The Week Jamie Luner Became All My Children’s Liza Colby

Pardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon? It might help make the words I’m about to have to eat taste a little better. Back in the Spring of 2009 when primetime actress Jamie Luner (Savannah, Melrose Place) joined the cast of what was quickly becoming a Prattastrophe known as All My Children, we here at Daytime Confidential balked and balked loudly at the notion that the woman who Chuck Pratt had nicknamed "Turbo" could ever fill the shoes of one Marcy Walker. Somebody tell PETA to head to hell, because as of last week, the Devil was spotted wearing a Chinchilla worthy of Erica Kane (Susan Lucci) herself.

Luner, along with scene partners Natalie Hall (Colby), Michael E. Knight (Tad) and most notably Finn Wittrock (Damon) were firing on all soapy cynlinders the week of Jan. 10-14, as a routine spat over teenage jealousy, lead to history repeating itself in the form of a Colby mother sleeping with her daughter’s boyfriend.

The Grecian tragedy played out after Damon found Colby, the girl who made him want a better life, playing "see if your tongue can touch my tonsils" with Chandler houseguest Asher (Trent Garrett). Enraged, Damon made a beeline for his boss and former nemesis Liza. What transpired next was one of the most ferocious, erotically-charged scenes I’ve witnessed on daytime in years, as Damon hungrily made love to Liza.
I’m really surprised Comcast didn’t place a courtesy call to warn me that my DVR’s rewind button was in danger of malfunctioning, due to the amount of times I had to go back and relive the ecstasy and anger of the scene. We’ve been gushing for awhile now about how amazing Wittrock is, it was Luner as a wounded, vulnerable and completely spent Liza, who quietly made the scene—and those to follow—her own.

Finally, the Liza we’ve known and loved for decades was on our screen. No, she didn’t have Marcy Walker’s familiar, white-blonde hair or steely gaze, but what she did have was every drop of the years and years worth of pain Liza suffered because of the infamous betrayal she lived through at the hands of her cruel, selfish mother, Marion Colby and the ultimate cad of a boyfriend, Tad Martin.  

For the first time when Luner’s Liza was in a scene with Knight’s Tad—rehashing their ugly love/hate story—I didn’t find myself unable to suspend my disbelief that these two people actually came of age together. That’s what happens when writers pay attention to history and mine delicious, tragic tales from it.  Yes, that was a compliment I just paid to David Kreizman and Donna Swajeski

"What did I do to you?" Tad asked, horrified at both Liza’s actions and his owns. I don’t know Tad, but keep doing it, because for once, I was riveted by this show again and for that I am thankful to Ms. Luner.

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    Thanks, Jamey…she’ll be fired this week. LOL
    I have to admit, for the first time in 2 years, it did feel like Liza was on my screen. My hope now is for her royally screw up David’s case and Mayor Blanco has her disbarred. That could lead to her trying to get back WRCW…

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    I don’t even watch AMC, but I know a little something about the characters and I just witnessed these scenes on youtube and they are GREAT! OLTL has my heart, but AMC sure has some nice dialogue.

    Question? Who is Liza’s mother?

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    Liza’s mother is Marian Colby. BTW: This story would probably be soooo much more effective and powerful if these writers would redo another of Pratt’s REDONKULOUS plotting ideas and SPRING Marian from the nuthouse!!

    Marian’s absence from this story is a glaring omission.

    I haven’t watched much of AMC over the past few weeks, but I guess I’ll have to tune in since Jamey is giving it such high praise!! When I do tune in, all I ever see is Rebecca Budig and Cameron Mathison trying to recite their lines without falling asleep standing up and TRYING so hard to infuse some root-worthiness into RYLEE, when clearly there is none.

    I did catch some of Finn Wittrock’s scenes with Michael E. Knight last week and he almost broke my heart! Again, I ask—-WHY DID THEY FIRE THAT KID???

    He’s clearly the best actor under 25 on that show!!!

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    Jamey, you misspelled “actually” in the second to last paragraph!!

    Other than that, great article. And I am on my way to YouTube to experience this porn……I mean, love in the afternoon that you are speaking so highly of!!!!

    :p :p :p :p

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    Hey I agree those were great scenes. Like I said before Jamie Luner is a great actress always has been that’s not the issue. Pratt didn’t do her any favors, by bringing her in as Liza instead of a newer character she can sink her teeth in.

    Let’s remember Liza is suppose to be the same age as Tad, Jesse, Angie, Greg, but Jamie is only in her late 30s. She has definitely made the character of Liza her own no doubt, but for older fans she will never be Liza.

    Glad to see that you are giving AMC a chance Alstonboy, I agree it gets boring at times and it has its quirks, but it’s not as bad as it was about two years ago.

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    ;) YES simply amazing performance!! I have been slowly and surly been liking the last 6 months of JL’s “Marcy”. Quietly, it seems she (JL) is getting more comfortable in the the role. In the beginning she seemed lost because she didn’t know the history or part. Like so many recasts of a tortured couple like Liza & Tad most don’t have the chemistry just a few (Jerry VerDorn & Sherry S. & Liz K. did for example) both JL & MK has major chemistry as MW & MK. I love those two in scenes together, they both are hitting it out the park. I would love to see a triangle between Tad, Liza, & Cara. I am also enjoying “Colby” now in last 6 months. Her acting abilities have gotten much improved and by working with all the vets no doubt. OK, am coming out the closet in a sense and saying this what I haven’t said because people will hate this but like what OLTL did with “Clint” if David Canary doesn’t want to come back to AMC then there are some excellent talented soap actors to recast “Adam” AMC needs “Adam” on canvas and as my personal pick would be Ron Raines. I truly don’t understand why everyone is SO MEAN SPIRITED about AMC, because I am starting to really enjoy the stories (except Rylee) that one needs to go and bring back “Gillian’s” as a sister ;) I read a while ago that the actress that played “Gillian” would love to come back. You know sometimes new writers need to settle in and there are good stories starting to click. I think alot of the problem could be JC-EP and Frons telling them how to write and when they have it has been wrong. AMC does need to cast Tom Phelfry as “Damon” and I do like the new characters so far in Griffin, Cara, Caleb, and Asher. I will have to agree with the post about why put another man in Erica’s galaxy AGAIN, let her Jackson become THE MAIN FAMILY. AMC could still have alot of story, let Jackson have prostate cancer, or have Jack & Erica adopt a baby together or have Erica bring back “Enchanement” to give “Fusion” a rival. Let them recast “LEO” for “Greenpea” and Leo is hiding with “Gillian”, you know just some soapy soapy stories. If “MCTRASHY” returns I am not watching because her last time is what set AMC on the path downward. Just my opinion.

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    recast Adam? Over my dead body. I like Ron Raines but he is no David Canary.

    I worship at the altar that is Jamie Luner. IMO she is one of the best actresses that AMC has right now and she gets the best oneliners as well. She was heartbreaking last week. Nice to see some praise for AMC. Goodness knows it has it faults (like sometimes being mindnumbingly boring like today) but they get some things right once in awhile and then it’s really good.

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    Jamey Giddens

    recast Adam? Over my dead body. I like Ron Raines but he is no David Canary.

    You better preach the Gospel, so we can have church, talk in tongues, fall out and be fanned by the usher.  David Canary is irreplaceable.

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    Jamie Luner’s been on fire for awhile, at least since David’s trial last year. I’m glad she’s finally getting the recognition she deserves. JL took a sometimes thankless role, and despite the fact many viewers had rejected her as a recast, made it her own.

    No, absolutely no to an Adam recast. Adam got his happy ending, let him stay gone unless the show wants him back and David Canary wants to do it. Mr. Canary is a television legend, he’s irreplaceable.

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    I must say that she is one of the better part of AMC and has been for a while. While we are suffocated by Rylee, Liza is a breath of fresh hair. I was also vastly unimpressed with the recast but she won me over!

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    History was just about to repeat itself on AMC when the rug was pulled out from everyone. Soaps are history. For all of us who were watching these soaps from almost day one we remember the Tad and Marion affair. Wouldnt it have been nice to watch Tad’s son do what he did when he was his age. How interesting would it have been to watch Tad deal with this but now as Tad the Dad – not Tad the Cad. What juice this was looking like and they stopped the story the same day. He slept with Liza at the beginning of the show by half way thru he told his father he was leaving- now he is gone. In 2 days this all happened. HISTORY – thats what its all about – thats what we need. They just went ahead and crushed it. Maybe the actor wanted out- whatever. Than they should have never started such juice and crush it.

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    I am a big Marcy Walker fan but I like Jamie as Liza. I was liking her before this new storyline, but I thought (as I posted in another thread) that Finn, MEK and Jamie ROCKED those scenes last week where the deed was done and found out. The scene between MEK and JL where Tad confronted Liza was AWESOME. Both JL and MEK brought it in those scenes and as I said before, the only downfall I see to this story is that Finn is leaving and we won’t get to see it playout.

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