All My Children’s Walt Willey Talks “Big, Sloppy, Sharply-Pointed Quadrangle”

All My Children veteran Walt Willey chewed the fat with TV Guide’s Michael Logan about Jack’s latest romantic predicament. 
TV Guide Magazine: How do you feel about this triangle? From the get-go it seemed like Jack would end up the odd-man out.

Willey: Well, it ain’t over yet! And, actually, now that Krystal [Bobbie Eakes] is involved, it’s really more like a big, sloppy, sharply pointed quadrangle. If you look at any of the polls, the fans really want to see Jack and Erica together but the writers don’t seem to come up with a story for them as a couple. They’re Moonlighting, they’re Nick and Nora, as clever and funny as can be, but it’s always the Sturm und Drang that carries us away.

To find out what Willey thought of his lack of storyline on AMC during the scary Chuck Pratt regime click here!

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    I would be okay with another man coming between jack and erica if that other man wasn’t caleb. I sort of like the character but when I have to imagine him dating erica i want to barf. The same goes for him and crystal. As for crystal and jack now that’s something.

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    Daniel St. John

    The Jack/Erica/Caleb triangle doesn’t work because there is no chemistry between Susan Lucci and Michael Nouri; hell there is no chemistry between Michael Nouri and anyone because the guy seems to be thoroughly annoyed that he even has to be on the AMC set every time I see him.

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    WW Rocks and that’s why he has my undying devotion, but this show stinks and these two killer’s called writers, are trying to make AMC#3 on their list of shows they’ve killed. Taking one of the most popular pairings they have and destroying them for no reason is disgusting. They are losing another huge fan base but they obviously don’t care. E/C don’t cut it and they know it. No way Jack fans are watching him with Miranda’s kidnapper. I know I won’t be. PLEASE FIRE THEM NOW BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!

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