Steve Burton on Herbst’s Firing From General Hospital: “Horrible and Awful News”

Steve Burton (Jason, GH) took to Twitter to let fans know his thoughts on costar and friend, Rebecca Herbst’s (Elizabeth) firing.

Hello everyone, most of you have heard the horrible and awful news about Becky. My heart breaks as I even have to tweet this. One of the best and most beautiful actresses that has been on this show. Beside that, she’s a friend and that hurts. Some show will be lucky to have her. May god bless them through this transition. Much luv to Michael and Becky.

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    No Daisy

    That’s very nice lip service. But maybe I’m being too harsh. SBu probably doesn’t have the kind of pull he use to at GH since the ratings tanked. And honestly, when’s the last time Jason had a decent story line of his own instead of getting dragged into every other characters craptastic story? Oh thats right, the birth of his son.

    Way to go GH.

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    Steve is still working there… I think he was classy..

    I just hope some people will get off his back .. Steve knows Becky close,they are close friends. I am sure he is hurting to lose a co worker who is close to him in personal..

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    Kudos to Steve Burton..that was complete CLASS. I am really upset about RH being fired. I’ve been really busy at work today but I will be reading the other posts on other threads and commenting when I can. I wonder if TPTB at GH think about the fact that she has three kids to support?

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    Kudos to Steve for that.

    But honestly what will probably happen is Jason is going to be aiming for the Balkan or Franco and will shoot Liz instead. That’s how she’ll go out. Anyone want to bet me?

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    I think SBu’s own contract negotiatons proved that he doesn’t have much power at GH. I’ve had a twitter account for awhile now that I never bothered with but the news of RH’s firing has me hungry for news and I am now following a few people including SBu, my problems with Jason and GH have nothing to do with SBu.

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    Yes, kudos to Steve for speaking out and shutting up some of his twitter haters! I swear, they sent pages and PAGES of nasty messages to that man as if he was the one holding the golden sword. Or pen. But people have been hinting more and more things about Franco now that Liz is out… I just can’t bring myself to take that bet, Ryan-Scott! I already know how GH rolls. :sad:

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    No problem, keanna! We know the last thing he wanted was for his good friend to lose her job in any capacity, and especially not like this. I think folks were so angry they couldn’t see past it. Like you and others, I’m angry too and I think we have every right to be, but we know who’s really to blame and blaming Steve for her firing was silly on their parts.

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    If they do in fact have Jason kill Liz accidentally I’ll believe the speculation that Frons is trying to get this show canceled. I can’t imagine a more offensive way to bring this beloved character’s run to an end than that–and it would be such a huge “screw you” to that couple’s fanbase…The more I think about it the more likely it gets. This is awful.

    And I’m not a Liz fan at all! I wonder if I had seen the character when she was getting decent writing (I only started watching maybe two years ago) I would feel differently…

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    The only people that I blame are Guza, Phelps and Frons!!!!

    Crap rolls downhill, folks!!!!

    And as much as I dislike Liz these days, I thought this show would have more loyalty toward Rebecca after over 13 years!!!!

    I guess not………….

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    Hey – I just had an idea. Maybe they are killing Liz off like they killed off Tea Delgado on OLTL and David Hayward on AMC and will bring her back. They had us believing they were really dead and was also reported as status out in Soap Magazines, and they were far from dead. Maybe its a new trend. What am I missing?

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