RUMOR REPORT: Is Brian Frons Courting Megan McTavish For All My Children?

Looks like the brass at ABC Daytime are just as frustrated by the state of All My Children as we are. Mouse House sources have told Yours Soaptastically that Brian Frons has allegedly already contacted controversial ex-AMC scribe Megan McTavish several times about taking over the reins of the show when David Kreizman and Donna Swajeski‘s contracts are up.
I’m hearing the former Guiding Light head writers’ deals expire in March. I never thought I’d say this, but I wouldn’t be opposed to a McTavish redux. Unaborted fetuses and poisoned pancakes aside, her stints at AMC proved much more watchable overall than anything Chuck Pratt or the Peapack Refugees have come up with and from what I gather ABC is really desperate to get a handle on AMC’s writer situation. 

At the very least, McTavish knows how to write the Kane women and Greenlee (Rebecca Budig), as my boy Luke Kerr has pointed out often on the DC podcast. Now you know the drill, ABC will deny every single word of this, but come on, how many times have I been wrong about The Mouse House suds (*coughs* Lucci’s paycut, AMC moving out West, Jonathan Jackson‘s return as Lucky)  ;-)

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    Why does AMC keep replacing one hack with another? Why can’t they promote from within or hire someone new to soaps? Ugh!

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    Simple C

    I’ll admit…there was never a dull moment when McTavash was HW. AMC has just been blah ever since she left. Not really interesting and not really uninteresting. It’s just been there. She does shock value well.

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    Oh Wow!

    Just cancel it now if he is going to put Megan back at the top.
    I have seen it all THREE TIMES (1992 thru 1995, 1997 thru 1999, 2003 thru 2007) she has the HW at AMC – the initial stories are good but then we eventually are swimming in a cesspool with alot of poo.

    How about a new executive producer?

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    Ok, D&D are not good! They have no idea what they are doing and have absolutely no idea what the show is about. But I’m not sure that Megan McT is also a good idea. The unaborted fetus was (and still is) unforgivable and from I what I remember of her last stint, I was not impressed to say the least. I don’t know, is there such a shortage of daytime drama writers? Can’t Lorraine Broderick be given that position? Her interim writing was not spotless but at least the show was enjoyable. Poor AMC! 2011 looks already doomed (I might be wrong and I’d loved that!)

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    I have watched AMC for years but I don’t keep up with the writing regimes on the soaps enough to know which writers have written which storylines. Can someone give me some examples of the storylines that McTavish wrote and when the current writers stories began?

    I guess I’m in the minority because I actually think AMC has been pretty good this past year or so. I love Cara and Griffin, have loved the whole Amanda/Jake/David storyline, love Annie/JR, love the Liza recast, love David bringing Greenlee back and her marrying him. I’ve been pretty pleased.

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    [quote=beans4metoo]I guess I’m in the minority because I actually think AMC has been pretty good this past year or so. I love Cara and Griffin, have loved the whole Amanda/Jake/David storyline, love Annie/JR, love the Liza recast, love David bringing Greenlee back and her marrying him. I’ve been pretty pleased.[/quote]

    The J/A/D SL had it’s moments. I loved JR & Annie until recently, JR’s starting to really piss me off the way he’s treating Annie lately. The whole David/Greenlee SL lost ALL momentum imo when the former GL writers took over. They don’t seem to understand Greenlee imho. I haven’t made my mind up as far as Cara or Griffin yet. Atleast they can act unlike some other recent newbies(although JV is still showing a little rustiness…hopefully that will pass, he was great on GL).

    Back on topic of HW…why not bring Lorraine Broderick?(like someone said) Under her watch was the most I’ve enjoy AMC overall in a good while.

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    Megan McTavish at LEAST knows the characters well. The problem is, when she is pressured, or when they bother her, that’s when she puts out garbage and does all kinds of mean, spiteful things to the actors.

    Also, don’t forget that the Executive Producer Julie Hanan Carruthers an Frons need some of the blame too for green lighting certain things.

    Since she left, it’s been one horrible duo of hack writers after another. No offense to anyone, but I think AMC should just stop doing the whole Male X Female writing staff, because while the female part of the duo is a decent writer, the males usually are horrible soap writers. The last great male writer on AMC IMO was Wisner Washam who penned the show back in the 80’s.

    Sometimes the devil you know is better than the minor demons you don’t know. I said it once, I will say it again. David Kreizman belongs writing teen dramas or tween Nickelodeon Saturday Morning shows…he has no business trying to plot daytime dramas, or primetime dramas.

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    These people are doing everything but digging up the bodies of dead soap writers to head this show. I, also, thought it was reported that Lorraine Broderick declined an offer to be a permanent head writer for AMC.

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    I turend on AMC for the first time in at least a year on Monday and while it definately wasn’t good it was better than anything McTavish could come up with. McTavish is the worst writer AMC has ever had hands down. To me the show started its downward spiral when they brought her back in 1998 and she tried to turn the show into a Days rip off. I say just cancel AMC and cut your losses, its been on 41 years I think that is a pretty good run.

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    [quote=curacaoman]Lorraine Broderick, PLEASE![/quote]

    Honestly, I cannot understand why TIIC/TPTB cannot figure this out. Have they asked her and she’s declined? I would hope that isn’t the case; I would understand if she doesn’t want a major role in the forefront, but they should always keep her writing as I can always tell which scenes she’s been involved in. Amen to making her the head writer!

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    Megan will destroyed AMC worse than Pratt, D&D, and B&E combined, LOL. I just think that Frons needs to think outside the box and hired fresh new talented to revive AMC with Lorraine Broderick as creative consultant. Please no Megan, or just have her write the dialogue, I would accept that of her, LOL.

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    I’d be okay with McTavish coming back only if they made Lorraine Broderick her co-headwriter. Broderick could rein in some of McTavish’s more outlandish stunts.

    And AMC is more than the Kanes. Who cares about McTavish if her one selling point is that she can write the Kanes well?

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    Marland Fan

    These execs just don’t get it, do they? Why do they go to the same old, tired writers who have failed so many times before? Now is the time to bring in some brand new writing talent who can energize the show again.

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    Jesus H. Get Kesha Kollins to write this show.

    Although, I’m intrigued by a McT re-re-redux. She was writing when I first started watching AMC and soaps in general, so she was the foundation for which my love of the medium was formed. Hayley, Kendall, Gloria, The Santos, The Maricks,…Everything I love and miss.

    She also roped me back in with each of her returns and, although it was panned, I did enjoy the Cambias murder mystery. If only the Cambias fam died with Michael. Was it McT that did the Las Vegas showgirl Kane?

    An outrageous, anger inducing AMC is better than a boring AMC.

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    Daniel St. John

    I am not even on the bandwagon of hiring new writers from outside the soap world (even though I wouldn’t mind it) but why go back to the same dried up well that is Megan McTavish for the fourth time? If they want a veteran soap writer there has to be a few of them floating around who have not already proven that they are completely out of ideas for this show. I will give her praise for her first stint at AMC but with very return she has gotten worse and worse. McTavish killed Dixie with poison pancakes for God’s sake! That should be an unforgivable crime as far as I am concerned.

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    Megan McTrashy is TEN times better than Pratt or Kreizman!! I have actually enjoyed some of her stories over the years, such as her creation of Kendall Hart back in 1992 and Bianca’s baby switch story back in 2003. And I also agree that the Kane women, as well as GreenMe, were MUCH more interesting under her tenure.

    Is she a GREAT choice for the show?? No. I’d much rather see them recruit someone like Pam Long, Claire Labine, Michael Malone or Sheri Anderson.

    But she is definitely the lesser of the two evils.

    I really wish that Lorraine Broderick would step up and become head writer, but she seems to have no interest in helming a show again. Too bad.

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    [quote=lfad]I’d be okay with McTavish coming back only if they made Lorraine Broderick her co-headwriter. Broderick could rein in some of McTavish’s more outlandish stunts.

    And AMC is more than the Kanes. Who cares about McTavish if her one selling point is that she can write the Kanes well?[/quote]

    What Ifad said. I wouldn’t mind McT. if they had a co-writer to keep her in check. I started watching AMC around 2002 when GH’s Robin came to visit her mom, Anna in PV. Then I got pulled in by the Leo/Greenlee/Laura s/l, David/Dixie and Jesse McCartney’s JR, Liza vs. Adam, etc. Was all that during the McTavish years? The Proteus s/l was out there, but at least it had good acting. I loved David and Anna together; who wrote that? If it’s McT. and she could get Finola Hughes to come back. Anna was the best love David ever had, IMO.

    I really wish ABCD would look outside the usual suspects for a new HW, though. Does OLTL’s Ron Carilvati have an equally talented brother? ;) What about Sri Rao? He certainly understood GH’s characters and could write compelling story. What are the Labines doing these days, or the people from Santa Barbara? How about looking at primetime writers? What’s Gilmore Girls Amy Sherman Pallidino doing these days? Who wrote Sisters or writes Parenthood? They all write compelling stories that center around families. C’mon, ABCD! Find a writer who loves the show and understands the characters like the fans do. Find the best fan fic writer out there and have that person work w/ Lorraine Broderick or McT. This is your last chance to save AMC; don’t let us down!

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    Yeah, Curacaoman–

    She wrote for Guiding Light during the GLORY DAYS of the 80s, and she also created my favorite GL character of all time– Reva Shayne!!

    Many people criticized her work on Texas and other shows, but her track record is WAAAAYYY better than McTrashy’s!!!

    She understands family, character-driven intrigue and how to write interesting roles for women. I think she would be a great choice, and she’s probably looking for work.

    And why has no one approached Wisner Washam??? He co-wrote AMC with Agnes Nixon for much of the 80s and 90s!!!

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    How come AMC and OLTL keep getting changes behind the scenes but GH is STUCK with the same crappy EP and head writer for the last decade?!? It’s not fair!!!

    Nothing will change on ABC Daytime unless they get rid of Brian Frons himself. We might as well say goodbye to all 3 soaps.

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    The only good stint Megan McTavish had was her first one. She is responsible for creating characters such as Maria and Kendall. Her subsequent returns were awful. I don’t think I could forgive the poison pancake story. It actually doesn’t matter much to me anyways because I already gave up watching AMC.

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    Why is Brian Frons still at the helm? How many networks does he have to destroy before someone points the finger at him (or gives him the finger, in this case) Wasn’t he in charge in the 90’s at NBC when that deck of cards was collapsing?

    ALL the ABC soaps need revamping and GOOD Writers, but it seems that if they [writers] were allowed to do their jobs without his incessant meddling, his pushing his personal agendas & (propping his favorite pets) that ABC might survive him. Fire Frons First!

    Sri Rao would be a dream Head Writer if I had any say, but since ABC doesn’t listen to it’s fans, that’s what it will remain–just a dream.

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    “And AMC is more than the Kanes. Who cares about McTavish if her one selling point is that she can write the Kanes well?”

    I despise ALL the Kanes with the white-hot passion of a thousand suns, and since David was McTrashed right into oblivion because she claimed he had no more story, I’m really, truly OUT if that trainwreck happens again! Richard Culliton wrote Proteus and D/A, but I believe he’s a writer on Days now.

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    At least McTavish understand the characters and can write somewhat interesting storylines from time to time, they just need somebody to reel her in when she get’s pissed or comes up with a incredibly stupid idea. I think that’s the key, a writer and somebody to control the writer… that is not Frons.

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    No McTavish. She’s had her chances and she’s done terrible things. The fact that those who’ve come after her were worse doesn’t mean she deserves another shot. Next to no one has been surprised that Pratt and Kreizman et al failed miserably.

    My suggestion could be controversial as well since I’m suggesting another Peapack refugee but I’m wondering if Jill Lorie Hurst is up to the job. She seemed to have a better sense of GL than the rest of her writing team, she’s credited with getting Grant Aleksander to return. It’s purely baseless bias on my part but I’ve always credited her with what went right in the last year of GL and given her little of the blame for everything that went wrong.

    Or hey I’m really ducking for cover on this one but what about Lynn Marie Latham? Her version of Y&R wasn’t what I wanted that show to be but it was worlds better than AMC has been in 10-15 years.

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    I agree with your comments pertaining to Jill Lorie Hurst and GL.

    She might be a better choice than Megan “Poisoned Pancakes” McTavish.

    As for Killer Kreizman, he had no business writing for GL, AMC, ATWT or any other show.

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    Or hey I’m really ducking for cover on this one but what about Lynn Marie Latham? Her version of Y&R wasn’t what I wanted that show to be but it was worlds better than AMC has been in 10-15 years.[/quote]

    Dear God I wouldn’t want her on anyone. She was fired 3 years ago from Y&R and I’m still wondering today what the hell her plots were about! Next thing you know Jack and Erica would start a political campaign against each other to be senators for no reason!

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    Lynn Latham’s first “big story” would probably be to rewrite history to make Opal and Erica mother and daughter the same way she rewrote history to make Katherine/Jill mother and daughter!! She LOVES torching history and if she’d stuck around, Y&R would have CERTAINLY lost it’s #1 spot in the ratings!!!

    That moron needs to go back to primetime………or better yet, retire COMPLETELY!!!

    I did enjoy “Savannah”…..which was a primetime show that featured Jamie Luner and was canceled WAY too soon!!!!

    The only good thing she did for Y&R was putting the African American characters (Devon, Drucilla, Neil) on the frontburner, although Victoria Rowell was instrumental in helping her craft story during that period.

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    Courtney fan4life

    Wasn’t this the same trick that killed Dixie with pancakes? Buried Madden alive?

    Well we know one thing for sure. if she comes back babe for sure will be brought back from the dead. And it’ll become the carey hour again.

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    “And AMC is more than the Kanes. Who cares about McTavish if her one selling point is that she can write the Kanes well?”

    I like the Kanes but as well as McTavish wrote them in the beginning they were being destroyed too by the end of her run. Just about everyone was. McTavish starts out well and she can be entertaining but she has her flaws and as soon as she runs out of good ideas any knowledge she has of the show and its history and characters goes out the window and it becomes a plot driven mess. AMC near the end of her last run was unbearable. Plus she’s one of the people responsible for Ryan being the male “hero” of the show and Babe and her virtues that we were told about but she was never shown actually having being shoved in our faces all the time.

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    At50: Megan McTavish sounds a lot like James Reilly, may he rest in peace. He had great ideas and could do big events at Days of Our Lives, but then it became a trainwreck.
    I do remember McTavish’s reign at GH. As far as I’m concerned, she was awful with at least one storyline, which was the one where Stavros had been frozen and brought back to life. It was absolutely awful. That storyline stands out the most.

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    [quote=Smooshiest][quote=curacaoman]Lorraine Broderick, PLEASE![/quote]

    They should offer her a nice pay package and BEG! Lorraine B. knows this show — she wrote under Agnes Nixon, for god’s sakes, she got oodles of critical acclaim, and a mountain of Emmy’s. Too bad Wisner Washam is probably too old to pen it with her. That duo would be AMAZING together! But if they need a duo, why not Kate Hall and Broderick! Hall’s script-writing is beyond stellar — I’m sure her story-telling abilities would be comparable.

    I liked some of what K&S did — like the JR/Annie storyline. But what he’s doing to them now is beyond stupid…the angst train can’t just be trianges/quads with these two. Time to let them be together, and THEN give them angst. We’ve only been waiting for this for 10 months — maybe Jacob Young & Missy Egan should just head over to Y&R, where the writers actually give fans the couples that they like! (And much, much faster!)

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    Well, say what you like about McTavish. I think that a big problem with AMC, is that the show and the characters are so far removed from the show’s history. It would make more sense to hire writers who have had experience with Agnes Nixon, or past success with All My Children.

    You saw what happened when Lorraine B took the helm last year, right? We got some great stuff that really called upon the history of the show, and the characters.

    Each time AMC gets new writers, it’s doomed to fail, unless it’s someone who is really familiar with All My Children.

    Much like young people get into soaps through a parent, grandparent, aunt, etc…I think soap writing should be the same, where successful seasoned writers take on apprentice writers to take over and maintain that history.

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    Megan Worked The First time around Cause Felicia Mini Behr Was EOP and She & Megan worked Well Together. Thats The Key The EP & HW’s Visons have To Be On The Same Page

    DH is at Days Until KC Leaves Cause DH stayed During the strike & he Loves her For It

    Pam Long would be great as would Claire Labine But i sat Offer It again to Lorriane First

    What about Nancy curlee Or Stephen Demorest?

    SRi Rao is a great writer and would Kick ass especially at GH but Rao has said that Daytime Moves to fast For him

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    I have been enjoying AMC this past year like posted by before. I think the past year it has gotten better. I like the JR/Marissa/Scott/Annie stuff. I also like the Ryan/Madison stuff. I like David. Prefer David with Greenlee. Would like to see the two scorned lovers start payback. To me they are so much alike. I just never get the Adam crap. I tried to watch before the last year and couldn’t take it. You remember, every time I tried to watch I Kendall was locked in a room. It was so stupid. I like Kendall and Griffin but I don’t want to watch Kendall all the time. I sometimes wonder if they save money having her on every day. I personally think GH is in bad shape. AMC has kept my attention.

    I have to add, all opinions are subjective. I don’t always agree, in fact alot, with the critics, etc. I feel my opinions are just as good as their opinions. I watch all the soaps. I started watching all the soaps that are left three years ago. OLTL is the best. GH is the worst. IMHO

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    I think that AMC is getting better but McTrashy, I can’t stand, the reason I stopped watching after Dixie and her poison pancakes…PLEASE. McTrashy didn’t last long when she helmed GL, because of her outragous plots…remember “Marion” the drag queen that killed Nadine? If anything and they are going to clean house AGAIN, this has to be getting expensive for the Disney. Fire the EP, writers, and Frons. Bring back some quality back to AMC. Pam Long would be good, Clare Labine would be excellent choice, hell have Anges come in ground everything as story consultant and let her hire the writers. All ABC soaps are hurting and I just read yesterday that “The Talk” has beaten OLTL the last couple of weeks which is serious trouble. I won’t watch the Chenbitch, can’t stand her and because still smarting over ATWT. OLTL had been good for serveral weeks, but what is it they just can’t sustain the story. Both AMC and OLTL goes into stupid mode and loses its fire or messes a good story up and then wonders why? OLTL, stories are stronger right now then either AMC or GH but Ron needs to focus and stop throwing bullshit dream sequences or stop rehashing something old again to fill up holes. AMC actually I one of the few that is getting better, they do need to recast “Damon” I read with Tom Plephry excellent choice, him and Michael K. and Jamie L. could be very interesting and “Jonthan & Tammy” was huge on GL, and would give Madison her own story. A fight of custody over this child. If McTrashy returns I haven’t invested alot of time so I will leave.

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    I would prefer Lorraine Broderick and/or Claire Labine, at least LB knows the characters and the history of the show.

    Unfortunately, McTavish’s last reign was TERRIBLE, I wouldn’t want her back.

    But Julie Hanan Carruthers and even better Frons should be replace as well.

    The new writers should be given carte blanche to do what they want and not have Frons breathing down their necks.

    They better get it together or else AMC will be the next soap canceled.

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    At this point, I just don’t give a crap as long as Frons is in charge. Seriously, it really doesn’t matter if it was McTavish, or my personal preferences Broderick or Labine. As long as Frons is in charge of ABC Daytime, none of the shows will ever reach their full potential on a prolonged consistent basis. For all the praise that OLTL and in some cases GH has received, there have been some unfortunate, and really if you think about it, unnecessary dumb calls (ex: GH’s Brenda’s reintroduction and the weakening of her character, the elimination of Fish, etc.).

    As much as I like THE VIEW, I wish it would suffer a ratings crisis because seriously, as the DC crew has pointed out, that’s the main reason why Fronsy still has his job. I’m sick of this Frons reign. I truly am. Until that change, there’s no point in talking about changes in Executive Producers and Head Writers. You have to start from the top and I’m just tired of wracking my brains to figure out what it would take for TPTB at Disney/ABC to kick Frons’ tired stocky ass to the curb.

    Here’s a question, and maybe it belongs on a different thread or should be featured on an upcoming DC episode but if God was merciful and Frons was fired, who would be a great replacement for that position, taking in consideration someone who has proven a love, knowledge, and dedication to the daytime drama genre? I would go with Lorraine Broderick as Chief of ABC Daytime and bring in Claire Labine to both EP and Head Write AMC, or the other way around. I know that would probably never happened but that’s my pick.

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    I don’t understand why ABC keeps on hiring the same old hack writers over and over again.Barbara Esensten and James Harmon Brown were the head writers like 3 years ago,then replaced by Chuck Pratt.
    Now i see B.E. and J.H.B.are writing for the show again as breakdown writers.What gives?
    I say get some real writers in there.Claire Labine,Susan Dansby,Sally Sussman Morina,Kay Alden,Victoria Rowell,etc….. I mean really,they wonder why the daytime genre is dying.
    Writers to never hire:Lynn Marie Latham,Megan McTavish.
    Put Felicia Minei Behr as executive producer and head writer.No McTavish please.

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