Jill-ted Lover: Has Jill Met Her Match In Colin on Y&R?

Jill Foster Abbott (cough, cough) Fenmore’s (Jess Walton) Jimmy Choos must have crossed paths with a black cat, because she can’t find a good man to bless her somewhat shriveled heart. When powerhouse actor Tristan Rogers hit The Young and the Restless canvas as Colin and started a scorching flirtation with our favorite beeyotch, this fan’s soul got a little happy. Now that Colin’s been revealed as Cane’s (Daniel Goddard) cattle-rustling Daddy from Down Under, Katherine (Jeanne Cooper), as well as Y&R viewers, are afraid Jill will be taken for yet another ride on the no-good man mobile.  (Editor’s Note: It could be karma for having boinked poor, drunk Kay’s husband and/or sleeping with Jack while she was married to his Daddy!)

If you need a refresher course in this tough-as-nails diva’s romantic blunders, let’s recount. In the 2000s, Jill reveled in a whirlwind engagement to charming businessman Elliott Hampton, but that fell to pieces when he divulged his plan to rob Kay’s corporation blind. Nice guy William Bardwell (Ted Shackleford) seemed like the suitor to melt Jill’s icy façade, until Gloria (Judith Chapman) snatched him right from under her nose. She became a cougar, setting our screens ablaze in sexy boardroom scenes with Ji Min Kim. Sadly, he was murdered by David Chow. I feel like the writers really missed the bus by hooking her up with mean mogul Tucker McCall (Stephen Nichols), only to have him dump her unceremoniously and for no good reason.

I, for one, hope that Maria Arena Bell and Co. keep Colin in Genoa City and surprise us all by making him a dream lover for Jill. She is a multidimensional character with a lot of fire, and a great capacity to be soft and vulnerable. Goodness knows she’s been through the ringer. Can Jill find love with Colin, or will her newest dalliance lead to heartbreak?

Jill-ted Lover: Has Jill Met Her Match In Colin on Y&R?

  • Nope! Colin is just pulling the okie-doke. (55%, 130 Votes)
  • Yes, Colin is genuinely falling for Jill! (45%, 107 Votes)

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  1. Profile photo of Myst Stied
    Myst Stied

    I sure hope so. I’m really liking the chemistry btw Tristan Rogers and Jess Walton. And I think Jill/Colin will make a very sexy, passionate couple..And will be a force to be reckon with as a team.I hope Tristan stick around for along while. Because I think Y&R has struck gold with Colin/Jill and Colin/Cane.

  2. Profile photo of alstonboy4315


    You have done it again, girl!! Another powerfully-written article that almost made me give my computer monitor a Sprite bath!!! :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

    I will keep my fingers crossed b/c Tristan Rogers has been one of the few bright spots in Cane’s LATEST “wake me when it’s over” storyline!!!!

    Jess Walton deserves a good storyline……and time will tell whether Mama Bell is capable of giving her one!!!!!

  3. Profile photo of pennywise555

    I think the Jill/Colin pairing is genius. I would never have thought of it in a million years, but a villain (or former villain?) may be the perfect match for Jill.

    The ideal man and life that Jill felt was stolen from her by Katherine when she caused the death of Phillip 2 could have happened for her with John Abbott. But she was too deep in battle with Katherine to notice. What a disaster she made of those marriages.

    Instead of meeting another perfect honest man, why not one who has had is own life battle and made just as many bad choices? This could be a match made in heaven for these two, and us, I can’t see Jill/Colin ever being boring.

    *please no reminders of the Tucker relationship. I loved Jill with William Russ, he was a prince. But that prince morphed into a toad overnight with the re-cast. Now Tucker is a conceited, selfish, jerk who treats woman like dirt, even his elderly mother. I don’t want to see him with anyone. YUCK!

  4. Profile photo of tedew

    It would be great to see Jill finally find happiness with the man of her dreams. I’m just not sure this is it unless there is a big character shift in the works for Colin and redemption for Cane. That seems rather impossible at this point with party pooper Katherine still and always lurking in the background. (Hint to Jeanne Cooper …. Regis just announced his retirement and he’s younger.)

  5. Profile photo of timepass

    Love this new paring; the chemistry between them just sizzle!

    I hope they will be a force to be reckon with! I want Jill to be in a strong relationship, where both of them ares strong and worked together, to create mayhem!

    THAT wold be must see TV!

  6. Profile photo of dqh257

    Nekeeta, I’m of two minds on this issue: on the one hand, the actors have immense chemistry to spare and Y&R should play the relationship, especially if they can get Tristan Rogers to sign a contract. However, Jill being an unhappy miserable bitch has led her to make poor decision after poor decision (personally and professionally) and has led to memorable bitchy repartee with Nikki, Nina, Lauren, etc. When Jill’s happy, as a viewer, I’m always waiting for the other shoe to drop and her momentary pleasure with Colin is no exception.

  7. Profile photo of Dyllan

    I think Jill and Colin have great chemistry. This is the only new pairing I like. They just ooze with chemistry, and it has been a long time since Jill has had a man.

  8. Profile photo of Coffee_Junkie

    Tristan Rogers recently remarked that there’s been lots of *rewriting* going on lately, with his character. I hope it means he’s staying on. I’m sick of Jill being used and made to look stupid. And I’m beyond tired of the insufferable Katherine always being *right.* Let’s see the old woman be WRONG about something for a change.

    And…..seeing HER so irritated by the coupling is an added bonus! She’s probably just jealous and wants a guy like Colin for herself rather than that boring old codger Murphy.

  9. Profile photo of koalygirl

    Colin may have zeroed in on Jill only because he thought it was an inroad to Cane. However I think he has genuinely come to admire her, or lust after her, or both. They look like they have just clicked, and I’m glued to the screen whenever they are on. Love them together.

  10. Profile photo of watchingtheyr60

    Karma has made Jill pay dearly, it needs to pay a visit to some of the other characters. It’s high time Jill found her dream man, I don’t want to see a repeat of what happened with Tucker, that was brutal.
    I had a smile on my face for days when I found out “Scorpio” was joining YR so I don’t want to see any shabby treatment of women from Colin (TR). I grew up wanting to marry Scorpio when I was young and I would never ever forgive the writers if they ruined him for me. NEVER! NEVER! NEVER!

  11. Profile photo of Chilly Fan 25
    Chilly Fan 25

    I liked Jill with William Russ’ rendition of Tucker. But Jill and Colin are a hoot and a half. The pink bathrobe scene was priceless. He may have targeted Jill out of less than honorable intentions but I hope they keep him around.

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