The Talk Beats One Life to Live in 18-34 Demos

This isn’t the kind of news soap fans want to hear. Entertainment Weekly is reporting that The Talk beat its timeslot competitor One Life to Live in the all important women 18-34 demo and tied among women 18-49.

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    Okay, this show is not COMPLETELY HORRIBLE. I must admit. I have watched it a few times and it’s not TOTALLY unwatchable.

    But with that being said, who the hell are all these clueless women watching this show faithfully everyday??

    And what are they sipping on????!!!!

    Inquiring minds wanna know!!! :tired: :tired: :tired: :tired:

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    One Life is definately the smartest funniest and overall best show on daytime. That is saying a lot coming from a LONGtime and loyal fan of GH. The Talk is not bad but definately no were nearly as entertaining as OLTL.

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    OK I had to log in & comment. This BLOWS my mind & it just blows in general. OLTL is the best soap on air right now & yet it’s ratings never reflect it. This is bothersome, but I guess Frons is ecstatic. He never really promotes OLTL anyways, it’s always treated like the red headed step child of ABC daytime. And I know for fact that a few of my soap friends watch The Talk, why Idk. That in itself totally blows my mind, cause you would think soap watchers would want to support the soaps & not some lame talk show that canceled one of them but then what do I know. Anyways, I will continue to watch my OLTL & enjoy it, while giving my ff button a break (this is the one soap I do NOT ff through) :)

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    If people like The Talk better, then they just do. Doesn’t mean they are idiots or dumb or anything other than being fans of the show.

    And GAgal28, I unfortunately think that is why ABCD feels they can get away with substandard material. Because they think we are loyal enough to bend over and take it. I’m sorry, it doesn’t work like that. I LOVE the soap opera genre and feel its inherently the best medium to tell rich and deep stories. But if you are not giving me reasons to keep staying tuned, I’m gonna take my time elsewhere. That doesn’t mean I don’t support soap operas. I just don’t support this mess Frons and Co. pass off as soaps.

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    As a former ATWT viewer I faithfully watch OLTL now the stories are interesting with enough balance the cast is superb and the acting solid. I agree ABC and the magazines treat OLTL like a second class soap compared to the amount of attention GH gets. Watching The Talk sends a message I think that it was okay to cancel soaps I think it endorses the thinking of the network that the soaps did not really matter to to the viewer. There already is too much talk shows on tv it begs the question too much of a good thing. If any new soap is to come a 30 minute format would be a good thing as people could get the time for that length. Also allow the fans to subscribe on line to the network that is carrying the soap with a email password etc soap insider news for that particular soap making it interactive with polls, questions for the cast and crew, inside tours etc… this would also be a excellent way to get actual viewer numbers without the silly outdated Neilsen ratings format.Just an idea!

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    Im Sorry But For This Show To Have Long-Term appeal It needs To Do Some House Cleanning & Find Personality

    Id Say Keep Sara, Sharon & Since her hubby runs CBS Julie But Dump Holly & Leah. What about Melissa? Use Her More or Let Her Go

    Possible replacements: Kathy Griffin & Jamie Lee Curtis

    As For OLTL

    Love that show. I wish HH ratings were more important and its unfair to compare this week to last week in terms of ratings

    ABC Inturputed OLTL On WEdOf last week For The Congress Turnover, CBS Did Not & I Think That Hurt. Maybe Folks watched The Talk not knowing that ABC went back To OLTL?

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    uggg… this is really depressing news. i don’t understand why OLTL’s ratings aren’t doing any better. i think they’ve recovered well story-wise since the rash of firings last year (even if i still miss my KISH). i think with few exceptions they are telling interesting stories and using a good portion of their cast. not every story is going to be a hit with viewers but for the most part i enjoy the show. this week i definitely enjoyed watching the twins give birth, marty going cookoo for cocoa puffs, nora and bo’s interactions, dorian messing with echo, charlie and rex, blair messing with tea & todd, and kelly catching on to aubrey just to mention a few things. the stories i’m not enjoying right now mainly involve the ford brothers, inez, and aubrey/cutter. hope the “murder” mystery is wrapped up soon (didn’t care for/about eddie ford either) and hope aubrey and cutter are shown the door as well. but really those are small complaints compared to my overall enjoyment. i won’t watch the talk because i think most talk shows are vapid, but that’s JMO. here’s hoping OLTL catches up and surpasses the talk very soon…

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    Daniel St. John

    I’m sorry but the Talk is horrible and I do cast a vicious side eye on anyone who watches it faithfully the same way I look at folks who are faithful viewers of the Nancy Grace show with a mixture of scorn and bewilderment.
    As for the ratings…well I am going to have put some of the blame on the fact OLTL’s lead-in is a sad spectacle of tedium and nonsense like All My Children.

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    I’ve never watched The Talk and have no plans on doing so anytime soon. That is unless ABC continues to interrupt scheduling with more repeats that I have no desire to see!

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    Maybe, just maybe if OLTL would stop dragging out a storyline to a point that nobody cares anymore, more people would watch.
    How long was Marty on her way to tell Jawn about Gnats one nighter with Brody? Then she gift wrapped the results. RIDICULOUS!!
    And then….we see a pregnant women in WHITE pulling Marty to a cabin with a shotgun?? WTF?
    Then we have teenage stories on the days Gnat & Jawn, Jessie & Brody aren’t on.
    There is a good story going on with Clint, however it will be years before there is a conclusion to it. And for anyone who knows OLTL they know they aren’t missing anything on the show.

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    The talk is OK it is ripoff of the View. I agree the repeats soaps they are showing is snooze they need to go way back in the 80’s like the Diana Taylor Murder or LSD with Diana Taylor General Hospital I am taking about back in the days.

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    I hate THE TALK, but it just goes to show you that daytime programmers don’t know their audience.

    How many times do we hear how important the younger demo is? That’s why we have so many terrible teen stories and 20something stories. OLTL does a great job focusing on the younger characters with about 60% of the show focusing on Nate, Starr, Jessica, Rex, Gigi, Ford, Natalie, Matthew, Brody etc, but it appears the younger stories aren’t keeping people tuned in.

    Why in the world is THE TALK winning in the 18 – 34 year old demo when there isn’t one woman on that show under the age of 35? Not to mention most of their guests skew older. Maybe THE TALK realizes what daytime doesn’t understand and that is the 18-34 year old audience doesn’t necessarily want to see only their age range.

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    The Talk is what the View was when Meredith V was on years ago. They talk sex, babies, etc. I have no interest in that stuff. Why would I spend an hour everyday listening to what they have to say about anything..

    The View is more political and more current events, etc. ..More serious subjects. More highbrow. ..

    I could care less what big mouth Lea thinks. They were talking about ugly boyfriends the other day. I switched. I have tried different times and the conversations is so stupid. I didn’t wait to see what Sharon O said about that. Everytime it is such dumb stuff. Who are the folks that spend an hour everyday to get advice from that bunch.

    This site and E and others are giving it publicity which leads to people being curious to watch it. People are led to shows thru publicity. And so it goes. ….

    OLTL is a better show and there is no way I would watch The Talk everyday.

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    I watched The Talk in the beginning and it was all right, but something I, a 28 year old artistic gay man, can’t really relate to it. It also upsets me that a classic soap opera had to be canceled for a “View” rip-off geared at soccer moms.

    I am an avid OLTL fan and always have been. I was even very fortunate to work as an intern for OLTL the summer of 05 and it was an amazing experience I would love to have again. I also believe that OLTL is arguably the best soap opera on the air right now, but I will say that I really, really wish OLTL had better dialogue. It’s atrocious. The stories do tend to drag and the dialogue doesn’t help. How many times is Marty going to interrupt or converse with John telling him that she must tell him something important…and it drags for the entire episode “I must tell you this.” “What is it Marty?” “I feel like I should have to tell you.” “You need to know.” are the lines that end the scene and by the end of the episode, nothing has changed! It’s ridiculous!

    I know OLTL is not the only soap guilty of this (DAYS is probably worse), but if soaps want to make a change and get new viewers, let’s work on the dialogue a little.

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    R.I.P. soaps, the end is near I’m afraid, even though Y&R and B&B got extended executions. Network morons won’t count online viewing, DVR and TIVO. Where most people are watch soaps now a days. There just waiting to see how this does.

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    I agree the Talk isn’t that bad, but I don’t watch it regularly, plus I hear that Marisa’s leaving.

    OLTL has been great, yes it has its moments, but I don’t understand why it’s not getting higher ratings. Maybe with Ted King coming that will change.

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    This doesnt shock me as a 26 year old that works at a school primarily with 18+ all they mostly like is trash, they like to hear about their favorite celebrities and are in love with “the situation”

    the problem with soaps now days is that they all do pretty much the same thing. Who’s the daddy storylines, who killed who’s brother, who’s having an affair.

    but teens now want more “hard core” trash (which is what my family used to call soaps but it was in a good way like “your watching that filth” when they were watching it to) they want same sex couples, drug use, swearing and that’s just for the teens/20 somethings. I don’t think the non soap watchers, who the networks are trying to court want to watch the older vets either they are all about “me me me” of course this is just from what I’ve seen I’m sure there are some younger demo’s that want to see the older cast I’m one of them BUT I grew up watching soaps.

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    I think OLTL’s ratings would have been much higher this past week if it hadn’t been preempted in some key markets like NYC on Wednesday. If you look at the daily ratings, there was a HUGE drop that day and the ratings had sharply rebounded to I think about 2.7 million viewers by Friday. So maybe for those of us who love OLTL, things are not quite as grim as they seem.

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    Well I still feel that OLTL is MUCH BETTER television than “The Talk.” But with that being said it probably has something to do with the fact that OLTL no longer has Starr and Cole and The Ford family has taken over all of Llanview. I hope OLTL makes some changes after seeing these ratings.

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    Perhaps the Talk’s success has something to do with the fact that their panel is so diverse. Perhaps if OLTL and soaps in general made an effort to be more diverse, they might appeal to a wider audience. Soaps have no one to blame but themselves for the dire situation they find themselves in. They really haven’t evolved since the 70’s and have relied on tired plots and outdated concepts to get them through.

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    Well If Folks Watch Just Because The Talk Has A Diverse Panel Have they listened To Them Talk. Its so repetative & Boring. Sarah Gilbert Everytime I watch online, she always asks what is it like for you to be a mom. That gets Old

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    i think donny makes an interesting point about storylines dragging on a bit too far. i REALLY enjoyed matthew just popping out with bo’s “secret” the other day. it was shocking and a quick payoff for that aspect of the story. i do agree that sometimes the stories get dragged out, with nat’s secret about the baby’s paternity being a glaring example, but i also think that when stories begin to climax on OLTL that they payoff is usually outstanding.
    i also agree that the diversity thing may play a part. soap audiences are certainly more diverse than most soap casts.

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    OLTL has picked up lately but it’s still pretty bad.

    The Fords/Salingers still exist, which is a huge problem. 80% of any episode they’re in bites, guaranteed.

    Todd is still being sold as the awesomest guy ever who never does anything wrong. His demon spawn with Tea is insufferable, as is Starr these days.

    The Natalie/Brody/Jessica situation with the babies is being dragged down by the presence of John McBain.

    The Kelly/Joey/Aubrey stuff is ridiculous.

    The only real story is Viki/Charlie/Echo/Clint and even that is diminished because it centers on freaking Rex.

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    The fact the almost unwatchable OLTL is the fans’ and media’s pick for best American soap says it all about the state of soaps in general.

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    Honestly, OLTL would be doing better if they were more Modern in their storytelling. The modern soap viewer or new soap viewer wants to see Teen Parents, Drug Addicts, Criminals, FLASHY PROGRAMMING, Gay Characters. They want to see things that look relatable and real but not relevant to their own lives. This is why General Hospital, Bold and the Beautiful, and Young and The Restless does so well with viewers because all of their core characters fall under this category of relatable but not relevant.

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    [quote=GAgal28]OK I had to log in & comment. This BLOWS my mind & it just blows in general. OLTL is the best soap on air right now & yet it’s ratings never reflect it. This is bothersome, but I guess Frons is ecstatic. He never really promotes OLTL anyways, it’s always treated like the red headed step child of ABC daytime. And I know for fact that a few of my soap friends watch The Talk, why Idk. That in itself totally blows my mind, cause you would think soap watchers would want to support the soaps & not some lame talk show that canceled one of them but then what do I know. Anyways, I will continue to watch my OLTL & enjoy it, while giving my ff button a break (this is the one soap I do NOT ff through) :)[/quote]

    The Talk didn’t get ATWT canceled, the blame for that goes to horrible storytelling and writing. Most intelligent people can like a variety of different television shows, so liking soaps won’t stop people from also liking game shows and talk shows. And, people aren’t going to watch OLTL just because it is a soap opera, they still need to write good stories to get people to tune in, and having a more diverse cast would help. Of course, the cast will become less diverse once the producers need easy scapegoats to blame for the falling ratings.

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    Hate to say this, guys, but the people who are actually watching during the day are the older folk which are not part of the desired demo. Most moms work, and those of us that were raised on soaps or became hooked on summer breaks or in college tend to use Tivo, DVRs or watch online (which, as another poster pointed out, doesn’t count). Seemingly, the only 18-34 year-olds home during the day are those that are sick or injured, or laid-off or new mothers. If they don’t already have a soap habit, they are more likely to tune into something that doesn’t require a prior commitment, like cable shows or The Talk. We had a huge snow storm in the East, and I was stranded at my mother’s house when I lost power. She works but was also home. She was a longtime World Turns viewer before returning to work 12 years ago, and turned to CBS in the afternoon out of habit. I suggested that we watch One Life, but her response was “I don’t even know what is going on…” So, as Jillian would say, there you have it. Lay-offs and snow-ins may be figuring into this.

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    OK when I say this I in NO way, shape, or form am saying this to spark a debate or am I trying to sound negative/mean (that’s NOT who I am) but since you directed your comments to me Caitlinp ….
    You talk about OLTL needing a “diverse cast”. Very interesting comment. Especially since OLTL has one of THE most diverse casts in daytime. They have AA, Latino, Caucasian, kids, teens, 20-30’s, middle aged, & older aged in their cast. The ONLY thing they lack is a gay character. Not to mention that OLTL uses ALL of their cast regularly, & they weave their characters in & out of stories better than most soaps are doing right now. So, it’s really inaccurate to single out THIS soap for lacking diversity (when I know it doesn’t) & not point fingers to ALL of the other soaps on air. However my opinion is different from yours because I happen to think OLTL is telling really well written stories right now, better than most of the other soaps. I have been a LONG time GH fan but stopped watching a few months ago because I grew weary of the one sided story telling & lack of using the whole cast. So, if you want to talk good stories then that should be said for ALL the soaps in general too. My point is, you cannot fault 1 & not fault all. And the point of this whole article about The Talk beating OLTL in the ratings was not to bash OLTL but serve as a warning to all the soaps, cause they ALL could stand to improve in areas. But then my opinion of these ratings is that OLTL was preempted one day that week due to the swearing in of the new congress, so of course their ratings dropped. Anyways…. oy vey!

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