Not Even Ernesto Could Permanently Keep DAYS’ Bo and Hope Apart!

Greetings from the Land Down Under! With Bo and Hope (Peter Reckell and Kristian Alfonso) currently facing their 5 millionth obstacle, I thought I would post this nostalgic, tragic, but classic Days of Our Lives clip that reinforces their romantic history. I remember when this scene aired many moons ago, and I can assure you that there was not one dry eye in the house.

I’m sure those long time fans who have put up, shut up and soaked up the drama from these two over the years will remember this one well. It’s a shame that the show forgot the past when they played out her characters return to the show many years later. As it seemed, Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) was to blame for everyone’s disappearances in Salem, but all know it was Ernesto Toscano. 

I think DAYS is missing a good, old-fashioned tragic storyline like this. Don’t you think it’s time they send some people away and torture them for a few months? Who cares who’s responsible, we all know Stefano will cop the blame for it later!


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    Jamey Giddens

    Those were all re-writes of history Alistair Crane. What Brian was conveying was originally it was Ernesto. I wasn’t a fan of how every disaster from Marlena’s plane crash to Hope’s faked death, were re-written as all the works of Stefano.

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    Actually, it’s Greta von Amberg who cries out “Bo!” at the end and blows up. ;-)

    (Remember, Greta was studying acting and was hired to “play” Hope in a “scene” due to her resemblance to Hope. When Ernesto “poofed” into the cage [at 8:10], he switched Hope with Greta. I loved the Princess Gina story and remember every little detail!)

    I remember seeing this scene so many times when Kristian Alfonso returned as Gina and then a few years later when Bo was searching for “Swamp Girl” (wasn’t a fan of how they re-edited this flashback when Robert Kelker-Kelly played Bo). I’ve always loved it even though I didn’t actually see it the first time around.

    Apparently there was a scene that takes place after this one where Ernesto takes off with Hope on his speedboat, but they chose not to air because it would be easier to pair Bo with Carly if the audience didn’t have any “hope” that Hope was still alive.

    And you’re half right about Stefano and Ernesto: Yes, Ernesto was responsible for Hope’s disappearance, but he was working with Stefano and they arranged it together.

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    I’m well aware, Jamey, but the new facts of history are that it was Greta in the cage at the end and that Ernesto wasn’t working alone. So now when we watch these scenes, we have to keep the “truth” in mind.

    I loved that Stefano was responsible for everything. At least with Hope they did a very good job of explaining how and why he ended up with her. The Patch/Stefano thing was lazy and didn’t explain any Lawrence/Stefano connection. I also don’t think they did a good job of explaining how Stefano got Marlena away from Orpheus, but you have to give the writers credit for explaining Hope’s disappearance. They even used flashbacks with Ernesto to show us how it happened, and he hadn’t even been on the show for almost a decade! Today’s current writers would NEVER go to that length. *sigh*

    FYI: For a brief period from late 1990-early 1991, Stefano had Marlena, Roman, Hope, and Patch all in his custody at the same time! Loves it! Stefano is soaps’ definitive SUPERVILLAIN!

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    I agree, Stefano is probably the most POWERFUL male villain in daytime HISTORY, but Dena Higley has watered him down so much in recent years!! Sometimes, it seems that he’s one step away from baking cookies and doing laundry!! LOL!

    Peter Reckell was so YUMMY back in the 80s and early 90s, even with that SCRUFFY beard (UGH!)

    I know that soaps don’t have the budget for stuff like this anymore, but I truly wish that more soaps could provide such a level of TRUE suspense and “on-the-edge-of your-seat moments” such as this. Most soap “twists” have simply become so predictable and blah!!

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    Alstonboy, I completely agree! They’ve practically neutered Stefano! I want him to be a “supervillain” again, not a glorified grandpa! Maybe this is his version of retirement. The stolen organs storyline that is just being revealed is, to use your word, blah. It’s probably another one of Dena Higley’s “bright” ideas.

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    Let’s just hope that Stefano doesn’t start appearing in AARP commercials anytime soon!! At that point, we will have absolute proof that “the Phoenix” will never rise again! LOL!!!! :party: :party:

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    Stefano has become so pathetic and neutered. Why in the EFF would Will hang out with Stefano when that man kidnapped Will’s grandmother over a dozen times??? Not to mention all the other evil things Stefano has done to the Bradys!!!

    Circa 1996, when Stefano held Marlena captive in the golden cage in Paris, I was TERRIFIED of him. Literally terrified. Stefano was the scariest character on television as far as I was concerned. Now he’s just so…blah. The last good scheme Stefano cooked up was faking John’s death and turning him back into the Pawn.

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    Heh. Alstonboy. It’s so sad that the best evil Stefano can do is the organ transplant fiasco. He can just go on drinking his wine or whatever the he** he’s drinking.

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    A-Crane, I have forgotten much of what happened on DAYS back in the late 90s, with the exception of Carrie punching Sami out at the wedding and Eileen Davidson’s MULTIPLE characters!!

    Yeah, and he practically let Nicole off the hook for what she did to EJ!! The old Stefano would have had her tarred and feathered! And ditto to Sami for all the crap she’s done to EJ!!!!

    Dena Higley is focusing so much of her energy on EJ and Sami that she’s forgotten about Stefano!!! She wants us to believe that marriage has turned Stefano into a “changed man,” but I don’t buy it!!

    He’s supposed to be a villain, not a ‘Stepford husband’!!!! I know Joe Mascolo is BORED TO DEATH over his lack of storyline!!!!!! He should have stayed on B&B as Massimo!!!!

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    Days (and Stefano) was at its best from 93-97. Stefano was still pretty evil even when his focus shifted to Princess Gina/Hope.

    Who can forget scarfaced Rachel Blake shooting Stefano to “death” in the Paris catacombs causing a massive explosion and cave-in?

    I also remember Stefano being captured soon after bringing Roman back to Salem. He was kept in a plexiglass prison cell until he plea bargained his way out of it by accompanying John and Hope to the jungle and retrieving the flower that could cure Roman’s disease.

    My favourite Stefano moment? Learning that “Kristen” had died, blasting his opera music and breaking down in tears. BRILLIANT!!! Where’s that Stefano, Pigley???

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    You know what? They should really bring Ernesto back!!! We don’t know if he’s dead or alive (in ’98, Stefano made a cryptic comment to Rolf about Ernesto, saying that “he isn’t talking” which could be interpreted that Ernesto was dead…but that’s not necessarily the case).

    My idea: Bring Ernesto back as Vivian’s love interest! Have Vivian meet a man off-screen and start dating. Victor is intrigued: who is Vivian’s new man? Then, in a dramatic reveal, Ernesto shows up! Vivian plays Ernesto and Vivian against one another. Ernesto takes an interest in his “grandson” Brady’s life, much to Victor’s chagrin. From there, drama ensues, culminating in a dramatic magic show!

    Do it up, Days, you unimaginative dumbasses!!

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    I think that Dena is too busy trying to “create her own history” and make her own mark on this show to pay any real homage to it’s past. And from what I’ve seen, she seems to only do baby stories, baby stories and more baby stories.

    I doubt she even knows who Ernesto is/was………LOL!!!

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    Hmm..Not sure what Dena Higley knows about Days past. She was an associate head writer from 1985-2003. You can’t tell it from the crappy writing she subjects viewers to.

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    Well, there are rumors running rampant that she doesn’t even WRITE the show. You know, that she’s just a TOY SOLDIER for Ken Corday and has no real job title. I don’t know if there’s any truth to that. I guess we’ll never know.

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    hmmmmm. I’m not sure if that is true, but maybe so. I still think that the same thing is happening over at Y&R. The idiotic storylines have Paul Rauch and especially Hogan Sheffer written all over them.

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    Brian Peel

     I even suggest an ‘on location’ shoot – some island compound in the land far far away. Ernesto’s return or a sensational Stefano/Ernesto tag team. Now that would be ‘the dream’ 

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    One of my favourite stories of all time was Kristian Alfonso’s return as Gina. In retrospect I don’t remember why they didn’t test her DNA against one of the Hortons, but no matter. Gina’s search for the puzzle box and FINALLY getting her hands on it at Carrie and Austin’s botched wedding was awesome. For months Gina had come so close, and it was very suspenseful. Somehow Abby ended up with it, and Mark Valley’s Jack gave it to Gina.I remember the look of panic on Billie’s face when Gina was opening the box.

    Then Peter Reckell returned as Bo and I remember being mad because people were STILL not accepting Gina as Hope even though she’d opened the box! It wasn’t until they were at the Brady Pub and they found Hope’s letter to Bo on their wedding day in the box, and Gina started reciting it from memory, that everyone accepted Gina as Hope. Fortunately Hope’s fingerprint was on the letter and it matched Gina’s.

    Even then, it was still a couple more weeks til Hope got her memories back! She was working on target practice when the blast of the gunshot knocked her unconscious. We got a parade of wonderful flashbacks as her memory returned. Loved it!

    It wasn’t until a couple of years later that Hope began the search into her missing years as Gina. It was a wise move on JER’s part, as he used the two years in between to re-establish the character of Hope Williams. Eventually she confronted Stefano about it while he was in jail and snuck away on the plane to Stefano’s jungle compound so she could look into it. That’s when Dr. Rolf was introduced, and Hope was reprimanded for almost uncovering something hidden beneath a tarp. We never did find out what it was.

    I really liked the Princess Gina story under Sally Sussman-Morina but Tom Langan got a little carried away with it (like when Gina had a facelift and took over Hope’s life while Hope was trapped in the castle with Stefano, eventually leading to the big showdown in France after John’s plane crashed and everyone ended up on a desert island). That being said, it would be tons of fun to revisit Gina. I remember when Nicholas Alamain returned, he mentioned that he and his parents Lawrence and Carly had met Princess Gina after they left Salem and returned to Europe.

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    I always hated this scene. Hope screaming Bo over and over and everyone pretending to be held back by some invisible menace but they wanted to leap forward. It was messy and dark. Noone really did well in this scene. I found it sad at the time that this was Bo and Hopes final scene together.
    Victor and Julie were just throw ins. Faux Roman was like a bull on a chain.
    Anyway to weigh in on Stephano. I was always hoping that there was a grand master plan to Stephano’s weird behavior of kidnappings and etc. There seemed to be during the Pawn story. But really nothing ever came out of it. Oh later on they did say stuff about revenge about Stephano’s father being in love with a Brady nun but that seemed weak. I had a good one in mind but it would be too late to implament it. Too many people have gone on. I do like how Stephano is being portrayed now days. I find him to be a man who knows his mortality and he is struggling between his own afterlife and the legacy that he is leaving behind. There have been times that Stephanos age has shown through like his occasional lapse into italian.
    Even without him being an ubervillian, he is still the most fascinating character on the show. But its all in the acting choices because it certainly is not in the writing. I did like his lion’s roar at Chad yesterday. It was like saying yeah I might be old but I do have a little bit left in here! Ya better head my words!

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    I loved the Gina/Hope storyline too. What bothered me about the storyline was that idiot (yes idiot!) Tom Langan made it to where brainchips were involved and that was jus stupid. Dr. Rolf could have done any number of things (medicine, brainwashing, hypnosis) to make John do their bidding or Hope think she was Gina. Tom Langan was just trying to be like James Reilly and it was really embarassing. I nearly did cart-wheels when he was fired! :)

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    Technically it was Sally Sussman who wrote the microchip aspect of the Princess Gina story (as well as the microchip in Vivian’s tooth). I really loved those sci-fi elements. Tom Langan wrote the horrid “Princess Gina takes over Hope’s life” story where she married Bo and almost shot Shawn off the balcony at the Penthouse Grille. He also had Gina’s dead body make several appearances: first when it floated up out of the swamp that Eric and Greta were swimming in; then again when her casket fell open and her corpse pointed to the turret with Stefano and Hope inside; and finally when crazy Kurt dug up her dead body and held it close to his heart!

    But it wasn’t the outlandish elements of Langan’s writing that I had a problem with. It was his characterization and lack of regard for history. Remember when they brought Brady back as a punk who hated Marlena? Then they tried to paint Marlena out as this evil bitch who was jealous of Isabella and wouldn’t allow pictures of her in the house? GMAFB!!!

    You’re right about Tom Langan—he was Reilly-esque but not in a good way! He lacked the talent to make it convincing. Tom Langan’s writing is the reason I quit Days for 2 years in August 2001. His crappy stories just added up and breaking up Phloe in favour of Blo-me just pushed me right out the door til JER came back.

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    AlistairCrane: I sort of agree with what you’re saying. And I looked at Wikipedia after thinking about it for a second because I thought I remembered that Sally Sussman Morina created that storyline in summer of ’99. I just think the microchip thing is too outlandish, ever for Days. I guess it could work, considering that there is some literature about Revelations and microchips being implanted in peoples’ wrists.
    You’re certainly right about Tom Langan’s bad writing. Everything he touched turned to poop! I hated his tenure. Three years of pure torture was what it was! I was also disappointed with Brash and Cwikly when they wrote the Gemini Twins thing with the “space capsule.” Otherwise, they were pretty creative and I enjoyed the return of Tony, although the characterization of him was not what it should have been. That’s one thing that Hogan Sheffer did right, changing the character to Andre. Man, I’m getting off on a lot of tangents! :)

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    See, I liked the Gemini Twins because Days is at its best when it’s doing outlandish, sci-fi/supernatural stories. It certainly beats the “character-driven” crap Dena Higley spews!

    Not a fan of Thaao Penghlis so I wasn’t impressed with his return(s) over the years. I only liked him when “Tony” came up with that evil plot to kill himself and frame John. Or when he was blind. That was entertaining!

    Funny, we STILL don’t know who Greta’s father is. When Gina was dying, she revealed the man’s identity to Greta off-screen, and Greta later claimed the man was currently in Salem. John and Stefano are too obvious, and anyone else (like, say, Victor) would have picked up on the resemblance between Gina and Hope. Roman would be a good choice because they could say Stefano removed the memories of his fling with Princess Gina, but Roman already has so many kids he never sees (Cassie, Rex, Eric, Carrie). Lawrence Alamain would’ve been an interesting choice but he wasn’t in Salem when Gina died (unless they say she was confused/lying).

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