This just in: Rumor has it today is Barbara Bloom’s last day at CBS Daytime. No word on whether the controversial exec was let go, or if she is leaving on her own accord. Keep checking back with Daytime Confidential as the story develops!

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    OMG!!!! If True Its Like My BDAY & XMAS Wrapped Up All In One. Also If True, I Wonder If They Will Replace Her Or Just Let The Bells Run Their Shows With No Interference?

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    WOW this could be HUGE! Afterall, it’s no secret she was hired to keep an eye on the dramatic daytime programming. i heard she was “unbearable” on the set of “The Talk” for it’s kickoff! Bet Julie told Les, send Babs packing.

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    Well ABC Needs To Toss Frons

    Than maybe CBS & ABC can get execs in there that love daytime

    Like Angela Shapiro
    Mary Alice Dwyer Dobbin (MADD) Yes I hate how she handled Michael Zaslow at GL but So many writers and producers praise her

    Or what about that guy I believe it was Ed Tratch or something he was in charge pf prod at P&G when they still loved Daytime

    What about Sheldon Kalora? Who was at NBC

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    Mary Leiboh

    This is amazing news. Barbara Bloom-in-idiot as she is un-affectionately called around CBS, has also really screwed up The Price is Right as well this year, with her firing of the beloved announcer “Rich Fields, in favor of having “Improv comedians”. They try to announce while they make asses of themselves. Between Barbara and Fremantle EP (idiot) Mike Richards, they have successfully ruined an American family classic game show. Its a train wreck nowadays. I’m surprised Les kept her around as long as he did. Maybe this will mean good things for CBS in the future, and some of the shows we love.

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    Glad she’s going, but I wonder how this effects CBS Daytime (positive or negative), her replacement could be worse than her, or with only 2 soaps now, CBS could do what I think NBC did and eliminate the position all together, not sure her position is even needed anymore.

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    Granted, her departure is long overdue, but the fact that it was supposedly the orders of Julie Chen does make ya wonder….who’s on first over there? The long term affect this has on Y&R & B&B though is what really has me curious…..May “The Talk” Go Down in Flames, and Julie Chen go back to being a hair model or weather girl or whatever the heck she did before this—other than being married to the head of the network I mean, but thats not a job. lol

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    First things first – Bloom had nothing to do with the announcer decision at TPIR. That was entirely a decision made by the production company, FremantleMedia.

    Second, since you’ve brought up the topic, Fremantle made the right decision. No question about it. Rich was anything but “beloved”, and they need to take steps to lower the age of their viewers. Sorry you don’t like those changes, but if they didn’t change Rich, they’d definitely change just about everything else.

    The common complaint is “change for the sake of change”, while in fact, that claim couldn’t be further from the truth.

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    I still can’t believe Rebecca Herbst has been let go. I’m not a regular GH viewr but I remember reading in the mags about Lucky and Liz, I think my mum was watching then as well. She’s super talented i can’t believe ABC’s letting her go.

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