RUMOR REPORT: Rebecca Herbst FIRED From General Hospital?!

What is going on in daytime? First news broke of Jay Kenneth Johnson and Shelly Hennig leaving Days of Our Lives. Then word began circulating that Babs Bloom was out at CBS Daytime, now we’re hearing the unthinkable—Rebecca Herbst (Liz) has allegedly been fired from General Hospital! Numerous sources say the insanely popular star was told she will be written out of the soap this March. Un-FREAKING-Believable… 

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    Wow. I am sorry but Liz is like the last thing that ties the Hardys to the canvas. Her leaving would be a tragedy. But I guess after Guza dragged her through the mud, he has nothing left to do with the character. Such a tragedy.

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    AW NAW, HELL NAW!!!! What are my fellow LIZ PEEPS GONNA SAY ABOUT THIS?????? OMG, Imma need a moment!!!! :sad: :sad: :sad: I have to change my picture back to Liz just for this mess. I really, really, REALLY, hope this is just a RUMOR.

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    I have followed GH most of my life but I stopped watching about the time TPB decided to decimate Liz ‘s and Jason’s history to force feed the viewers Jasam. I wouldn’t have minded if they wrote it to happen organically but they completely destroyed two of my oldest favorite characters – Jason and Liz to follow the Frons agenda. Someone has to explain to Frons and Guza that there is far more drama when a person must choose between two “good” choices rather than one “great” and one “horrible” choice.

    Although I haven’t watched the show in quite awhile — I still have kept up by reading summaries looking for a glimmer of a reason to go back but if this is true and Liz is gone, then I will only revisit Port Charles on youtube and consider the show as having ended right before Jason and Liz got the call about Michael being shot.

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    The people over at ABC and GH better hope that when they get to work tommorow the studio is not burned down. There are a ton of other characters that could be let go before Liz.

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    Then why bother to bring her brother back on the canvas? Stupid, stupid stupid. They just don’t want to write story for any of the vets because to do that they would actually have to read the history of GH instead of phoning in the crap they write now. Oh and to TPTB, I’m not some newbie fan. I have watched GH since 1967. I know it can be better than it is.

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    I for one will be really upset. I love Liz and think that there is still plenty to tell regarding her story. They have really ruined this show and if Liz leaves I will stop watching.

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    [quote=soapscribe]I love her. She would make a great Bridget Forrester on B&B.[/quote]

    I always though she could make an interesting Mac on Y&R if people can get past the way the character was written in the previous incarnation…

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    The people who need to be fired at GH are Phelps, Guza, and Frons. These three idiots are just ridiculous. They have totally destroyed the best soap on TV and turned it into a boring, dark, idiotic romp of nothing but the mob. I am sick to death of them and their Sonny/Brenda/Carly/Jason show. Fire Becky? Bring on a Jasam baby? I hope this soap ends up exactly where it is headed–the bottom of the pile. But I won’t be watching it.

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    This must be only a rumour… If not, I really don’t understand?

    Whether you like Liz or not, she is a very well-known, long time character of the show and has a huge fanbase (I am part of it). At the same time, we see that GH has not one BUT FOUR casting calls for new characters???

    What is wrong at Prospect? We say we want more Qs, more Scorpio, more Davies, more Webbers, more iconic families of the show and all we get is more spawn for Sonny, new women for Sonny, new opponents for Sonny … Sonny, Sonny, Sonny and all things Corinthos.

    Is Guza thinking that Dante needs more airtime? As if Liz was given any lately? This is wrong on so many levels that I refuse to believe it.
    There will be a consequence in ratings if they do that and they can bring all the Franco and hunks of the world, it will not help as they are not even able to write for the majority of the cast lately.

    I will believe it only once it is confirmed. And THEN I will really think that the only thing that Guza is trying to achieve is to get GH cancelled.

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    [quote=jlafferty23]Like I said, I’m not a Liz fan, but it’s a fact that Liz and RH have a huge fan base, this would just be plain stupid on GH’s part.[/quote]

    Totes agree. I don’t like Liz–and at times I’ve actively disliked her–but this news doesn’t make me happy. She has a big fanbase and has such important ties to the show’s history. It seems just plain dumb to get rid of her. Lawd…get rid of obnoxious Brenda instead! I’m sure she costs as much as three RH’s!

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    I don’t understand why they would toss her overboard after over 13 years!!! Are they going to recast the role or send Elizabeth out of town????

    I am not a huge Liz fan, but I agree that Rebecca doesn’t deserve to be tossed overboard for no good reason. I doubt that she pissed anyone in charge off because she seems like a sweetheart who only wants to work and go home to her husband and kids!!!

    I really dont’ want to see another key character get killed off, so I hope that they will at LEAST spare the character. But this really is coming out of left field and I really dont’ get it!!

    Did Vanessa or one of the other “big wigs” throw a temper tantrum and demand more money?? Are they sacrificing Rebecca so that they can distribute her salary to some other cast member(s)???

    And don’t give me that tired “We’ve run out of story for this character” nonsense!! A good head writer/executive producer should NEVER run out of story!!! Never!!!

    I hope this is a rumor because I do like Becky!! She has three kids to support!! Sheesh!!!!!!

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    Thats The Way Most Shows Work But I Think Its Safe To assume That Guza Has a lot of Pull at GH and Yes even More than Phelps. Remeber Guza Is also a producer.

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    Statement from ABC: “Storyline dictates the exit of Elizabeth Webber this spring. The next few months promise to be ‘not-to-miss” story…”

    … “for the character. We at ABC and GH wish Rebecca Herbst nothing but the best in her future endeavors,” continues ABC statement.

    Oh lord in the morning…
    This is not goood…

    Jamey is gonna kill somebody LOL.

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    If this is true I am done with GH and ABC. RH is the only reason I still give GH the time of day. Not having Liason was bad enough but getting rid of Elizabeth/RH is the final straw. If Rebecca Herbst goes, I go and so will many, many others.

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    OMGOSH!!! This is INSANE! That’s it I’ve had it with GH. I can not believe this. Why would they fire her? She’s one of the last remaining “vets” on that show. This is truly a sad, sad day for General Hospital. What’s the point of keeping Steve around if his sister isn’t on the show? I’m just stunned & shocked & seriously disappointed. I will NOT be watching this soap anymore. End of story. All Guza wants is the mob & who cares about the rest. And they keep adding all these NEW characters that have NO history with the show, while pushing out & bypassing the vets. Just unbelievable. *tears* Thank God I had the sense to start watching/go back to OLTL when I did in May.

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    Oh wow….

    RH has too big of a fanbase for GH to do this.
    I just can’t believe it. I finally get my LnL2 baby and I can’t see them raise it together!!

    Phelps can kiss my ass!!

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    Stripper/hooker, boring Irish chick, utterly useless Claire, and Lisa all have jobs and contracts, and yet RH, who portrays a LEGACY character and is a good actress is the one that gets fired? This has to be a joke! Those are just characters who have come in the last year who mean nothing to me, the history of the show, or a good story. I am not even a huge Liz fan, but I find this to be unacceptable.

    Aiden’s paternity hasn’t even been discovered, and is no where on the radar, so how are they going to write off his freaking mother? I honestly hope they lose 500k viewers over this. This makes NO sense, and whoever is making this decision cough*Frons, JFP, Guza*cough have just proven yet again why they need to be fired!

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    I sincerely hope this rumor does not happen. I love the character of Elizabeth, and RH does a fantastic job with the crap stories(especially in the last 2 years) that she is given.

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    ‎General Hospital Has Lost Its Ever Friggin Mind. They Released Rebecca Herbst Today Who Plays Elizabeth Webber & Is Tied To An Original GH Family. Elizabeth Will Last Be Seen This Spring. If I Were Scott Reeves Who Plays Liz’s Brother Steven Webber, I’d Be Lookin For Possible New Employment.

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    not only her kid with jason, but she also has a kid and a story with lucky/nikolas. i don’t really get how that can play out now…

    the writing on GH is just terrible anyway.

    Also, why do they keep people like siobhan around?

    they really need to do a complete cleansing of this show and almost start over and when i say that, i mean completely ignore the past, bring back alan and emily (the real emily – and they can find a way), focus on the Q’s and Jason/Michael’s relationship with them. You want ratings, make the Qs the focus of the show again.

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    Guza and Frons have been running this show into the ground for several years, and this just cements my (very poor) opinion of them. The misogynistic tools cannot write a strong woman if thier lives depended on it, and feel a need to tear down every other character to prop their ridiculous mob stories and the unholy trio.

    Best wishes to Becky…maybe she can land on B&B, and reunite with Rick Hearst…they have smokin’ chemistry together!

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    I hate this for Rebecca but the writing was kinda on the wall. GH has a bloated cast and her most popular leading men, Jason or Lucky, are now placed in couplings that Fronsie endorses wholeheartedly. This really sucks, they have pretty much ruined the character and I can only imagine the horrible exit story she will get. Maybe they will stick the knife deeper into the wound by having her die and JaSam will raise Jake. Arghhh!

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    lol, jlafferty! Even on opposite sides of Liz, we can agree that this sucks! It’s bad enough that they had her messing around with Nik so that we had no chance of getting back the original LnL2 and THEN they pull a stunt like this before we can get Aiden being Lucky’s son??? Can the man get a child of his own??? Tell you what, I’ll bring the matches, you bring the bricks! :bigsmile:

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    This makes me very sad. She is fan favorite. It just goes to show how little the station, writers and producers care about their audience. I must say, I am sure this door closing will be a huge step for her to get on a soap or show that appreciates her talent and her fan base that will follow her whever she goes. I say “bye bye General Hospital, you will no longer be a part of my day”.

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    jlafferty, Phelps does nothing without Guza and Frons approval (she said it herself a few months ago!) so blaming the woman and sparing Guza? ;) No way.

    Guza as headwriter has not written anything interesting and valuable for Liz for years. And now it ends like this. And I am sorry but you will never make me believe that had Guza wanted to keep and write for Becky, she would still be gone today.

    But in the end, I agree with you on the most important which is that firing BH is not a good idea at all…

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    Oh wow, this is very, very sad.
    Maybe um, the outrage will be soo overwhelming that they will be forced to bring her back (so that they can then claim that that was their plan all along & that they never really actually truly let her go??!! plz.).
    I wish RH the best of luck.
    Guza, Frons, and Phelps have GOT TO GO.

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    [quote=watchingallday]Stripper/hooker, boring Irish chick, utterly useless Claire, and Lisa all have jobs and contracts, and yet RH, who portrays a LEGACY character and is a good actress is the one that gets fired? This has to be a joke! Those are just characters who have come in the last year who mean nothing to me, the history of the show, or a good story. I am not even a huge Liz fan, but I find this to be unacceptable.


    EXACTLY. I can’t believe Ms. Lucky Charms and the stripper are staying and Liz is going.

    And I can’t believe I’m this upset over a character I don’t even like leaving the show. But it’s just batshit crazy for TPTB to be firing her.

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    Daniel St. John

    Since AMC seems to be hellbent on keeping Marissa on the canvas maybe they could re-recast the role with RH.
    At least then the character won’t be such a drab piece of barely animated furniture and she worked with Jacob before back when he was Lucky.

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    Good bye to GH, this is the end of the show, just like as the world turns. No more Gh for me, and I have been and viewer for years. One of the only vets left on the show, a great actress,really bad choice. Poor writing and management. As for the not to be missed, we will be missing it alright.

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    I would welcome RH on AMC, but not as nuMarissa. That character is completely useless and needs to be put to rest already.

    This decision is really pathetic! I bet RH wanted more of a storyline, so they decided to boot her instead. And for what? For a talentless Irish lass, Abby the hooker and Brook Lynn, the missing Kardashian? Or maybe her salary competed too much with Vanessa Marcil’s?

    What idiots over at ABC! I blame Fronsie, whose ass needs to go asap. And let him take Guza & the DK/DS imbeciles with him!!!

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    I doubt it was because of Abby, Shioban or Brook Lynn (since I believe TC is going to be leaving soon) I think its because they’ve pretty much decided that JASAM are “IT” they have built the show around Sonny and his children, some Robin on the side, Lucky has a new love interest and the writers just want Elizabeth gone. With Elizabeth around L/L fans will still hold out for them just like the Jason/Liz fans will. They need her out of sight out of mind, to force feed us couples, and it also helps that they are getting rid of a Webber, the current writers don’t want us to focus on the past families (you know the ones we loved) they want us to focus on the Corinthos, Jacks, Zachara, and shockingly Spencer/Scorpio (even though they are a smaller focus)

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    You’re wrong. The headwriter has the ability to decide whether or not to write out a character. The network will either approve or disapprove of the firing.

    Frankly, I’m appalled by Herbst’s firing. This must be about money. GH is trying to lower budget.

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    AMC or OLTL would more than welcome her but please keep her away
    from that trash DOOL.

    Actors must be embarassed at some of the scripts they have to have read
    over the past 15+ years.

    DOOL was awesome in the 80s but it went downhill with Vivian burying Carly alive(they actually tried this again this year with maggie? WOW) and the
    even more laughable Marlena being possessed by the Devil and levitating on the bed.

    Have never been able to go back.
    I don’t even think Rebecca could bring me back unless it was as Natalia Livingston’s lesbian lover. LOL
    I heard she is there now or will be soon.

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    GH has disappointed me for the last time. I will no longer be a GH viewer. This soap has so little regard for their veteran actors. It is extremely disheartening. I have no doubt another soap will snatch Becky up quickly.

  35. Profile photo of soapoperafan

    What the hell? They are firing my Becky? We’ll never see Cameron grow up? Not good. I know Lucky and Nicolas have both moved on but what about Jakey and Jason? Those scenes were so moving!

  36. Profile photo of BMWExoticBella

    i feel awful. i had to join this winter 2011 to give my overall consensus on such a classy woman on gh…

    this is liz. ok. a member of a legendary core family!
    I mean what is Robert Guza Jr,and idiots at Gh thinking to fire her?
    Are they insane.I think it is safe at this point to say yes.

    she is a beloved beautiful sweetheart of a lady,a real class act

    as far as TALENT GOES,speaking NOT of lizzie,but REBECCA HERBST!

    i am as many angry over it,but NOT too shock on such horrid indolent outlandish writing lately for her. she deserve so much better.

    i feel a clear act of a boycott,for a once AWESOME soap is in order!

    People saying this on all sites.

    even our site.if a boycott take place,and ALL(who are so angry)liz fans or RH fans preclude from watching as when allan suddendly”die”i think it will at least for a minute circumvent what is taking place.there is absolutely no valid excuse IMO to fire a great soap legend,yes i call RH character legend as any 1 whose on a soap for what? over 10 to 15 years with a CORE family.

    she is link to a CORE FAMILY! this is nuts. absurd and i feel bad for her and her thousands of fans.bless her in real life and her beautiful familia,and i hope to see her as bridget maybe on B&B,even if i like alison jones as bridge
    or some 1 else as she is a GREAT talent with classic beauty IMO and i like her…and will miss just seeing her on gh period.adios…

    ROBERT GUZA truly suck. yet MAXIE still there and sam mc call character,

    so obtuse.

    horrible and pathetic news from a man who suppose to know how to
    WRITE A SOAP.BOYCOTT GH and we shall see change. good luck to her.
    adios and may god bless your family and close loved ones everyone.


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    Marie S

    Killing off such an historical character is lazy writing. Get your heads out of your asses and get creative. Sleeping with Nikolas was a huge blunder for Liz’s character, so clean it up!!!!!!!!!! Rebecca Herbst as Elizabeth Webber could completely re-energize GH by finally ending her tired old romantic ties (not familial) with Lucky, Nik and even Jason. Have this exceptional actress connect with new, exciting, non-mob oriented storylines and win back old fans. LOVE JASON and Sonny (hate Brenda), but I’m tired of the one-note storylines revolving around the same old Sonny vs. his enemy du jour. And sorry Franco, but your character adds nothing to the show.

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