenes…. I think Brenda is working better with Jason….

    I have to add that this week Sonny was better for me as his fan ,than the last few months !!and he didn’t had many scenes w/Brenda …

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