AWESOMENESS: Wendy Williams to Host “Access Llanview” on One Life to Live!

Who better to appear on daytime’s most "How You Doin?" soap opera than Wendy Williams? According to, the talk queen will guest on One Life to Live for two episodes this Spring. Williams will be playing the role of Phyllis Rose, host of Access Llanview. I love it!

Look for Phyllis to profile Llanview’s most scandalous bunch of Texas transports, the Buchanans, in a special entitled "The Buchanans: A Family Under Siege". Williams is reportedly set to tape the eppys on Jan. 12. Look for her to air on March 2 and March 28, the latter airshow also features Kourtney Kardashian. Please, please, please, Soap Gods let David Vickers Buchanan (Tuc Watkins) be a part of these shenanigans! 


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    Finally, someone at ABC is starting to get some PR savvy. Maybe Wendy could host some of the OLTL actor on her real show as a cross promotional event?

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    Say what you will about Wendy Williams, but at least she knows how to shake things up, and she’s not stuffy and censored to death like those ‘DESPERATE STEPFORD WIVES’ on “The Talk.” BLECCHHHH!!

    Now I must go resist the urge to regurgitate!!!!!

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    TV Gord

    alstonboy, I am SO with you on those people on The Talk. I watched it today as they tried to wring every last drop of emotion out of the Arizona tragedy. It was SO forced and SO artificial that I was just staring at the TV slackjawed. I love Sara Gilbert and I am certain this is not the show she envisioned. What a mess. It’s not even a hot mess, to use the popular phrase. It’s a freaking COLD mess! I hate being a rubber-necker, but I just can’t stop watching how BAD this show can be. Truly, The Talk leaves me speechless! (Well, not quite, obviously… ;-)).

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    TV Gord–

    I hear you. These women seemed to be soooo much more interesting in other venues, with the exception of Chenbot, who has ALWAYS been terminally boring (as far as I’m concerned!)

    Well, I must admit that I have seen a FEW moments where Chenbot has been SLIGHTLY interesting/relatable, but they have been few!!!

    I still can’t believe that anyone is TRULY enjoying this hot mess!! It’s like REALLY BAD generic food!! You only want to eat it when you are absolutely STARVING or when you only have access to one television channel!!!

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    TV Gord

    LOL! YES! The View is organic. At least you know people are speaking their mind and they aren’t being politically correct. The Talk is the opposite of organic. They are totally processed!

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    The Talk is the worst talk show going. Yuck. …..Now I can’t stand any of them. Sara G looks totally uncomfortable. J Chen is robot. Sharon is stupid and does not come off wise. One of my favorite shows was King of Queens. I didn’t know it was possible to really start hating Lea R. In other words, the show is killing all their careers. …..

    On the other hand, I like Wendy. I tape her show. ..She is on the same time as The View where I live. She has a pretty good audience. So hopefully they will tune in to see their “girl.” And then stay

    “How are ya?”

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    TV Gord

    I took a little swipe at Wendy, but even though I don’t watch her, her show seems to be about having fun, and I’m never opposed to that. I watch Chelsea Lately, even though I can’t stand Chelsea Handler much. I just enjoy a good laugh, and I get one or two every night on her show.

    pumpkin, I can’t get over how much I cannot stand Leah Remini! Her level of intolerance to anything she refuses to try to understand just astounds me. I have to wonder whether the people in charge of this show have told her that has to be her role, and she forces it. I don’t want to believe she is really that big a jerk! So far, though, she seems to be staying in character pretty consistently.

    I’m sure this show will be cancelled before too long (it will probably be turned into The Julie Chen Show first, for obvious reasons, but I’ll be very surprised to see this show celebrate its 5th anniversary). I could see another View-like show surviving on TV, but The Talk is not the one.

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    The Airdates are March 2 and March 28. My guess is March 2 is the same episode of Matthew’s plea and March 28 Matthew’s sentencing for killing Eddie Ford. (This is not a spoiler, just my guess as Matthew has been my guess along.)


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    TV Gord

    [quote=gato1]Say what you like about WW, but at the very least OLTL is trying things!.[/quote]

    You know what? Absolutely! I agree with this completely! WW may be an idiot, but that doesn’t mean her viewers are! If they come over to the Llight side, hey, welcome aboard! :-D

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