BREAKING NEWS: Jay Kenneth Johnson and Shelley Hennig BOTH Leave DAYS!

Another day, another DAYS exit. Soap Opera Digest is reporting that both Jay Kenneth Johnson (Philip) and Shelley Hennig are leaving Days of Our Lives. The actors have decided to leave on their own accord with Hennig telling the mag,

"It just feels right," says Hennig of why she’s taking off after four years. "I have been preparing for this for awhile, so I have said my mental good-byes. I will miss the faces I see here every day, but everybody has been really encouraging and has embraced my decision…. I feel like I’m going out with a bang after last week’s air shows and I feel great about it creatively and I am thankful to the writers for giving me that. It’s been a lot of fun to play and I wouldn’t change anything."

Hennig will tape her last episodes early next month. No word on when Johnson will film his final scenes or if the role will once again be recast.

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  1. Profile photo of jlafferty23

    what is happening over at DAYS.
    This has backstage drama written all over it.

    I think I am just about done with this show.

    Shelly Henning has never impressed me before, but last Monday, WOW!!

    And Why Jay? He is part of a core family.

    There are barely any Hortons let, the younger cast is dropping like flies. Carly Manning does not a have a freakin story!! They bring Crystal Chapell back and they dont use her? They bring Jennifer back without Jack? This show is a mess!

    Yeah, I think it’s time to take a break from DAYS

  2. Profile photo of watchingallday

    This bothers me WAY more than MH leaving. I’m with Jlaferty23 about SH, she was always just pretty and an okay actress, but when after this paternity reveal, I think she has been the best actor out of all involved. Her telling Melanie off and FINALLY realizing how she had debased herself for Nathan yesterday was great. I have always like JKJ as Phillip. Kyle Brandt, I did NOT enjoy! I find it pretty sad that the weakest actor in that age group MB is still there, yet the better performers who portray core family members are leaving.

  3. Profile photo of Katiebug9624

    What! This is so dissapointing…I guess they could recast Phillip I would love to see ex Zander in the role, I think he’d fit pretty good. They can just let Stephanie go, Abby is coming back so she can fill that spot

  4. Profile photo of Trish8148

    Poor Dear, I hope they remember Shelley next year come emmy time. I’m over the Molly hate since she is so much better than before through she seems bullett proof.

  5. Profile photo of Nicole_CJ

    I think Days should wait to recast Phillip. Phillip’s exit story should have hime leave town to find his son with Mimi and later when he gets back to salem have him take that kid from Melanie.

  6. Profile photo of days4ever

    I am happy to hear that Stephanie is leaving (Even though I love Shelly). As far as Jay leaving, that is very hard to hear. I think he is over it though too. The s/l’s right now are terrible for everyone and I wouldn’t be surprised if more stars didn’t sign (James Scott/Ali Sweeney). Why not use the great actors who really want to be there like Abe/Lexi, Bo/Hope, Carly/Daniel, Adrienne/Justin, Brady/Nicole, and Victor/Maggie.
    What is poor Melanie going to do now? Is she going to be paired with Chad or Dario (Rafe’s brother)? I think Chad and Mel would be super hot!!!!!!

  7. Profile photo of jockteen10

    I hate stephanie but i gotta say i’m going to miss shelly hennig. She was an amazing actress. As for JKJ he is the only one i can imagine right now as philip but who knows if they find the right recast….

  8. Profile photo of rozzberry

    Geez, the younger cast are dropping like flies.

    Unless I am getting my actors mixed up, I thought JKJ signed a new deal not that long ago. Oh well. Anyways…I agree that Phillip will probably be recast. SH wasn’t amazing, but still very watchable, especially the last week. I like JKJ enough too. It’s something to me how the Steph/Nathan/Melanie/Phillip foursome is been dismantled so quickly with all the airtime they all receive.

  9. Profile photo of mango

    JKJ seems uninterested lately. I don’t really know how to describe it. I liked him more during his first tenure with DOOL. I can definitely see a recast here.

  10. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Correct me if I am wrong, but it seems like Jay Kenneth Johnson has left this show about TWENTY times over the years!!

    Hasn’t he realized by now that he’s NOT going to be the next huge primetime/film superstar????

    He’d be better off staying put. Acting jobs these days are pretty scarce.

    Unless he wants to do Celebrity Rehab……………. ;) ;) ;) ;)

    But there are soooo many hot late 20-something/early 30-somethings out there just waiting to fill his shoes. I think Daytime Confidential should do a wishful casting for this character!!!

  11. Profile photo of msellersv

    Budget cuts, anyone? Sorry about JKJ, although I have to admit he (nor the character) have been used effectively for most of the past year. I vote to recast Phillip–but give us a few months to get over losing JKJ’s smile.

  12. Profile photo of tylerbo20

    I hope they kill Phillip off that would give Victor/Kate/Vivian/Chloe some good storyline to grieve for him. ( have him not really be dead but gone) maybe held captive by stephano for years and years bring in a murder myster or serial killer that kills people. its time to clean house steph/phil/nathan i wish they would get rid of brady/mel/daniel soon and bring in better characters/actors

    marlena/bill/jack/peter/sarah/billie come on now.

  13. Profile photo of josser

    Jay Kenneth Johnson probably wants to make a run for pilot season. He’s reaching an age where it will be difficult to crossover to primetime or film.

  14. Profile photo of SoapFan75

    I feel bad for those passionate Phloe fans. I guess now Chloe’s kid will be Daniel’s. Yuck! So now we have that pairing to look forward to for as long as those actors are on the show now. DOOL is so hard to watch and it just got even more difficult. Although frankly, Shawn Christian could be next and make it storyline dictated. Not surprised by Shelley. DOOL has decided that Melanie/Molly will be the young heroine of the show who gets all of the young male leads to fawn all over her for whatever reason. It was kinda pathetic and extremeley unbelievable to think that Stephanie had to always lose a guy to, ahem, Melanie. C’mon, really???? But putting JKJ with Molly Burnett was not a good move. Philip would not be interested in Melanie. JKJ was barely working anyway so this is really a good move for him. Again, I feel bad for his fans. DOOL just focuses on one storyline no matter how popular the other actors/characters are. Go ahead and give pilot season a try JKJ. Wishing thenm both all the best.

  15. Profile photo of

    I love Jay as Philip. It was a big casting coup when he came back in 2007. But he, Shelley, and Mark have all been propping the ATROCIOUS Molly Burnett/Melanie for a long time now. Hopefully now that her core connections are leaving the show, Burnett will be fired next.

    I’ve also been a HUUUUUGE Phloe fan going on 11 years now! I love that they have a child together and I hope the writers don’t retcon that. Since I can no longer stand Days’ current, slutty take on Chloe, she and Philip should ride off into the sunset together with their child. Don’t recast Philip. Leave the role vacant until JKJ decides to return.

    P.S. I always hated Shelley’s take on Stephanie. Shayna Rose was by far the definitive daughter of Patch and Kayla. Shelley was just another pretty girl.

  16. Profile photo of GamecockMom

    Bring back Kyle Brandt! We need some eye candy on Days. There are no much needed hot men anymore!

    As far as Stephanie….who cares? She is a pathetic character. I liked her much better racing!

  17. Profile photo of

    Kyle Brandt is extremely unattractive and not a very good actor.

    I say: Send Philip to Greece (either with or without Chloe), then bring in one of Justin and Adrienne’s sons to fill “young Kiriakis male” void. They have four sons: Alexander (technically Angelica Deveraux’s biological child, not Adrienne’s), twins Victor II and Joseph, and Jackson.

  18. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    The show needs to take another direction. Bring back some Hortons with their kids to bring on some fresh blood along with soap vets….
    I won’t miss either of these two. And I would be happy if they took some of their co stars with them.

  19. Profile photo of GamecockMom

    I am tired of the Hortons. I have been FF’ing past Hope, Jennifer, Nathan, and Maggie. I am especially sick of Maggie and her self righteous BS! She reminds me of Marlena…an equally nausea inducing character. The only thing worse than those Hortons is John Black. I will stop watching if I have to see Drake squinting and mumbling in the future. Send those Hortons off to hang with John and Marlena. They can all be self righteous together.

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