The View’s Elisabeth Hasselbeck: “I Never Feel Ganged Up On”

The View’s Elisabeth Hasselbeck made an appearance on The O’Reilly Factor last night to discuss the recent, tragic shootings in Arizona. Host Bill O’Reilly asked Hasselbeck if she thought her colleagues on the ABC talk show "ganged up" on her. Hasselbeck replied,
"I never feel ganged up on."
Watch the questioning unfold at the 2:38 mark after the jump!


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    TV Gord

    I am much, much, much, much more on the left than Elisabeth is, but I respect her role on The View. I think her answer here was cool that she can hold her own against Joy and Whoopi because she has kids under five! LOL!

    When I heard her say on The View yesterday that her book was out in paperback, I went out and got it right away. I’m reading it now and I think it’s actually going to help me. I’ve noticed a lot (especially since Thanksgiving and beyond) that no matter how little I eat, I feel bloated and bilious afterwards. I don’t think I have Celiac Disease, but from what I’ve read so far, I think I have developed an intolerance to gluten. I will be talking to my doctor about this. I’m glad my mind isn’t closed to learning from someone with whom I disagree philsophically. Her book has been quite illuminating.

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    Elizabeth Hasslebleep should be happy that she HAS such a cushy job!! She gets paid to sit in a chair and run her mouth—–where do I sign up?????? I have NEVER liked her, but I respect the fact that she’s not throwing her co-workers under the bus!!!!

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    Restless Vixen

    I don’t agree with Elizabeth Hasselbeck politically on most issues based on the occasions when I get to watch The VIew. But I never got a sense that she plays the poor little Lone Conservative on the show, which is the drum O’Reilly kept trying to beat during that interview. I’ve always thought she gives it as good as she gets it. It’s really cool she didn’t throw her co-hosts under the bus. I think she’s done that before pretty recently – avoided villifying her cohosts. And why did he keep using their lasts names? He just comes off as a total jerk to me. I don’t care if he cuts for the Rents Too Damn High movement – a jerk is a jerk. I also found it awesome that she kinda looked insulted by him telling her what he would have said. Elizabeth is more than capable of defending her position from what I’ve seen, which she seemed to be doing in that clip.

    It’s behavior like O’Reilly’s in that interview that make people feel the way they do about certain political pundits, on both sides. Why does everything have to be reduced to the adversarial “Us” v/s “Them”? People act like conservatives and liberals or the hosts on The VIew are all day on some Hatfields and McCoys mess. I’m sure Washington politicians and the ladies from The View have a beer, catch a show, or share a laugh together on than one occasion. Some people need to chill the fug out.

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