A Martinez Joins The Bold and the Beautiful

Cruz lives! TV Guide’s Michael Logan is reporting A Martinez has landed the role Dr. Ramon Montgomery, a good friend of Bill’s (Don Diamont), on The Bold and The Beautiful. Look for Dollar Bill to ask his bud to perform a paternity test on Amber’s (Adrienne Frantz) baby. Martinez will appear on B&B for four episodes starting Feb. 9.

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    LOVE A Martinez! I wish it was longer than 4 eppys though. It confuses me as to why an excellent actor like Martinez is not on my screen full time yet someone like Yvonne Zima is. WHY?

  2. Profile photo of cher62

    I want that handsome sexy man back with Dorian on OLTL! Come back Ray! I just adore A and will watch B&B to catch him. Grumble. Grumble. He needs to be back with Dorian on OLTL in a huge way.

  3. Profile photo of Nathang1983

    Darn. I was hoping he would play Rafe’s dad on Days. I’d love for them to bring on his parents some day. Rafe does kind of annoy me since he’s on all the time, but I like the idea of a new family on the show. I can’t think of anyone to play his mother unless the woman who played Pilar on Passions did.

  4. Profile photo of Blackjaxs

    OLTL keeps on loosing it’s wrongfully discarded actors to B&B. Ray was the best paring that Dorian had since Mel. Congrats A, if you were stil on OLTL they would have had you played Rex’s father by now and try to blow up Llanfair with Starr and Hope tied to the staircase inside.

  5. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    A Martinez has chemistry with the furniture on the sets. Cruz was perhaps the best hero ever on daytime. I can not figure out why no soap can or will use him to his potential. He and Eden literally were Santa Barbara. When they were gone so was the show. Someone like that could not help but boost the ratings given the right character to play. Doesn’t someone need a new cop or priest? I like someones idea of Rafe’s father on Days. But wouldn’t it be more unusual if Rafe’s father where a catholic priest? Maybe one that is questioning his vows when he meets a certain Carly Manning? Hmmmm……

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