Will a Dynasty Prequel Make it to The Big Screen?

Grab your chinchilla coats! E! Online is reporting a prequel to uber camp-tastic, 80’s soap Dynasty could be heading for the big screen! Set in the 60’s, the movie will center around Blake learning he is the heir to the Carrington fortune and his romance with Alexis. Dynasty creator Richard Shapiro stated:

"We’ve given thought to the movie before and we’ve been approached by a lot of companies, but no one seemed to have a proper fix on it. Then suddenly we said, ‘Let’s do it [ourselves]!’—and we’re the ones to do it."

The movie is still in being shopped to studios and casting has yet to start. OMG, I am total soap heaven right now! I’ve always wanted to see how Blake and Alexis’ love affair started. We know Alexis could rock a pair of shoulder pads, I wonder how she’ll pull off bell bottoms and go-go boots? 

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    This sounds ineresting. However if this is about Alexis and Blake’s inital romance wouldn’t it be set in the 50’s or even 40’s? The two would have had to have been married sometime in the 50’s seeing as Fallon and Steven would have been born in the 50’s or maybe early 60’s.

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    Eh…I don’t know how I feel about this. I LOVE the series and it’s characters, but does the general public really care anymore? Especially since it’s planning to be on the big screen. Is this movie going to be serious or like a parody type thing? Wouldn’t a made for TV movie be better? Or better, a new TV show, “Dynasty: The Next Generation” featuring Christina, L.B., Danny, and others :)

    Just my two cents :)

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    According to “Dynasty: The Authorized Biography of the Carringtons” (yes, I got it when it first was published in 1984!), Blake and Alexis wed in 1954. Adam was born in 1955, Fallon in 1956, and Steven in 1958.

    However, switching up the history doesn’t bother me too much, as long as it’s a well-cast, wonderfully told and entertaining show.

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    Duh, I didn’t catch that it’s intended to be a feature film. Well, I do think my initial comments stand, other than it being an entertaining “show.” It could be a lot of fun with filming in international locales and sophisticated camp appeal.

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    I think that Blake could be played by Josh Brolin. Alexis by Rachel McAdam. I also think they should just reimage Dynasty for the 00. Krystal could be played by Gwyenth Paltrow.

    Rachel and Josh do look like a young Joan Collins/John Forsyth.

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    :bigsmile: It would only work if they could get the original cast, like Dallas, it was such an iconic series they defined the ’80’s; they finally came around on the new Dallas series, most of the cast is coming back but Linda Grey is a hold out, perhaps more money. But I just don’t think it’s going to work. They just don’t understand ’80’s was a different world then, we are not an oil country anymore, don’t know what Ewing oil is going to do. All these remakes forget about the shows history and it’s fans. I hope they both bring back their kick ass theme music too. And what about Falcon Crest and Knots Landing, I’m I straight guy, but I liked the night time soaps, couldn’t get cable where I’m from, didn’t have much to chose from, where great shows, but Jane Wyman would be greatly missed, she made the show

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    Alexis should be played by a real English actress. Hardly any American actress can do that accent well. Kate Beckinsale or Minnie Driver could probably do the part justice. Both are brunettes and both are good at doing campy, bitchy roles.

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    I can easily imagine both those actresses as Alexis, 6-soaps. The only thing is that Minnie is over 40 and Kate is almost that age. When Blake and Alexis first met, she was supposedly barely out of finishing school.

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    Yes the ’80’s was a different time. But I watching for it, about the new Dallas series recently CMT had Dallas reruns, it was such a flash back, people using pay phones other tech at that time, the cars the styles, I sure miss that time; I hate these remakes. But it sounds promising, Since they aren’t forgetting about the shows history and it’s fans.

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    Dynasty was a classic, especially the first few years. I think it went downhill and I stopped watching it after Pamela Sue-Martin left and they started all that stupid Moldavia stuff. I don’t really think this would do well as a feature film. Recent Dynasty-themed shows on TV such as the reunion in 2006 totally flopped.

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    I would pull one of those Star Wars/Harry Potter/Twilight fan moves and wait in line at the theatre the night before to get tickets to see this!

    My only problem didn’t Blake grow up poor? I know his dad left him a lot of money when he died, but didn’t he make that later in Blake’s life? Blake and Alexis were not rich when they were first wed, there was no “Carrington fortune” for him to inherit until season 4. That would sort of make his and Cecil Colby’s rivalry and thus te basis for Alexis’ power for most of the series null and void. Cecil was a snob and didn’t like how the self made Blake got Alexis and other things.

    Even with that, this makes me happy although I would prefer an updated show. The US is still very much an oil company. I went to college with some members of the family that Dallas is based on (some of the nicest people I know), as well as plenty of other people whose parents worked for big TX oil. It would be relevant and awesome to see LB, Danny, any of Adam’s kids (who would automatically be my favorites) grown up and fighting over ColbyCo and DenverCarrington. And if they bring Joan Collins in on this, I would be beyond ecstatic.

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