Kelly Monaco and Thad Luckinbill at Hallmark Channel’s 2011 TCA Press Tour

Check out General Hospital’s Kelly Monaco (pictured with Heath Freeman above), former The Young and the Restless star Thad Luckinbill and former The Bold and the Beautiful and The Vampire Diaries star Kayla Ewell at Hallmark Channel’s 2011 TCA Winter Press Tour event on January 7, in Los Angeles.

Thad Luckinbill

Kelly Monaco

Kayla Ewell

Kelly Monaco

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  1. Profile photo of PatriniaJ

    Is it me, or does Kelly look pregnant? The 1st side shot her breast look fuller and her face seems fuller. The 2nd and 3rd shot with the see thru part of her shirt looks like a little bit of a bump. What does anyone else think.

  2. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Patrina I dont know about that..maybe…but what I have noticed is that it seems this guy really makes her happy. I dont remember seeing much of the guy that she was with for 18 years, but I see photos of her and Heath all over. I wasnt a huge KeMo fan until DWTS, but during that show – the heaps of criticism she took, the way John O’Hurley behaved (that he and the boy band guy deserved to be in the final and his I should have one melt down on Larry King) etc. etc. – she handled it all with grace and humility. She seems like a nice person and the fact that she seems to have so many IRL friendships with so many of the DWTS people and so many of the cast members at GH suggests she is a truly nice person. I am glad to see that she has someone special in her life treating her well and making her smile.

  3. Profile photo of mcmegan

    I agree with you PatriniaJ. A couple of months ago on twitter she kept talking about how she was sick. Now with the storyline poping up on today’s ep and she was wearing a big and baggy shirt (which I thought was odd). Now these pics. Who knows maybe I am making something out of nothing.

  4. Profile photo of Soap_fan_forever

    Ha I kinda thought the same thing soon as I saw the pic of Kelly.
    If it’s true congrats to them and I wish them the best!!:)

    I don’t think her breasts look any bigger than normal lol and if she was preggers I don’t think she’s far enough that when tapping the episodes airing now they’d really need to do any covering…could be wrong tho.
    Plus i’m not quite sure if you were preggers and starting to show but still wanting to hide it why you wear a shirt like that…just my opinion.:)

    But if you look at more photos from the event on a fansite it def. looks like it a little bit esp. since she is very much in shape and if you go back to an event from a couple months ago it doesn’t look like but I def. could be reading to much into it and she just had a nice dinner before the photos were taken lol.

  5. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    Damn I hate when I agree with the masses..but she does look preggo (good for her if she is)

    I agree with EET (First sign of the apocolypse :P ) she truly seems happy now with Heath, and after being with someone for so long before its nice that she was able to jump head first again.

    But I also agree with Alston…that outfit is beyond horrible and not fitting of someone so visually stunning

  6. Profile photo of beans4metoo

    I don’t think she looks pregnant but I agree with Alston and Raven, my first thought was WHAT is up with that outfit? Now, I know that GH dresses Kelly trashy in character as Sam but I’ve never really seen pics of how she dresses outside of work. But upon seeing this outfit, my thoughts are that it is trashy. I’m all for if you got it, flaunt it, but there is a time and a place. The shirt would’ve been great for a club maybe, but a Hallmark Channel event? The Hallmark Channel plays family shows and family oriented movies so I think this outfit is a bit trashy and out of place for this event.

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